Summer Love

This is a story about a girl named Jaden and her best friend Justina. Jaden and Justina go on a vacation together to London for the summer and there life turns around all from there.


2. Packing Up

  I dial Justina's number as fast as I can. She doesn't pick up, I frown but I leave a perky voice mall. "Hey Justina it's Jaden I have the greatest of great news ever. When we go to London my mom is taking us shopping and wait for it, SHES PAYING! Call me back later" 


  Almost right away she called me back. "Omg this is totally awesome."  She sang into the phone. "I know but my mom said to only pack like 5 days worth of clothing." Justina let out a big Sigh. "Awww I some awesome new clothes I wanted to wear." I start laughing. "Ok you bring the clothes but if you do your not shopping with us." I start laughing harder now. "Fine I won't bring my new clothes and stop laughing at me, I got to go now see ya."


  As soon as she hung up I finished packing everything, my electronics too and trust me there is a ton of them.

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