Summer Love

This is a story about a girl named Jaden and her best friend Justina. Jaden and Justina go on a vacation together to London for the summer and there life turns around all from there.


3. In A Rush

   I wake up to my alarm playing the One Direction song Tell Me A Lie. "Jaden wake up we have to pick up Justina right now were going to miss our plane to London." I hear my mom yell. I look at my clock and the time is 5:00 Am and the plane leaves at 7:30 Am. I struggle to find my One Direction shirt but I find it.


  I quickly get dressed and I text Justina. "Hey Justina where coming in like 30 minutes hurry up were going to be late!" I run down stairs and quickly eat a left over taco. "Eww honey it's 5 in the morning don't eat a taco have a muffin instead." My mom insisted,   I shake my head and run away with my taco. "MY TACO!" I scream playfully. 


  I get my pink converse on and my sweeter and I grab my bags. "Mom we have to go remember, we have to pick up Justina too shes takes forever." My mom runs down the stairs with her luggage and laptop bag. "Oh you can bring your computer but I can't bring mine." I say angry. My mom sighs. "Fine go get your computer already my little 1D fan." I run to my room and grab my computer. 


  I run to car with everything. I look at my check list and check off almost everything. I notice an unchecked box. The One Direction Tickets! "Mom the One Direction tickets where are they?" My mom holds up the 3 tickets and I check of the box. When we pull out of the driveway I wave to my brother and dad. We get to Justina's house and she gets in the car quickly. "London here we come!" We say together.



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