Gymnastics is a tough sport (One Direction)

A story about 5 gymnasts who dream about making it on the Olympic team! One Direction are in this story!


1. Intorducing the Girls

Name:  Elyse Stonebridge                         Age: 17         Height: 4'11    Weight: 50kg

Best Apparatus: Beam/Uneven Bars     Favourite Apparatus: Beam

Worst Apparatus:  Floor                             Coach/coaches:  Sasha Belov and Payson Keeler

Hair Colour:   Blonde                                    Eye colour:  Blue/Green


Name:  Becca Keeler                        Age: 16      Height: 5'0   Weight: 49kg

Best Apparatus: Uneven Bars       Favourite Apparatus:  Uneven Bars

Worst Apparatus: Vault                   Coach/coaches:  Sasha Belov and Kaylie Cruz

Hair Colour:  Blonde/Brown            Eye colour: Blue/Hazel


Name:  Taliah Brooks                        Age: 18      Height: 5'1   Weight: 52kg

Best Apparatus: Floor                       Favourite Apparatus: Vault

Worst Apparatus: Uneven Bars     Coach/coaches: Sasha Belov and Kelly Parker

Hair Colour: Bleach Blonde             Eye colour: Ice Blue


Name:  Lacy Serging                         Age: 18   Height: 4'9  Weight: 45kg

Best Apparatus:  Vault                    Favourite Apparatus: Floor

Worst Apparatus:  Beam                Coach/coaches: Sasha Belov and Lauren Tanner

Hair Colour: Brown                              Eye colour:  Grey


Name:  Gianna Lovridge          Age:  17    Height: 5'1    Weight: 47kg

Best Apparatus:  Beam             Favourite Apparatus: Uneven Bars

Worst Apparatus:  Vault           Coach/coaches:  Sasha Belov and Jordin Wieber

Hair Colour:  Brown                    Eye colour:  Blue



Hi I will try and post 2-3 times a week for everyone reading!

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