Gymnastics is a tough sport (One Direction)

A story about 5 gymnasts who dream about making it on the Olympic team! One Direction are in this story!


3. Chapter 2 ~ National Trials ~

I woke up to a startling noise and then I remembered. National Trials.  Maybe I will try the Yurchenko 3 and a half twist that Payson has been teaching me if I land it I have a pretty good chance of going on top of the roster for everything, eventhough I am worst at floor I am second best at floor and nobody knows this but I have added a double arabian into my routine and if I can finish it all I may get first place.  I go in and wake up Tahlia who is best at floor but worst at Uneven Bars which is one of my best. “Tahlia wake up.” Say quietly. She replies with a very simple “Do you have food?” as soon as she says that I race downstairs and get a jar of nutella for her as I enter her room I say “I have only got a jar of nutella I hope that’s ok.” As soon as I said nutella, the jar was out of my hands oh well I guess I will go have a shower. After my shower I get dressed in my competition leo and and warm up shorts and jacket do my hair and make up and wait for Tahlia. After 20 minutes she is out and we have to be there in 30 minutes so we have time to warm up before we compete so we hop into my car and drive, it take us 10 minutes to get there and we start to warm up.


~ After Warm-up ~


“Hey girls, I want to show you something.“ I tell the girls. “ok show us.” Lacy replied.  I walk over to the vault and do a handspring 3 and a half twist. They stand there in awe but they don’t know that I am actually going to do a Yurchenko 3.5 twists, I am sooo excited. We go up to Sasha and ask him when the comp will start, “In about 15 minutes so can you clean the bars and get ready for you first event please.” We clean the bars and get ready for our first events, funnily enough all of our worst I am on Floor, Tahlia on Bars, Lacy on Beam and Becca and Gianna on vault.  We start and I hear my name get called up first so I go into my starting position and once I hear my music I start I get up to my final move the double arabian and Sasha told me this morning to add a twist in so that’s exactly what I’m doing, I start running and I do the double arabian and I add the twist at the end and stick it. I wait for my score. 16.755. Holy fudgecakes that’s the highest I have ever gotten on floor! Next is Lacy on Beam she starts with a spit mount and does all her tricks and flips and spins and comes up to her dismount a back handspring into a double twist and she sticks it her score is 15.211. Next is Tahlia on Bars she has been working on a full in back out dismount and I think she can get it. Here comes the dismount. And she sticks it, she gets a 14.800 and is in 3rd. Next is Becca on Vault, she does a handspring front tuck and sticks it and scores a 13.800, her second vault is a round-off flic-flac on with 1.5 twists, she sticks it and scores a 13.200. Up next is Gianna on vault she does a handspring front pike and sticks it and her score is 14.300, her second is a Handspring Layout, she fumbles the landing and instead of a perfect score she gets a 14.000. So far on the standings it says: 1.Elyse 2.Lacy 3.Tahlia 4.Gianna 5.Becca.


Our next rotation is our best, so I’m on Beam, Becca is on Bars, Tahlia is on Floor, Lacy is on Vault and Gianna is on Beam. Lacy is on Vault now, her first vault is a handspring double tuck, she sticks it and gets a 16.800, her second vault is a Yurchenko laid-out, she sticks it and gets a 14.300. Tahlia is up next on floor, her music is the same as Kelly Parker’s, she starts with some dance moves and her first set of tumbling is a handspring 2 ½ punch front, her second is a double back twist, her last tumbling pass is a double pike with 2 twists and she sticks it, her score is 16.700. Next is Becca on bars, she has been working on a round-off Arabian mount and she does it and she does it perfectly, she does a perfect routine and comes up to her dismount, a double layout, here it comes and she sticks it! Her score is a 16.800. Up next on beam is me, I starts with my Layout 1/1 mount into a back handspring layout, layout and then do a split jump and a wolf jump land it perfectly and then do a 2 ½ turn and my dismount is a triple twist, my score is a 16.999. Next on Beam is Gianna, she starts with a Front Tuck mount into a back handspring and falls off and gets back on and does a back handspring and a full turn and does a front handspring layout dismount and scores 15.300. The standings are 1.Elyse 2.Lacy 3.Becca 4.Tahlia 5.Gianna.


Our next rotation goes by and Elyse is on Vault, Becca on Beam, Tahlia on Vault, Lacy on Floor, Gianna on Uneven Bars.  A/N I am just gonna skip through the rest and get to the end of trials. Its time to see the final standings. 1.Elyse 2.Becca 3.Lacy 4.Tahlia 5.Gianna.

Wow I am the number 1 gymnast at the Rock.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hi I am looking for another gymnast who will be Elyse's enemy. Just put your name age and looks and what is in the character descriptions.

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