Gymnastics is a tough sport (One Direction)

A story about 5 gymnasts who dream about making it on the Olympic team! One Direction are in this story!


2. Chapter 1

Hi I am Elyse I am 17 and an elite Gymnast with my best friends Lacy, Becca, Gianna and Taliah.  We train at The Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Centre AKA The Rock. Nationals is in 4 weeks and tomorrow is National trials.

I woke up this morning and remembered that I have one more day till National Trials. I got a text from mum this morning saying that ' there is a surprise outside and your keys are on the kitchen bench.' I sometimes wish that my mum didnt have a key to my house. Well a house that I share with one of my best friends Taliah who is also on the elite team. I walked outside and saw two new cars a pink Mitsubishi Mirage and a Cherry Red Convertible.

Me and Taliah got ready for today I put on My Blue leo its has different coloured blues on it and I put my hair in a braid into a bun. Taliah put her bleach blonde hair into a pony tail with a fishtail braid. Taliah was wearing a Pink and Black leo.

We hopped into my brand new Mirage and headed off to the gym.

When we got the we went over and started stretching when the other girls walked in.

"Girls over here please." Sasha says. We walk over to him and our other coaches, Payson, Lauren, Kaylie, Kelly and Jordin.

"You need to practice hard today National trials are tomorrow and I want all of you to go. We also need to see who is number one, two, three in the gym.




Sorry its short I am not a very good writer so tell me what you think this story needs! Constructive criticism is what I need!

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