The Bright Side.

Peter Smith has just found out he has a month left to live due to a lethal brain tumour.
He has also just found out that in less than a month, the human race will become extinct and that he has been chosen to be one of six humans to survive the approaching apocalypse. And who has saved him? E.I.P.F, the Earth Inhabitant Protection Front, a group of intergalactic environmentalists who want to save just one species.
And so, whilst also keeping his deadly secret from the aliens, Peter embarks on a quest to rally the chosen survivors, whilst avoiding Government Agents, the secret services, Satanists, Velociraptors, and a manic depressive Tyrannosaurus .


4. Chapter 4

As Peter walked astounded along the gleaming white corridors of The Virasimosc, He was shocked even more to see dozens of similar suited people to Kurt and Lars. All carrying slim computer screens or mugs. Peter approached Kurt, “Er” he asked, “Why does everyone stay looking human?”

“Well,” Kurt stated, “We analysed your reaction when we revealed our true visage, and we decided that it was best that we retained our human exterior” a sudden memory of the tentacles slithered across Peter's memory, he shuddered and nodded. “yes.” he said, “That is a good idea”

With occasional nods to passing, hidden aliens, Kurt and Lars in perfect unison turned left into a gloomy corridor. Or at least, Peter had thought it was a corridor. It was in fact a bridge. A thin bridge. A thin bridge above a very large room. A thin bridge above a very large room with the floor very far below. Kurt smiled at Peter, the smile vanished when he saw Peter's expression. “Erm Lars?”

“Yes Kurt?”

“Why do humans go green?”

“It usually symbolises their readiness to empty their stomachs via the mouth orifice” Lars explained simply. “Better?” he asked when Peter reappeared from the edge of the bridge wiping his mouth.

“Is this the small room?” Peter asked weakly.

“Oh no.” Kurt said happily, “This is one of the containment rooms”

“Containment?” the human asked, “Containment for what?” his gaze followed the pointing fingers. The two aliens had to grab onto Peter's shoulder's to stop him running from the room. “HOW THE HELL IS THAT ALIVE?” Peter screamed, wrestling with the alien's grips.

“We did say that several species survived” Kurt explained.

“But a Tyrannosaurus Rex?”

And that it was. There was no mistaking the thirteen foot tall mass of nine tons of reptilian flesh. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The arms were stumpy. Just like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The eyes were small. Just like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. And most importantly, a fact that took up all of Peter's attention. It's jaws were massive and filled with lots of very sharp teeth. Just like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. “We generally call him Damien.” Lars explained.

“I'm sorry,” Peter said astounded, “You call one of the most feared killing machines in the history of Earth, Damien?”

“Well, it's what he prefers.” Kurt stated staring happily at the unmoving dinosaur.

“What, it just happened to mention it whilst chomping on some Stegosaurus did he?” Peter said humourlessly.

“Oh no.” Kurt said smiling, “That would be ridiculous. Damien's a vegetarian.”

Peter massaged his temples, he was very quickly getting a headache. “Okay.” he said, “I can believe that you two are aliens. I can almost believe that this is a spaceship orbiting planet earth that is about to be destroyed, but no way in hell am I about to believe that that thing told you it was a vegetarian and its name is Damien!”

“Well, I'm sure he wouldn't mind telling you himself” Lars said smiling. Before Peter could finish his exclamation of disbelief, Lars was leaning over the rail of the bridge. “Cooee! Damien!” The Alien called, Peter shirked towards the doorway. “We have a visitor!”

Slowly, like the movements of continents sped up, the creature raised its massive head. Two tiny yellow eyes stared at the Alien. “Oh.” it rumbled, its voice vibrating against the metal of the bridge. “It's you again.”

“How are we again?” Kurt asked.

“I don't know how you are,” Damien snarled, “But I'm awful.”

“He's been a bit down again” Lars explained to Peter.

“I can't believe it” The human murmured, “You kept a T Rex alive for sixty five million years, taught it to speak, made it a vegetarian and are surprised that it's turned out depressed!”

“Oh, I'm an 'it' am I now?” Damien grumbled, sinking to the floor, his legs stretched out along the wide room. “See, see? I'm better off staying extinct. There's no point any more.”

“Oh come on Damien!” Kurt said cheerfully, “Chin up!”

“I can't” the T Rex moaned. “It's too heavy.”

Lars put a light hand on Peter's shoulder and gently, but forcibly across the bridge. “We tend to find it's better not to talk to him for too long” Lars stated happily.

“Really?” Peter murmured, “I can't tell why”

The two aliens nodded solemnly, “Yes.” Kurt stated, “He does hide it well.”

“How many dinosaurs do you actually have?”

“Four unfortunately”


“Yes” Lars said, “We did have twelve varieties but unfortunately, Eric, Charles and Philip are rather unsociable”

“What are they then?” Peter asked smirking, “Velociraptors?”

“How did you guess?”


Eric replaced the book mark, placed the large tome on the coffee table beside his chair and turned to his brothers. “Well Charles,” he stated crisply, “I'm afraid I must disagree once again,”

Philip froze on the ladder, his claws poised at a book. “Oh?” said Charles levelly, staring at the chess pieces. Currently deadlocked, he had never been able to beat himself. “On which point may I ask brother?”

“On your thesis concerning Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace” Eric stated politely, grinning widely. “You believe that the novel is not only a thrilling tale concerning two warring nations, but also a deep set allegory concerning the struggle of the Russian working class against the upper class”

Charles slowly but deliberately, moved a pawn forward. “And what are you having trouble agreeing with?” he asked, staring fixedly at the chess pieces.

“All of it.” his brother stated bluntly. “I just can't see the struggle, surely the book is more of a representation of the unity of the working and upper classes through struggles such as war!”

“Ah, but that is where I must disagree Eric” Charles stated, removing the recently moved pawn and replacing it with a rook. “If you quite remember the working class, during the invasion of Moscow were left to deal with the invading French armies, the upper class left. How does that suggest unity?”

Philip sighed wearily and removed the book from the shelf, it was around now he had to intervene. Around the time Eric started drooling at the sight of Charles' jugular. “Brothers,” he said wearily, “Surely we can put aside petty issues such as the deeper meaning of classic texts. Why not merely appreciate the exquisite writing Mr Tolstoy offers us?” Both Charles and Eric stared at their brother with shocked eyes. “Well,” Eric said sourly, “If you're going to take that attitude, what's the point in even bothering to read it?”

“There at least we can agree” Charles muttered.

“Well brothers” Philip snarled, “I do apologise if I enjoy admiring works rather than tearing them apart”

“Oh go back to your poetry Philip” Charles growled, swiftly removing the white queen with a black bishop.

“Ah, now now,” Eric said looking up, “We have guests!”

Peter heard the voices before he saw them. From merely listening, this is what he imagined: Three elderly, but proud Oxford graduates. Perhaps Charles would be over weight and a large moustache dominating his upper lip. Eric would be a thin rat faced man, spectacles continuously perched at the end of his long nose. Philip would be tall and proud, permanently looking down his nose at his two brothers. Instead, as he stood in front of the glass window, he saw three two foot high Velociraptors, feathers jutting out erratically and sharp teeth gleaming in the artificial light. One, however, did wear a pair of spectacles, perched at the end of his snout. “Ah!” said Philip pleasantly, hopping off of the ladder and approaching the glass. “Kurt and Lars! Our two favourite alien jailers!”

“Good evening Philip” said Kurt politely, Peter however could also detect a slight hint of fear. He couldn't blame the alien, Philip's pale,yellow eyes seemed to analyse every detail of the alien. Most importantly, the edible parts. The eyes rounded on Peter, he took a step back, the smile widened. “And whom may I ask, is this?”

“This,” Lars stated, “Is Mr Peter Smith”

“Ah, so it has begun!” Charles stated, joining Philip at the glass. “One of those chosen to survive Earth's destruction!”

“And such a charming specimen!” Eric noted, peering at Peter over his glasses. The human felt a shiver down his spine, as the dinosaur started to drool. “Err,” Peter murmured, stepping closer to Kurt, the three Velociraptors watched him closely, “Why are they so short?”

The smiles vanished, Eric snarled quietly. “Short?” Charles murmured darkly. Philip rested a scaly, three clawed paw on his brother's shoulder. “Ah,” he said calmly, “it would seem that our new friend, Mr Peter Smith, is a graduate of our mutual friend, Mr Michael Crichton!”

The three Velociraptors spat on the floor, then automatically pulled out napkins and wiped away their mess. “We do apologise” Philip stated sweetly, “But Mr Crichton did make several mistakes whilst describing our anatomy”

“Something which we pointed out in a very strongly worded letter” Eric stated.

“Which we are still awaiting a reply” Charles added.

“What did you say exactly?” Peter asked, staring at the incredibly sharp claws. It was true, he had read Michael Crichton's books, and he could remember a lot of disembowelling. “Only that if he didn't make the necessary amendments we would tear out his liver and eat it whilst he watched.” Eric remarked, flicking open another book. Peter stared at the walls, it was made entirely out of glass, save for one metal slot, a square door beneath it, obviously where the creature's meals were deposited. Beside it was a huge thick metal door, a door handle and a large key card slot. The Velociraptors were locked inside a large comfortable room, with three leather arm chairs, three huge book cases, a globe of the Earth and a roaring fireplace. They were probably the most comfortable looking prisoners Peter could imagine. But no matter how comfortable the prison, there is only one thing a prisoner wants, and that is freedom. “Peter will be staying with us here” Kurt explained to the Velociraptors, but they weren't listening. Charles had flicked open a very large cookery book, occasionally he would jot down some notes. Philip seemed to be the only one interested. He fixed Peter a malevolent stare, “Tell me Mr Smith,” he said smoothly, “Do you like poetry?”

“Err,” Peter said, wilting under the dinosaur's scrutinising stare. “Erm, it's okay I suppose”

“Wonderful!” Philip exclaimed, clapping his claws together, “Keats of course is my personal favourite! I do hope you feel the same, he may of course prove a valuable ally for you here. 'and is this not the cause of madness?' as he may say” Philip smiled thinly at Peter, “Good day Mr Peter Smith. I hope that we may interact more often”

“Well Philip, we now need to show Mr Smith to the Small Room” Lars said, pushing Peter away from the malevolent gaze of the Velociraptor. “Ah, the Small Room!” Eric said blissfully, “What memories!”

“Well, we shall now leave you!” Kurt stated, then the three left the Velociraptors. Philip tapped his snout thoughtfully, Charles and Eric stared at him quietly. “Well Philip?” Eric asked eventually.

“Yes” Philip said slowly, “He certainly looks appetising”

“Are we going to move on with the plot?” Charles asked, nervously twiddling with the white queen. “Perhaps.” Philip stated moving away from the window, he snatched up the book. The word 'Keats' glistened in gold letters, he flicked it open. “But first, we must be patient. Eric,”

“Yes Philip?”

“I think a slight piece of Bach would compliment this evening's dinner.”

“What is for dinner?” Charles asked hungrily.

“I believe, that the chefs have organised for us a selection of stuffed peppers and asparagus with a dessert of sliced peaches.”

The other two Velociraptors grimaced, soon, soon they would pay back every single damn alien that had forced vegetarianism upon them. And it would be a pay back, with a very sharp interest rate.

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