The Bright Side.

Peter Smith has just found out he has a month left to live due to a lethal brain tumour.
He has also just found out that in less than a month, the human race will become extinct and that he has been chosen to be one of six humans to survive the approaching apocalypse. And who has saved him? E.I.P.F, the Earth Inhabitant Protection Front, a group of intergalactic environmentalists who want to save just one species.
And so, whilst also keeping his deadly secret from the aliens, Peter embarks on a quest to rally the chosen survivors, whilst avoiding Government Agents, the secret services, Satanists, Velociraptors, and a manic depressive Tyrannosaurus .


22. Chapter 22

 Anna strode down the corridors with a small smile playing lightly on her lips. The smile didn't feel comfortable being there, Miss Lacey was not the sort of person who was used to smiling. The only time she smiled, was when someone who wasn't her, was in pain. Now the smile felt that it was an accomplice to some dark deed. In truth, Anna did have something planned. So far, the Collopians had given her no conclusive proof that the world was in fact going to end. Oh yes, they'd shown her statistics of solar flares increasing over the past few months and there were several graphs backing that fact up, but she didn't feel like they were entirely accurate. So, if the end of the world failed to happen, she had a contingency plan stuffed up her sleeve. One that would guarantee her a promotion. She swiftly turned left and entered the room aliens called, the Teleportation Chamber. As it was the first room a human arrived in, she expected it to appear more friendly, instead she was staring at a small grey room, stuffed to the brim with consoles and cables, all decorating the floor madly. Anna's foreign smile tightened slightly, she had spent the week drifting in and out of the room, whenever she knew one of those gullible fools were inside tinkering with the machinery, and slowly, she had managed to extract the necessary information from them. She stepped into the room and approached the closest console, she stretched her fingers, then started drumming at the controls. It was strange how all the controls were made for humans, she had seen what their true forms were, she still gagged every time she thought about it, but they had made everything for a human. Foolish of them. When she had finished typing in the co-ordinates, she then reached into her blazer pocket and pulled out her mobile phone. She then saw the reason why no one had attempted to contact her, she had no signal. She cursed silently, then replaced the phone. “Oh well,” she murmured, “it'll just have to be a surprise.” she slammed some more buttons, then picked up a small egg like device. It was rounded at the bottom, with a single blue button at the tip. It was what one of the Collopian's called “A remote transport beacon.”

Anna hoped that that meant she could return, she wouldn't like to hang around Earth if the Collopians turned out to be right. She double checked the co-ordinates, one of the most secret co-ordinates on Earth, then slammed her palm onto the button on the Egg. Then, Anna Lacey, vanished from the E.I.P.F ship.


Philip drummed his claws together, a sickly grin playing on his lips. Charles and Eric glanced at one another, sharing a brief, tooth filled smile. “So,” Philip said politely, “tell us again what the problem is.”

Samson licked his lips nervously as the three vicious, carnivorous dinosaurs stared at him with cruel, yellow eyes. He had never expected to find himself in this sort of situation, oh yes, there had been times, when it had been quiet in the shop and he had allowed his imagination to drift off, he had imagined himself hunting dinosaurs with the great comic book heroes of his shop shelves. But he had never imagined he would actually do it real life; or rather, stand in front of three Velociraptors in front of a thick glass shield, discussing personal things. He had tried talking to Vladimir about it, but in all honesty, Samson couldn't understand a word the Russian said. He had then tried talking to one of the Collopians about it, they had smiled politely, and nodded encouragingly as he had poured out his soul to them, but when it became evident, that the best they could actually do, was just smile politely and nod encouragingly, Samson had retired glumly. Then, it had struck him to go and talk to the three most intelligent creatures on the ship. On his tour of the ship, he had been introduced to the three brothers and had been first horrified, then intrigued. Dinosaurs with libraries, it was almost unbelievable. He fidgeted awkwardly, glancing towards the large books lining the shelves. Philip followed his glance lazily. “Ah,” he said with a slight hiss. “yes, now I see what you require.”

“Yeah,” Samson said, he scratched his head with a nervous smile. “well, I quite like her you see, and she, erm, she doesn't seem to acknowledge me.”

Charles nodded knowledgeably, “Of course,” he said, “of course, we understand. Love is a fickle thing.”

“We sympathise with you Mr Monroe, we really do.” Eric said, his thick tongue wiping his lips. The flesh running along the ivory white teeth.

“Do you have any suggestion of what I can do?” Monroe asked, “To get her attention?”

“You wish for the voluptuous Miss Kelly to reciprocate your feelings?” Philip asked.


“You want her to fancy you.” Eric translated whilst rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, if you can?”

Philip grinned and turned to Eric and Charles, the reptiles grinned in return. “Oh I think I can.” The Velociraptor said. He rose from his deep leather chair and strode to the sliding stair case. He climbed up it and ran his claw along the book spines whilst he tapped his teeth with his other hand. “Hmm.” he mused, “Keats? No, Larkin? Perhaps not. Ah yes, yes perhaps.” he extracted from the shelf an extremely thick tome. He held it up to his brother, the two grinned and nodded encouragingly. “Yes,” Charles said gleefully, “go for the classics as always.”

Philip nodded and climbed down from the stairs and approached the thick glass, he held up the book for examination. “Shakespeare, sonnets and other various articles, all to do with love and wooing.”

“Perfect for illustrious Irish beauties.” Eric said with a happy nod.

Philip stared down at the square draw in the glass, it was designed by the Collopians to pass the brother's their meals, it was big enough for a tray to be slid through, but that was about it. He pressed the book in the draw and pushed it through, it jammed as it Philip pushed. He sighed wearily and shook his head. “Oh dear,” he said, turning to his brothers, hiding his small smile from Monroe. “It won't fit!”

“Oh no!” Charles exclaimed, “What will we do?”

“It seems poor Samson won't be able to have his book after all!” Eric said shaking his head woefully. Samson blinked, “No!” he said, “No, I can, I can!”

“But how my dear friend?” Philip asked stroking the book's spine maternally. “We can't fit it through the drawer!”

“Well, you could pass it through the door?” Samson pointed to the thick metal door, the three Velociraptors followed his finger, Eric licked his lips again. “Are you sure?” Philip asked.

“Yeah,” Monroe said, staring greedily at the book, “I'll open it, you pass it through, and then I'll close the door.”

“Good idea!” Charles said.

“Indeed it is!” Eric said, “How did we not think of it with our IQs of 196?”

“Ah, Monroe has something we do not dear brother,” Philip said, following Samson on his path to the door. “What's that?” Eric asked, his eyes gleaming greedily, both he and Charles had risen to their feet as Samson pulled the door handle. There was a click and a hiss of air as the four inch steel door, inched open several millimetres. “He has Eric,” Philip said, edging the book through the gap, “Naivety!” The Velociraptor barged the door with his elbow with a vicious snarl. Samson yelped in shock as the door whacked him in the face, he stumbled backwards, tripping over himself, he collapsed to the floor. He struggled backwards as Eric, Philip and Charles sauntered out of the prison. Each wore a victorious smile, baring their perfect white teeth. “It was pathetically easy!” Philip muttered, “But, it was so worth it!”

“Please!” Samson said, scrambling towards the door, “Don't -” he shrieked in pain and horror as Eric pounced onto his back, pinning him to the floor. “Be quiet!” Eric hissed.

“Well gentlemen!” Philip said smiling gluttonously, “It's been sixty-five million years of forced vegetarianism. So I have two words for you!” Eric and Charles stared at their elder brother, even Monroe peered over his shoulder with wide, terror filled eyes. Philip licked his lips, “Tuck in!”

Eric and Charles smiled and stared down at Monroe, and they tucked in.

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