The Bright Side.

Peter Smith has just found out he has a month left to live due to a lethal brain tumour.
He has also just found out that in less than a month, the human race will become extinct and that he has been chosen to be one of six humans to survive the approaching apocalypse. And who has saved him? E.I.P.F, the Earth Inhabitant Protection Front, a group of intergalactic environmentalists who want to save just one species.
And so, whilst also keeping his deadly secret from the aliens, Peter embarks on a quest to rally the chosen survivors, whilst avoiding Government Agents, the secret services, Satanists, Velociraptors, and a manic depressive Tyrannosaurus .


15. Chapter 15

 “Well Miss Chang,” the doctor said, leaning back in his chair, “I must of course, ask you one last time, are you definitely sure about going ahead with this? It is a big change?”

Miss Li Chang, sitting defiantly in her chair, with short cropped hair, baggy jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, nodded silently. Dr Fu sighed wearily, “Very well,” he said, “you also understand that there's no going back?”

Again, Li nodded, “Sure do Doc.” the voice was strangely deep, menacingly so, almost like a man's voice, trapped inside the body of a young woman. That was the hormones for you, finally kicking in. they had done a lot to the body of Miss Chang, her once slim, enviable body, was now knotted with unsightly muscles and the breasts were all but gone, this is what she wanted, apparently, and the last could only be done by Dr Fu and several other experienced surgeons in a hospital. Dr Fu sighed and tried to change the topic to something more light hearted, “Have you thought any more about what you'll call yourself once it's all done?”

The young girl frowned and stroked her chin, once quite pretty, now jutting out with a flecking of hair. “Lee.” she said finally.


“No,” she said, “Lee. With an e.”

“Oh right.” the doctor sighed and shook his head, he had never thought, in all his life, that he would be pioneering sex changes in Tokyo, his home land, but here he was. Doing something he wasn't proud to do, but it paid the bills, quite considerably. So, he swallowed what little pride he had left, and went along with the wishes of these people, people who were trapped in the wrong bodies. He picked up a thick file and stood up, “Excuse me for a moment.” he said bowing, he then strode hurriedly from his office, leaving Li Chang alone.

She stared around the office, she had been in there dozens of times, when she had first approached the doctor with her savings, when she had received the medication to help with the hormones, all the meetings she had attended, all led up to today. The day she could bid farewell to her sad life and say hello to her new one, or rather His new one. Yes, she had shamed her family and brought disgrace to her name, but she thought it was worth it, for a chance to be happy. She was sure that her family would forgive her, in time. But there was no question about it, she had to do it. She once again looked round the office, the last place she might see as a woman, and stopped.

The office had gained two things since she had last looked, thirty seconds ago.

Two men stood in the corner of the room, inane, haunting grins on their pale faces. Li's eyes widened in fear as the suited men took a step forward. “Oh my!” she gasped, falling out of her chair and stumbling towards the door, “Shinigami!”

Kurt and Lars glanced at one another with puzzlement, “What's one of them?” Kurt asked.

Lars frowned with thought as Li hurried backwards in fear, not daring to look behind her in case they chose that moment to pounce. She flinched as Lars snapped his fingers with a triumphant smile, “Oh Yes!” he exclaimed, “They're Japanese Gods of death!”

“And she thinks we're one of them?”

“Must do.”

The pair burst into polite laughter, much to the horrified woman's dismay. “Oh no! No, no, no,” Kurt said with a smooth smile.

“Oh no,” Lars echoed.

“We are looking for a,” Kurt delved one hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out a slip of paper, he glanced at it quickly, then nodded and replaced it, “a Miss Li Chang?”

Mutely, dumbstruck with horror at the sight of the two people, Li nodded. The two strange figures' smiles, if possible, widened. “Excellent!” the one on the left beamed, clapping his hands. The ringing made Li wince with fear, the figure on the right took a step forward, his arms opened in a friendly manner, but Miss Chang was no fool, she hurried back even further, until her back felt the resistance of the wall. “Miss Chang,” Lars said, “we would like to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Li frowned, this did not sound like the sort of thing Gods of Death spoke of, they never normally spoke of life, not unless 'end of' was immediately prefacing it. “How do you mean?” she asked nervously.

Kurt and Lars turned their knowing smiles on one another, “We would like to show you something!” Kurt said, holding his hand out. Li stared at it in shock, then at the pair. Lars nodded encouragingly, “You won't regret it!”

Fearing that she really was going to regret it, Li hesitantly placed her hand into Kurt's waiting palm. It was smooth to the touch, it felt like glass, clean and harsh, almost fake.

By the time Li Chang made these notes, she was no longer in Dr Fu's office, in fact, she was no longer in Tokyo.

The office door opened and Dr Fu walked in rubbing his eyes, “Right Miss Chang, we're all ready for you down stairs -” he stumbled to a halt as he removed his hand and stared at his empty office. He looked round in case she had decided to hide somewhere, this was not normal procedure, “Miss Chang?” he asked quietly, not normal procedure at all.


The tea cup landed on the saucer, with the most delicate of clinks, yet to Mr Potter, it was like the clanking of chains around his legs. The chains they would undoubtedly throw on him as he was cast into the Tower of London, it didn't matter that it was no longer a prison, for this they'd certainly re-open it, just for him. He cleared his throat nervously, attempted to smooth down his wild excuse for hair, and grovelled. No matter how many delightful cups of tea he was given, no matter how many plates of bourbon biscuits he was allowed to devour, it didn't sweeten the situation he was in. the two corgis sat either side of the chair like lion's frozen in stone, with the expression of wolves about to tear out his throat. But their owner sat in her chair patiently, her delicate fingers resting together, her cold, blue eyes, watching the Prime Minister squirm, he was sure she was enjoying it. “I am sure, Mr Potter, that one is most confused by what you inform one of.”

a cold bead of sweat crawled along Edward's back as he fidgeted in his luxuriously comfortable chair, until he was perched on the very corner, attentively ready to fall to his knees ready to beg for his life. “Well, ma'am,” Potter whined, “the plain fact is, that the world is about to end and aliens are kidnapping citizens of earth.”

The finely plucked eyebrows rose by a millimetre, “Oh dear,”


“And when did you find out about this?”

Another squirm escaped from Potter, “A week ago.” he winced, this was it, the corgis would leap and he'd be found as a bloody corpse on the floor with two dogs picking over his corpse. But all he heard was a faint sigh, “Oh dear,” she said again, “only a week ago? Utterly disappointing.”

“I'm sorry?”

“So you should be Potter,” the imperious woman snapped, “I've been waiting for you to come and tell me for months!”

“Months?” Edward gaped, “You've known for months?”

“Of course I have, I am your mother after all.”

The Prime Minister sighed and looked up at his mother, Mrs Potter. The strain of having this daunting knowledge preying on his mind had driven him to the limits, he had felt driven to tell someone. Unfortunately, the only person Edward had been able to think about, was his tyrant of a mother. But even he had to admit, the woman knew what she was talking about. It was she who had written most of his speeches, the successful ones anyway, she was a demanding woman, but her demands were met, and swiftly. But he wasn't going to let this one slide, “How have you known?” he barked. Or, more of a whine, he had never had the spine to fully bark at his mother, no one had.

Mrs Potter shrugged, her two vicious corgis almost did identical movements, “I have contacts.” and he knew, that was all the information he would get from her.

He sighed in resignation and sat back in desperation, “What do you suggest I do then?”

His mother tapped her chin thoughtfully, then plucked up a bourbon and snapped it in half, “I would suggest,” she said carefully, dropping the two halves to the dogs, who picked the biscuits pieces out of the sky ravenously, “that you tell the public.”

If Potter had been drinking tea, he surely would have spat it out over his frowning parent. Fortunately, he didn't. “Do what?” he gasped.

“What harm can it do?”

“Public mayhem!” Edward exclaimed, throwing his arm in the air for dramatic emphasis, “We'll have pandemonium in the streets if I tell them!”

“Edward,” Mrs Potter said severely, “shut up and listen to your mother. Somewhere out there, I'm sure, there is some smart mouthed, jumped up common lout who has stumbled across this information. That's life for you.”


“How long do you think they'll keep their mouth shut?”

Edward's mouth became a perfect O of shock, “They wouldn't?” he murmured, frozen by fear, his mother merely nodded. “But why?”

Mrs Potter shrugged her broad shoulders, “Fame? Glory? Willing to spread a bit of dissent, who knows.” he said sitting back, “All I do know, is that you have to be the one who tells the public, otherwise, you'll be public enemy number one.”

“I'll be public enemy number one even if I do tell them!” Edward wailed.

“Yes, but the public might not string you up outside downing street if it's you who tell them.” his mother said diplomatically, “They might be merciful and just set number 10 on fire instead.”

Edward collapsed back, it was not what he wanted when he had run for prime minister, it was not what he wanted when he ran for MP, it was not what he wanted when he left education. What he wanted, was a quiet simple life. But, as usual, mothers had to get involved.

He sighed in defeat and rested his head on one hand, “Very well,” he muttered, “I'll make the announcement.”

His mother leant over and patted his knee, “Good boy.” he murmured, “Now, an important question,” Edward looked up with an ashen face, only to come face to face with a new plate of biscuits. “Custard cream?”

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