Janice's journey

This biography is made based on the diary of a young woman who lived in many years in Denmark before she went on a holiday at her birthmother’s county. Her values and morale is based on her upbringing in Denmark which some might consider offending. However in order to truly understand how she experienced her stay in the United States the cultural influences has to be considered a major contributor to her choices both before, under and after her stay.

Second the names of individual youth transport firms, wilderness programs and boarding schools are not mentioned. It is not a question about being for or against various companies offering emotional growth. It is strictly a story about how Janice as she has chosen to call herself experienced a number of incidents which left life changing marks on her adult life.

This biography is co-authored because Janice wanted to have her story published in both Danish and English.


2. Copenhagen January 2013

Let me introduce you to my life. I have chosen to live very simple.

A typical weekday consists of breakfast, work, dinner and television until 9 p.m. which is my bedtime.

Weekends is spent in isolation. Sometime I walk in a nearby park. After dinner I play videogames like Tetris most of the night.

I have chosen to avoid other people. I don’t see my mother anymore. It has been six months since I have seen my father. He was full of excuses for errors made in the past and I can see that he is really trying to reach out but he doesn’t really know how and frankly I don’t either.

I am stuck in my life which seems to have been planned for me. Maybe I could go so much further. Maybe I could reach out for the stars but scars from the past have taught me how life can hurt and I somehow I feel it very nice inside my comfort zone.  I have a job which feed me and to enter risky situation is simply not my style. The ability to take chances has so to say been beaten out of me.

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