My Precious Little Secret's (A Niall Horan Fan Fic)

Before Niall Horan left for the X Factor, he had a girlfriend. Alexa Pearce. Alexa loved Niall, and after he left, she discovered a big secret that changed her life forever...


5. Character Backgrounds

Hey guys. I figured that since I suddenly just introduced new characters, you'd want to know their backgrounds. Here you go. If you think I've forgotten anyone, please let me know.


                                             Darcy Caitlin Styles


Hi I'm Darcy Caitlin Styles and here is some information about me:


Name: As I've just told you, I'm Darcy Caitlin Styles. My first name was chosen by my dad, who'd always wanted a daughter called Darcy and my middle name was also chosen by my dad. My middle name is Caitlin as my mum is called Caitlin. Dad liked that name. So do I. Darcy Caitlin Styles.

Age: I'm 13 years old, and proud. I started high school when I was 11 so I am now in the beginning of Year 9.

Birthday: I was born on the 18th January 2013. Dad didn't plan to have me, but I'm not that bothered.

Favourite Colour: My favourite colour is red. It always has been. I've never liked pink, even though I'm a girly girl.

Tomboy or girly girl?: I'm a girly girl. I love make-up and my favourite band is Life Is Music. Alex is in that band.

Boyfriend: My boyfriend is Alex Swift. He's sixteen but my dad didn't approve of him. So I ran away to his house.

Ok thanks for reading bye.


                                         Amanda, Bethany and Tom Tomlinson

Names: Amanda Eleanor Tomlinson, Bethany Georgia Tomlinson, Tom Louis Tomlinson.

Age: 5

Birthday: 14th April 2021

Favourite Colours: Amanda: Pink, Bethany: Yellow, Tom: Blue

Tomboys or girly girls?: Amanda is a girly girl, Bethany is a tomboy. Tom is just a boy.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Amanda, Bethany and Tom are too young for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

This was written by the triplets mum Eleanor Tomlinson.


                                                Molly Jade Malik

Name: Molly Jade Malik, middle name after Perrie Malik's (Molly's mum) best friend Jade.

Age: 3

Birthday: 10th December 2023

Favourite Colour: Purple

Tomboy or girly girl?: Girly girl.

Boyfriend: None. Much too young.

Written by mum Perrie Malik.


                                                          Luke Liam Payne


Name: Luke Liam Payne (After his dad Liam Payne)

Age: 4

Birthday: 12th September 2022

Girlfriend: None. I hope.

Written by mum Lily Payne.


                                                  Lily Payne

Name: Lily Tegan Dawson-Payne

Age: 32

Birthday: 29th January 1994

Girly or Tomboy: Tomboy

Husband/Boyfriend: Liam Payne (Husband)


                                                  Caitlin Styles


Name: Caitlin Hannah Adams-Styles

Age: 32

Birthday: 24th April 1994

Girly or Tomboy: Girly

Husband/Boyfriend: Harry Styles (Husband)


                                                   Eleanor Tomlinson


Name: Eleanor Jane Calder-Tomlinson

Age: 34

Birthday: 16th July 1992

Girly or Tomboy: Girly

Husband/Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson (Husband)


                                                    Perrie Malik


Name: Perrie Louise Edwards-Malik

Age: 33

Birthday: 10th July 1993

Girly or Tomboy: In my opinion I'm girly

Husband/Boyfriend: Zayn Malik


I think thats all guys. Thanks for reading. Seeya soon! X


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