My Precious Little Secret's (A Niall Horan Fan Fic)

Before Niall Horan left for the X Factor, he had a girlfriend. Alexa Pearce. Alexa loved Niall, and after he left, she discovered a big secret that changed her life forever...


4. Chapter 3

Niall's P.O.V


"Where are you darlings going?" I asked as my best mates nine year old daughters were packing a suitcase.

"We're sleeping at Sophia's house tonight!" The little cuties laughed. I laughed along with them, then started wondering what would've happened if I never left for X Factor. If I never left Alexa.

"Uncle Niall what's wrong?" Harry's daughter, Olivia asked. Her bright green eyes staring into mine.

"Nothin' Livibear." I laughed, then started to tickle her. Olivia is the eldest of the girls. Then it's Emily (Liam's daughter who's at Sophia's right now), Isabelle, (Zayn's daughter) and Kiera. (Louis' daughter. There aren't just the girls though! Liam has a boy, Luke (4 years old). Harry has another daughter, Darcy (13 years old). Louis has triplets, two girls and one boy, Amanda, Bethany and Tom (5 years old) and Zayn has another girl, Molly (3 years old).

"Uncle Niall?" Darcy called from the livingroom.

"In Olivia's room!" I called back and Darcy walked in with... a boy?

"Hi Uncle Niall, could you find Louis, Liam, Zayn and Dad please? I have something to tell them. I'll be in the livingroom." As she turned around, her brown curls bounced on her back, and she giggled as the boy took her hand. I smell something suspicious. As if it was fate, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis walked into Olivia's room.

"Guys, Darcy wants us to meet her in the livingroom n-" I was cut off by Amanda, Bethany and Tom running in singing,

 "Darcy's got a boy-fwiend. Darcy's got a boy-fwiend!" A look of rage crossed Harry's face. Amanda, Beth and Tom ran out.

"Harry, lets gather up the kids and wives and meet Darcy in the livingroom." Harry calmed down and nodded.

"KIDS!" I called and all eight children came rushing in. The wives came along with them. "Everyone into the livingroom please." I stood up and walked into the livingroom, with Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Caitlin, Eleanor, Lily, Perrie, Olivia, Isabelle, Kiera, Amanda, Bethany, Tom, Luke and Molly.


Harry's P.O.V


I was fuming in my head at the thought of my baby girl, my first daughter, growing up. Darcy was just too precious for that. She'll get hurt. As we walked in, I saw Darcy sat on the couch with a boy sat next to her. I glared at the boy. Darcy obviously saw this, and gave me a questioning look. All sixteen of us sat on the three couches facing Darcy and she nodded at us all.

"Ok guys, this is Alex Swift. I've been to school with him for two years and three days ago, he asked me out. So basically, I'll start again. This is Alex Swift, and he's my boyfriend." Darcy explained.

All I could think about then was Darcy. She was bound to get hurt, I mean, this is Taylor Swift's son. He's obviously going to be just like her. You can easily see the resemblence. Shaggy blonde hair, blue almost grey eyes and a sharp face.

"I know what you're thinking, Mr Styles, but I would never hurt your daughter. I am nothing like my mum, who still comes home with new guys each month." Alex interupted my thoughts. As he said this, he wrapped his arm around Darcy's waist and kissed her cheek. She's thirteen. She's too young to be with Alex.

"How old are you?" I asked Alex.

"Sixteen sir." Alex responded. Olivia ran up to me and tugged on my sleeve.

"Daddy we need to go to Sophia's!" She whined and I stroked her hair.

"We're going in a minute sweetheart."

"Darcy he's three years older than you." I sternly pointed out and she hugged Alex.

"But I love him dad."

"I forbid you to be with him." Tears rolled down Darcy's face.

"I HATE YOU!" She screamed, grabbed Alex's arm and ran outside with him.

"DARCY CAITLIN STYLES GET BACK HERE NOW!" I shouted. She didn't come back. I heard crying and turned around. Olivia was buried in Caitlin's arm, sobbing. "Hey. Livibear it's alright. We're going to Sophia's now." She nodded and smiled. I love her so much.

"Come on kids, Niall you can come too." I said. I noticed Caitlin, Eleanor, Perrie and Lily share worried looks. "Hey ladies, the girls will be alright." I said and they cast a warm smile each. But it didn't reach their eyes...


Eleanor's P.O.V


This is bad. But good at the same time. Niall is going with the boys to Alexa's house. They'll see each other again. But how will Niall take the fact that Sophia is his child. As well as Luke and Dylan being his other children. Triplets. Alexa, Caitlin, Perrie, Lily and I met through Sophia meeting the girls in reception. Louis and the boys never came to pick up the girls, so Niall never saw Alexa. Or the resemblance between him, Sophia, Luke and Dylan...

"Bye mummy!" My darling daughter Kiera kissed my cheek and I smiled.

"MUMMY WE WANT KISSES TOO!" Amanda, Bethany and Tom shouted. I kissed them all on the cheek.

"See you love." Louis said kissed my cheek. Good luck Niall.

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