My Precious Little Secret's (A Niall Horan Fan Fic)

Before Niall Horan left for the X Factor, he had a girlfriend. Alexa Pearce. Alexa loved Niall, and after he left, she discovered a big secret that changed her life forever...


2. Chapter 1

Alexa's P.O.V


9 years ago...


"Promise you'll never forget me?" I asked my boyfriend, Niall. He was leaving for the X Factor. I was happy for him and all, but I'd miss him.

"I promise darlin'. I'll miss you." I smiled as tears poured down my cheeks. "Hey hey hey, there's no need for any of that." Niall pulled me into a hug, and I began to full out sob.

"B-b-but I'm going to m-m-miss you s-so much!" I stuttered. Niall's finger went under my chin and lifted it up, making me look at his gorgeous face.

"Alexa Nicole Pearce, you are my girlfriend and I love you so much. I will never forget you. I'll ring and skype you every day. How's that?" He asked and I nodded. Niall leaned forward and pressed his lips on mine. I kissed back. Niall pulled away after a minute and hugged me tight.

"I love you!" I called as he climbed into the taxi.

"I love you too!" Niall called back. The taxi drove off into the distance. Leaving me stood there, half crying, half smiling. Niall was going to make his dream come true, and thats all I needed to know to be happy.


1 week later...


No. No no no no no this can't be happening. I threw up again in the toilet as I was thinking of the worst that could be happening. Am I pregnant?

Once I had finished throwing up, I flushed the toilet and pulled on some shoes. I ran downstairs, out of the door - slamming it behind me - and down the street into the drug store.

"How can I help you dear?" The lady behind the counter asked and I explained my situation. "Well, this does happen a lot now-a-days, doesn't it?" I nodded, tears beginning to stream down my face. The lady - who's name I then learned was Marie - walked into an isle, and brought out three pregnancy tests. "Here, use three dear. It'll be more accurate." I thanked Marie, and gave her the money.

When I got home, I ran upstairs, ignoring my mum calling to me. I threw open the bathroom door, stormed inside and locked the door behind me. I peed on all three sticks, then waited. I set an alarm on my phone for ten minutes, then paced around inside the bathroom.

"Alexa darling are you OK?" My mum's voice called from outside the room.

"Yes m-mum I-I'm f-fine." I stuttered as tears began to fall.

"Alexa you are not fine, let me in sweetheart." I took a deep breath, then un-locked the door. There was my mum. She saw the tests on the side and instantly pulled me into a hug. "Oh sweetheart it's going to be alright. Even if you are pregnant I will help you and guide you the whole way." More tears dripped down my face as my alarm went off. I picked up the first test. There was a little pink plus sign. I picked up the second test. There was another pink plus. The third test had a pink plus as well.

"Mum. I'm pregnant." I cried. This is all Niall's fault. I wish he was here.



A/N: so thats my first chapter. I hope you like it. I worked hard on it. Bye!

~Alicia Out! xx


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