Nothing Can Ever Replace You

Annabella has been stuck in this hospital room because of a suicide attempt.

Wanting nothing but to go home, she tries to figure out a way to sneak out of there which is practically impossible.

There is only one thing about her that nobody knows. She refuses to talk about it and she always pushes anyone that would dare approaching her, away.

Many people have tried to talk to her and somehow understand her, but it's useless. She doesn't trust anyone enough to talk about it. Yet, no one had the courage to stick around her and fight to get her trust. No one, but him.


1. hospital life

I was lying frozen on the same uncomfortable bed. My throat was so dry that I could hardly swallow and my lips were cracking under my hot breath. I could feel my hands shaking on my stomach from weakness and my hips length brown hair was pulled up on the top of my head into a messy pony tail. My green eyes had been staring up at the ceiling for over an hour now.


Around me were three man watching and analyzing every single of my moves and taking notes. They have been doing so ever since I got here which means 6 days ago. One of them looked just like my dad, I couldn't even look at him in the eyes because it reminded me how much I missed my family.


I haven't spoken to them for a week. I tried to contact them so many times, but they won't let me. My eyes turned glossy but I had to fight the urge to cry. I couldn't let any tear roll my cheek. I wanted to prove to everybody, including myself, that I was strong.


"Annabella," I head a too familiar voice call. "Here is your dinner." I looked down to see Reyna. She put the soup with a bottle of water on the table next to my bed and gave me a weak smile. I did not return it. I rolled my eyes and looked back up at the ceiling. I didn't want nor need anyone's pity.


I waited until she left the room to pull the table closer to the bed so I could eat the soup without dropping any on this blue hospital dress. I slowly brought the spoon to my lips only to find out it was cold. I put it back to where it was and drunk some water.


I pushed the table back to it's rightful spot and stood up. My knees were shaking as I felt my feet touching the ground. I walked out of the room and looked for Reyna. She was standing right in front of me taking care of someone else. ''Reyna" I  said a few times until she turned around. "Is everything okay darling?" She asked me. I simply nodded.


"Can I.." I mumbled quietly but loud enough for her to hear me. I looked at the door and so did she. She knew exactly where I wanted to go. She hesitated but nodded her head and smiled. This time though, I returned it.


She unlocked the door and I walked out of the room. The hallway was bright, so bright that I blinked. I had to squeeze my eyes shut before I looked again. Surrounding me were people walking around without minding me, like I was invisible. Some people had a huge smile on their face, others were crying either of happiness or sadness. Everyone had a different look on their face.


Still looking around me, I made my way to the elevator and went to the second floor. I searched for the room 214. Well I didn't really search since I knew exactly where it was. When I finally got there, I walked in and saw her. I don't think she noticed me, not until I knocked on the wall adjacent me


''Anna!'' She yelled and ran over to me. "Hey baby Kath." I smiled and knelt down to be at her eye-level. I carried her up and pulled her into a tight hug."What were you up to?" I asked, pulling away from the embrace and laid her on my hip.


Kathyna was a height years old girl that I used to babysit every Sunday.. but now she lives here. In this hospital. She has a cancer. "We were just waiting.." she mumbled under her breath and rested her head on my shoulder.


"We?" I repeated more as a question though, "Yes. Me and my friend." She said nodding. I furrowed my eyebrows together as  confusion. I took a few more steps towards her bed to see someone sat on the couch.


I jumped a little and my smile slowly faded away. Kathyna unwrapped her legs from my waist  and I carefully put her back down. I scanned the unknown person, from head to toes when my eyes met his. He had some pretty brown hazel eyes. He wasn't smiling. He has a blank face expression, he was staring at me as if he was trying to read my mind. Or he just wanted to beat me do death. Anyways, he was scaring the crap out of me and I wasn't so comfortable anymore.


I broke the gaze we had been sharing and looked at my feet. "Justin this is my friend Anna. Anna, Justin." Kath finally spoke up and pronounced each word really slowly.


I didn't look at him, I didn't speak neither. I waited for him to do something. Yet, he did nothing. An awkward silence grew around us, "What.. uh.. what were you waiting for?" I managed to ask. "Doctor Mitch" was all Kath said.


"I just heard my name, didn't I?" Mitch walked in with the same sympathy smile. "got that right captain obvious." I heard Justin whisper, it was loud enough for me to hear it, and I guess I wasn't the only one. "Oh, Bieber. When are you planning on leaving us? It's been quite a while since you got here." Doctor Mitch giving all of his attention to Justin and they both seemed to forget about Kath and I.


"Oh soon as possible. Yup, too long." Justin said sighing. Anger quit his face to let pain and sadness take over. Mitch nodded and asked Kathyna if she was ready. That was probably the stupidest question I had ever heard in my entire life, no one is ready for a chemotherapy. Especially a 8 years old girl. I hugged Kathy while watching Justin pushing himself off the couch to do the same before she left.


Now it was only me and Justin. None of use moved. When I finally decided to use the last bit of courage I had built into me, I looked up and caught him staring. A smirk appeared up on his lips. I kept mine shut in a firm line and walked away.


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