Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9    

Hope sipped on her dirty margarita and she watched Brian and Vanessa dance. Vanessa wanted to dance with Brian since her date was practically sucking some bimbo's face. Hope felt odd since she hadn't heard from Tess all night. The annual Praize dance was to begin after this dance. Hope was a pro at the Praize dance, Jemma made sure Hope was perfect at it, since she didn't want to shame the Portabella name. The founders announced that the Praize dance was to begin in about ten minutes. Hope stood up looking for Brian, she found Vanessa talking to some middle aged guy. Hope knew Vanessa had a thing for 'much' older guys, but seriously now. Hope pulled Vanessa aside smiling politely at the 'old' guy.
"Have you seen Brian" Hope was never one to panic but the dance was to begin in less than ten minutes.
"Oh fuck, I forgot to tell you, Brian said that there was an emergency at home with his dad, and he was really sorry that he was gonna miss the dance" Hope knew of Brian's dads heart condition, But this was her night and if Brian really cared where the hell was he. She knew she should be a bit more considerate, but Hope was selfish. Hope was fuming, literally turning red.
Vanessa backed up "Hope, calm down , I mean, the founders will still credit you on your dress. It's just one dance"
Hope bit her lip "You right," Hope never panicked, not once, she was known to be cool and collected and she had to show people that even under a crisis she Hope Portabella was under control.
"Tess must be enjoying this" Hope shot at Vanessa and walked  away. Hope sat down at the bar. "Sex on the beach" She told the bartender who was also dressed for the occasion. Everyone wore a mask making it hard for Hope to notice her friends. Everyone took their places for the Praize dance except for Hope and some nerdy losers. "Gosh this wasn't suppose to happen" Hope muttered under her breath.
"Poor Hope, Not gonna do a dance that she mastered" Someone said behind her. Hope turned to face Tess.
"I gotta hand it to you Tess, you went all out to find a suitable date, that would dance with you" She pointed to Brad who was holding some girls waist.
"Mmm, well such a pity that you won't be getting much credit for this dance, There's always the nerds that's available" Tess walked away talking her place with Brad.
(Not same venue, but same formation of dance. The set up is like Chapter 8)
 Everyone looked at Hope, for her to take her place. Even the founders awaited her arrival. Hope shooed them with her hands signalling she won't be doing this dance, she turned back to her drink. "May I have this dance" A deep voice said
"Finally Brian, god I'm so gonna kill you" Hope said facing the voice. It certainly wasn't Brian. The stranger looked at Hope intensely, It was a different look. Normally she would expect a lustful look, but this was pure curiosity. He had dark hair, and although Hope couldn't see him properly because of his mask, He had a perfect jawline, with perfect lips, In his suit he still looked masculine and he had a boyish smile. Hope imagined him to be hot, without the mask, and so far she liked what she saw. He probally was around 19.
"Normally, I wouldn't accept, but since I'm in pure desperation, I would gladly oblige. Just don't tell anyone I was actually desperate" A flirtatious smirk played on Hope's lips and the mysterious stranger took her hand leading the way. He didn't say anything as he led the way and before the dance could start, the partner's kissed the girls hand. He kissed her hand, gently. Leaving Hope with a weird feeling. Probably just the nerves, Hope thought. The Praize dance started and everyone swayed in the same direction. This dance was very well rehearsed since the founders didn't want any mistakes.
"I couldn't help but notice that you stood out in the crowd" The stranger said holding Hope's waist firmly, almost as she was so fragile.
Hope snapped out of her daze, in this complete strangers hands, she felt safe, she never felt safe in Brian's arms before and here she was with a complete stranger.
Hope smiled her dude you making me blush smile
"Uhmm, I couldn't help but notice that you new here. First time?" Hope said. He pulled her close for the next move with was a twirl.
"Yeah, something like that, My sister made sure, I knew all the moves, since I accompanied her" Hope was caught off guard by his sexy deep voice.
"Uh that's nice" Hope was beating herself up in her head. Not once did she ever feel nervous and was speechless. She was Hope fucking Portabella for crying out loud. Hope saw Tess dance perfectly with Brad and she tensed.
"Are you okay?" He said noticing her tensed body.
"Well, just that bitch that annoys me" Hope said looking towards Tess.
The stranger chuckled "Are you afraid that she might be a threat to you" Hope saw a star tattoo on his neck, which even with his mask made him more sexy.
"Afraid? Never. I can handle her and why would you think she's a threat"
"Well you look like, the rich over spoiled girl, and she looks like a threat, and by that frown, I can see you worried"He said against her hair
What the fuck, Hope thought. Not once has anyone, any boy , a practical  stranger talk to her with such authority and tone of voice. How did he read her like and open book. Hope tensed, she knew she had a short temper but she always was calm and collected never showing the public her distress. Mr stranger noticed this and went over to her ear, His hot breath hitting Hope's ear and neck. Hope tensed again, she never felt like this before, she was the one that made guys tense not the other way around
"I'm sorry" That's all he said, and that calmed Hope. His voice soothed her, making her inner self purr in delight.
She was calm and she couldn't help it anymore, she needed to leave get away from him. The dance was ending and Hope pulled away.
"I gotta go" She said, finally under control, her voice not of a tensed girl but of the Hope Portabella.
The stranger was caught off guard with her tone.
"I never get your name" He said
"You won't need it Mr stranger" With that she walked away.

                                          ******Strangers mask and suit******

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