Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8                                     

Tess walked into the palace like ballroom, linking arms with her suitable date 'Brad' who seemed to  be suitable enough. The place looked amazing and as soon as she entered she got a gasp from every living girl in the room. She knew she looked great and she didn't mean to brag but she looked awesome. "Hey, I'm gonna go over there to talk to the guys" Brad said pointing at the jock/douche bag group. Tess nodded her hands in agreement. Tess scanned the room taking in all the dresses, she noticed she was the only one with a short dress and her mask complemented her dress perfectly.

Everyone stared at her and whispered; This must be a good thing, Tess thought to  herself. Even Brad who was dressed with a decent suit and simple white mask, was speechless when he saw her. "I might just win best dressed" Tess said to herself. By now the ball room was flooding with colorful dresses and people. Tess couldn't make out anyone, since everyone was wearing a mask. She wouldn't have to worry about seeing Hope since Hope was gonna rock up with the longer version of her dress. Tess smirked to herself, everyone will think that Hope copied of me and this way she'll never win third in a row, Tess thought. She wondered if her 'boo' was here yet. He sent a text saying he would be a bit late, since his plane was delayed. Tess knew that Hope was probably going to be the last person arriving with Brian, since she always wanted the 'late' attention. If Hope were to come in late, everyone would look at her and gaze at what she was wearing tonight. The talk of the night was Hope's dress, of course they would be surprised when they see her dress, it was the exact same- just Tess looked way hotter in the shorter version. Hope would get the right attention she needed. Tess could play at this game to. The ballroom was full now, and people were admiring each others dresses, flirting chatting , and waiting for the event to start. Tess looked towards the door, to see if she could see her 'boo' he had sent her a picture of his tux and mask so that Tess would be able to find him. The door of the ballroom opened and in  walked Hope,linking arms with Brian. Everyone gasped. Tess turned around and she saw Hope

"What the fuck is going on" Tess grunted to the girl next to her
"Well that's Hope Portabella, Queen Bee, totally hot" The girl sounded much like she was more bored than jealous "Are you new here?"
"Uh yeah, something like that" Tess turned scarlet. Her plan didn't work out. Here was Hope, looking absolutely mesmerizing- she wore the only yellow dress tonight; it was a color never worn by her, even in a long dress, she could see the guys drool and girls jealousy from here.
Hope walked over to three girls who gushed over her dress -  two brunettes and a blond, it was probably Kayla and Tina with the matching dresses and Vanessa with the black one. Their masks were really hard to differ from Kayla and Tina, since the only difference was the color of dress.
Hope scanned the room and saw Tess, walking towards her, Brian still linked in her arm and the girls followed behind. "Oh my! Tess, You look absolutely stunning tonight. I mean I did wear the longer version of that dress last year, but bravo you actually managed to trash the dress"
Tess fumed "What are you talking about Hope?"
"Didn't you know, I wore that dress last year. You didn't actually think that I would leave my dress in my closet now would you" Hope said pointing her finger at the dress she was wearing "You obviously need to learn how to play the game honey, I've been in the game for a long time now and I know every trick in the book" The girls had disgusted faces.
So this was the reason why everyone was looking at Tess, she wore a trashier version of Hope's leftovers. Tess stood her ground.
Hope went over to Tess's ear and whispered "Never has it been done that another girl wore the same dress as someone else, and a trashy dress at that. You better be going home Tessy, This is 'The annual Praize Ball', not a bring a whore to the dance night. Hope one Tess zero" Hope concluded pulling away, her blond curls cascaded down her back.
Tess didn't walk away instead she said "Oh yeah?" and pulled Brian in for a kiss. Everyone gasped and still Brian never pull away which made Hope even more mad.
Tess pulled away "Now we even, and Hopey I'm just getting started" With that Tess walked away leaving everyone speechless.
Hope smirked to herself "Tonight's gonna be fun she said turning to the others"
"Hope, uh please, she kissed me" Brian pleaded trying to save his ass.
"I know you didn't enjoy it" Hope said sarcasm dripping . She took Brian by the hand , the sweet classical music started and they swayed slowly. She was looking forward to the Praize dance, which she had to do with Brian. Even though she was angry at Brian, for not pulling away, she wasn't gonna let Tess get to her. Nothing was going to ruin the night


(Hope's Dress and mask>>>)

(Vanessa, Tina and Kayla's)


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