Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Today was the day, Hope thought, that she would finally have her third masquerade ball, meaning she would get something sparkly from the founders; it's said that once an elite girl reaches her third masquerade ball she is to be rewarded for her ongoing support and loyalty to the ball. This meant a one of a kind diamond necklace specially made for each girl. They normally made you necklace according to your status, wealth and best dressed each year. So far Hope won her two years, although she wore blue last year which was very predictable since her first year she wore red, she wanted to surprise everyone this year and  boy were they in for a surprise. Hope smirked at her reflection, she had enough beauty sleep last night, since she knew that she would be busy all night. She started her day off by Billy dropping her off at Madam Mousaas masquerade mask shop. Madam Mousaas was definitely good at what she does which was creating one of a kind masquerade ball masks for the elite like Hope and her friends. Hope gave Madam Mousaas her design a couple of weeks ago and was coming to fetch it. Hope entered the shop which smelt of a strong spicy essence. "Madam Mousaas?" she called out scanning the shop which had a crystal balls as a display token. Hope secretly smirked remembering the time that Madam said she was a psychic. Obviously Hope didn't believe in all that mushy blah blah, she believed she was the reason for all her fortunes and misfortunes. As Hope turned around she screamed, Madam Mousaas popped out of no where, "Hope my child, I thought you where coming later" she said taking Hope's hand and leading her into the mask room, She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at Hope with a horrific face.
"Is something wrong Madam Mousaas, do I look fine, I know you said I should get enough sleep but the nerves" Hope said babbling.
"My child, I'm worried about you well being, my spirits don't set well with you, I have a bad feeling that something you most fear will come to pass,"
"Oh Madam, that's enough" Hope said annoyed "You know how I feel about the "Spirits"
"I'm sorry, My child, come your mask is completed and believe me it's a work of art, it  matches your dress perfectly" Hope walked into Madam's mask section of the shop. The shop was divided in a weird way, half masks and half psychic blah blah, but that didn't excuse the fact that Madam Mousaas was the best at her game. Madam Mousaas went over to her antique display holder and pulled out the best mask Hope had yet to wear. "Oh my gawd Madam, It's absolutely stunning. The colors are so understated yet so beautiful. This is your best piece yet Madam"
Hope could feel her nerves calming anyone that got in her way tonight was gonna pay, be it her sister or her fucking mother, Hope didn't care what  stood in a way, she would beat it, destroy it. She was the one and only Portabella princess and she wasn't sharing the title with Tess.
Tess walked out of Lindsey Carmen's designer shop. She had asked Lindsey to design her the exact copy of what Hope was wearing tonight but a much shorter version of it since the dress was long.  She was definitely gonna spoil Hope's perfect night and this way Hope was definitely not gonna get her third year in a row best dressed, If Hope wanted to play, she could play but Tess doesn't play by the rules. Tess was especially excited to see her 'boo' tonight the only guy that has stood there for her forever, she would always be the only guy for her, the perfect guy at the perfect night just for her. Oh how much she loved him, she could tell him that everyday and still it wouldn't be enough. Tess scanned her phone seeing messages from 'BOO' : Can't w8 2 c u 2nyt
Lindsey: Your dress will be ready before tonight, Don't stress. I'll personally deliver it. Hope deserves what's coming to  her

Game On Hope Portabella... Tess thought

(Tess Dress and mask >>>)

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