Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Tess made sure that Hope was out of the house, before she proceeded with her plan. Hope had some shoe fitting for tomorrows masquerade ball, although there was a lot of excitement Tess had other plans in mind. Tess walked into Hope's massive closet making sure nobody was around; she was searching for Hope's masquerade dress, Hope promised that she would blow everyone away tomorrow. Tess just wanted to make that 'blow' more of a tornado. "Now If I was Lil miss Bimbo's dress , where would I hide" Tess said scanning Hope's massive closet. Mmm the brat has more clothes than the first lady, Tess thought . Tess suddenly saw something in a black dress cover with a note that read: Do not touch.
"I'm smarter than you Hope Portabella, I gotta ya" Tess opened up the black covering and in it found a lavishing blue dress. It was certainly gorgeous but if this was Hope's idea of blowing away the crowd then she must be delusional, plus Hope wore blue last year. I can definitely beat Hope tomorrow, mmmm now all I need to do is piss off Hope bad. Tess thought and pulled out her camera to take a picture. "Done" She gently placed back the dress and hung it back where it belonged. God was Hope in for a surprise. Just then Tess's phone rang, she stepped out of Hope's closet and answered the call "Hello" Tess said into the phone
"OMG BOO I miss you , can't wait to see you tomorrow, You are coming right?"
"Of course, I wouldn't miss your first masquerade for the world, is the bitch still annoying you?" Tess has been chatting to the unknown caller for a while since she entered Maplehurst, after all this person was her life, all she has.
"Yeah, but Tess Mogummary is way stronger than you think boo"
"Hey wait, you one of that Portabella's now remember."
"You know I'll never be one of them, and I'll be damned if i turn out like an exact clone of Hope"
"Don't worry I'll see you tomorrow and boo will make everything better okay."
"Ya I'll be the one in BLUE, gotta go boo"
Hope came home in the evening after a long fitting with her friends ; Tina, Kayla and Vanessa. She already had her showstopper dress but they still needed to do some final fittings. They all had their suitable dates except for Tina who was still hung up over her ex, so Hope needed to do some damage control, no way was one of her dates rocking up with no date. She drove over to Damon's house hoping that she would be able to work her magic tonight. She knocked on the mansions door, The housekeeper opened up "Miss Hope, what a pleasant surprise" she said in a strong Spanish accent "Do come In"
"Thank you Layla, is Damon in?"
"Why yes he is, just go straight up, he is in his fathers study doing some extra work, since you know that Mr Brown is gone with your father on a business trip."
"Oh yes, now I remember thank you" When it came to her friends happiness, of course Hope would play a bit dirty but hey, this is all for Tina. she entered the study without knocking. Damon sat on his father's chair behind the desk, back facing Hope, Damon was second in command on the football team. He was a total hunk, but unlike the others he was smart, his toned abs were showing of wildly in his tight black shirt that complimented his dark hair and striking features.
"Layla is there a problem" He turned around facing Hope. "Hope what are you doing here he said getting up"
"Sit down" Hope said sternly
"Is something wrong?" He said eyeing what Hope was wearing which was a red dress too short and black heels a bit too high.
Hope went over to his chair, turned it around and put one leg each side of him and sat down.
"Hope what the fuck are you doing?" He said his face hard "Please don't tell me you've been drinking" Hope went over to his ear and whispered
"No Damon, I'm as sober as a judge. But Hopey needs you to do something for me" Hope knew Damon was not just a hunky jerk, he was smart and he could catch her out that's why she really needed her charm to work tonight. She tilted her head to his left ear and started nibbling on it. She remembered Tina say something when she first went out with Damon, how nibbling on his ears turned him on.
"God, Hope.. w what are you uh doing" He stuttered "Hope please stop, Brian will kill me" With that Hope crashed her lips onto his. He was talking too much and she needed to get somewhere. She did kinda feel guilty, but she was enjoying her little games. The kiss was fast and hungry, Hope needed to finish what she came here to do, she bit his lip for entrance, and surprisingly he let her in. She was so satisfied that her charm was working, after all  no guy could resist her, some like Damon would need a bit of a push, but in the end they would all give in. She slid her hand up his shirt feeling his toned body. God his body was even more toned than Brian's which came as a shock. She knew her best friend still loved this guy but that didn't excuse the fact that she was seriously getting turned on. Hope slid her hand down his pants without breaking the kiss causing Damon to groan, she pushed herself closer to him and kissed his jaw, he trailed his hand up her red dress and rubbed her thighs making Hope moan. This was going too far Hope thought, she can't believe she just rubbed his dick but this situation was getting too hot now. 
"I need you do something for me" She said against his lips causing him to open his eyes
"God, Hope, you can get me in serious trouble with Brian you know" He said smiling against her lips
"I know, but I need you to do something for me" She said grinding on him. Damon  stuttered before speaking.
"Uh yeah" She could feel his throbbing boner
"Escort Tina to the masquerade ball tomorrow" She said biting his ear "Please"
"Hope, you know I broke up with Tina, for obvious reasons"
"I know, I know, do it just for me" She played with his hair
"Uhmm god fine, but just for you and what happened is our little secret unless you want Brian to punch me in the face"
"Thank you" She said kissing him and biting his lips.
Tomorrow night was going to be great and if any slut namely Tess was gonna mess it up for Hope or her friends, there was gonna be payback.

(Damon >>>)


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