Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Hope woke up to sound of her phone buzzing "MMmm hello".
"Hey Hopey, It's me Vanessa. Sorry I'm calling so early but I thought maybe the girls could match today." Hope sighed. Vanessa always wanted to be more than an individual she wanted to dress like Hope, look like hope, she even dyed her light brown hair to blond like Hope. It flattered Hope at first but when Vanessa wanted the same boyfriend as Hope, it made her mad... she kinda got use to the idea not like she was as interested in Brian anymore. "Oh sure why not. How about our red platform heels, and BITCH DON'T KILL MY VIBE CROP TOPS"
"Great, It's a deal then I'll text the others, Is everything alright you don't sound like yourself today"
"I'll tell you'll everything at school okay...G2g see you in a bit." Hope hung up and went to take a relaxing bath
Tess's P.O.V
After yesterday I wanted to show Hope exactly what I'm capable of. I chose a very revealing outfit to wear to school today ; a short mini skirt with blue platform heels and a baggy crop top. I applied one more cote of sheer red devil lip gloss and pushed my light brown hair to the side of my neck. I was so gonna make Hope mad today, I don't know who that bitch think she is but god dammit I was the step-sister from hell.
"Hey" I said walking towards the breakfast table "Where's Hope aren't we going to be late" I said to Jemma who looked like a sophisticated business woman.
"Oh don't you worry, Billy our driver always make sure Hope is on time. Plus Hope always makes it her duty to dress up for school."
Just then I saw Hope walk down the massive stairs. She looked I hate to admit it but pure hotness, I knew I looked like not a pure hotty but a slut next to her. She seems like the slutty time I mean perfect natural tan, blond hair, perfect body. But they were natural her tan was definitely not faked, I could tell her blond hair was all natural. God do I have to compete with this, she most probably had the hottest boyfriend at school. She's not that bad after all I guess. This was gonna be one long day at school.
"She's you half  SISTER" Tina shouted "OMG, she looks like a total whore but she has a lot of potential" She said again
"Mmmm that's the thing, she has too much of potential she might be the next IT girl, which of course will not happen as long as I'm around" Hope said looking at Tess talking to Brad, a typical sex craved jock who by the look of it was hoping to 'score' with Tess in the janitors closet. Hope smirked at herself recalling her thought yesterday about Tess being a virgin, maybe she was wrong.
"That will never happen. piped Vanessa in. Do you want us to do something?" Hope scanned the hall looking for Brian he was by his locker talking to some floozy. mmm typical Brian. Hope thought. "No, I don't think she'll be a threat much longer, I will make sure that this 'sister'of mine gets exactly what she deserves" There was no way was Hope, sharing her inheritance with some con whore. No WAY.
"Lets move on from this boring subject" Said Kayla "I already have my dress for the masquerade ball, it's to die for Hope"
"That's great, I'm thinking about getting a totally new color, I want to surprise everyone. Every year I have the same predictable colors you know." Hope said searching her Gucci bag. "Oh here it is," Hope said holding up her phone "Everyone say one week before the masquerade ball"
Everyone repeated after her and snap she took a photo. Hope loved taking photos before the big night, especially with her bitchy but great friends.  "See you later Hope" Tina said walking with Kayla and Vanessa to gym class.
Hope walked to her locker and saw Tess making out with Brad right next to her locker. "God, get a room you whore" Hope said opening her locker. "Oh hey Hope". said Brad blushing like crazy. He always had a thing for Hope, I mean which guy didn't, but Tess could be a threat now and Hope didn't want that. "That's funny sister coz last time I checked, you the one that had sex in the janitors room with what was his name again Brian right?"
"What, how did you know about that?" Hope said fuming
"I have my sources" Tess shot back. By now everyone was whispering about Hope's sex scandal.
"Honey at least I'm not a virgin like you" With that Hope turned her heels and walked over to Brian who was now by her and smashed her lips onto his. His lips never left hers, although they were fighting for the last couple days she knew he couldn't resit her. Hope smiled into the kiss. It was funny that they were practically having a make out session in front of everyone. Some boys cheered and girls walked back to their boring lives. Brian bit Hope's lips pleading for entrance, she denied by teasing him. Brian missed this so much, although he had fun with other girls he couldn't resist this temptress that was so elegant in the day but behind closed door a total seductress. Hope pulled away and went to his ear
"See you later" she whispered biting his ear .
Throughout the day Hope heard gossip about Tess being a Virgin, and no one dare say a word about Hope's little incident. For Hope this was only the beginning to misery she was going to bring onto her half sister.

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