Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4
"Yes I'm here, I really need you to tell me that this is all a joke, for calling mother by her name, and I totally understand why you doing this," Hope said in earnest.
"And why do you think that?" Her dad said interested
"Yes, I know my grades are slacking, but this joke is stupid...aww daddy you actually got me scared there for a minute" Hope hugged her dad.
"Hope, It's not a joke, I know you hurt and you can't accept that Tess is your long lost sister, but I don't regret that she's my daughter neither your sister. Hope began to tense up and pulled away from her father. "Before you were born, Your mother and I were going through a rough patch and I confided in a women, Agatha. She pleased me like no other woman, but then I realized how much I needed your mother more than anything. I ended it. But my past came to haunt me 17 years later, Agatha revealed Tess to me after 17 years because she thought Tess was ready, only I didn't realize if you would be ready. I'm sorry for the pain ma sweetheart, but you'll always be my baby, you just have to share me from now on.
Hot tears began to rush down Hope's face "This Bitch is a fraud, you can't possibly believe that that thing is your daughter daddy" Hope began to pace around the room "They want money, they all want money, we have a perfect family right here daddy...NOOOO!!" Hope began to cry even more. "I already thought about that Hope, I'm one step ahead of you, the DNA results came back last month and indeed Tess is your half sister"
"You kept this from me for a whole month?" Hope pleading for answers.
"I didn't think you were ready, please Hope, Tess is your half-sister and I know this is a big change but your are seventeen years old. If you can party hard I'm sure this is just a walk in the park" Stefan said smiling at her.
"You gotta be joking. But you right, I am much stronger than you think" Hope said smiling
"I'm so pleased my dear Hope. He said kissing her on her cheek. Tess is moving in tonight, now please make her at home because unfortunately I have a meeting and won't be able to see my two girls getting along"
"What the fuck.... She's moving in with us!!!. Nobody said a shit about her moving in. I thought you were just gonna give the bitch a truckload of money and kaboom she's gone" Hope said horrified.
"Why of  course no child of mine will stay anywhere either than my house. And Hope sweety watch your mouth, you don't want your  credit and nightclub accesses cut now do you?..."
"Yes, Father." She said kissing him on the cheek and exiting the room. The last thing she needed was her credit cards cut because of some slut.  I can't believe this. This bitch my sister, Hope Portabellas sister... never... if she wants to be part of the family fine by me... imma make sure the bitch dies in hell. Hope thought to herself
Hope changed into an elegant blue dress and black dress for supper. She was going to be properly introduced to her dear step 'Sister'. Oh how Hope enjoyed playing this little games, she was going to have some fun after all.
Hope took her place at the dinner table, Her dad had important business in Europe(again) she almost forgot he was going to be away for two weeks, just the right time to have a blast out of this whole shitty afair. Hope came out of her daze and walking to her was a beautiful girl, wearing a seductress red dress, with red striking heels... wearing HER RED DRESS AND HEELS. Hope was fuming, and Jemma noticed "I hope you didn't mind Hope, but I lent Tess one of your dresses for dinner, surprisinly it was a perfect fit. The poor thing needs to go shopping with me. Jemma stated standing up and kissing Tess's cheek. Hope also stood up "Hi It's so nice to meet you, I'm Hope. I'm sorry about earlier, I was just so shocked and excited, I've always wanted a sister" Hope said flashing Tess her most fake but genuine smile and hugging her. 
"It's so nice to meet you to. Don't apologize, it's understandable from being the only child then me just being thrown into the family" Tess giggled like a little schoolkid. She's probably still a virgin, Hope smirked to herself

Dinner was over and Hope went up to show Tess her room "Listen here you bitch" Hope said shutting the door "Imma make your life a living hell.You will wish you were never born into this fucking family" Hope said sending a hot smack across Tess's face "And guess what tomorrows your first day at my school stay out of my way and fall in line" Hope said leaving the room before shocked Tess could say anything. Tess slid down the door and cried "Oh god, why does she have to be such a two faced bitch, obviously she hasn't me Tess Mogummary as yet. The spoilt blonde barbie is gonna get exactly what she deserves" Tess said to herself
Tomorrow is gonna be interesting

*********Picture is Tess*****


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