Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
“So daddy, can you tell me what I’m doing here now?” Hope said looking at her dad then the clock. She was beginning to become very impatient with her mother, she said she needed to take an important call however, she didn’t say she was gonna take ages. Hope is more of the daddy’s girl; she never was close with her so called mother – her mother somehow felt a need to compete with Hope. Last year’s masquerade ball was tragic, Jemma Portabella rocked up with the same dress as Hope’s, just in another color… the cheek of her mother.
“Hope is there somewhere better you have to be?” Mr. Portabella said shaking his head in disapproval.
“Of course not daddy, it’s just that you know how I feel about Jemma and her poor punctuality,” Hope plopped down on the nearest chair “I mean, I’m always prompt when it comes to these kinda things and I don’t expect less of Jemma.”
“Stop calling your mother by her name,” Mr Portabella stood up and walked out to the balcony, Hope followed “You can’t continue with this kind of behavior young lady, I’m warning you,” He walked back into his office “Won’t you give your mother some time, she’s had it rough and you of all people should know that.”
Jemma Portabella flung open the door. Looking flawless as ever, she had dark blue eyes, pale blonde hair and a slim figure – she always passed younger than what she really was and she certainly didn’t look like Hope’s mother. “I’m sorry I kept you both waiting, but you know how it is at work,” she sat down on the chair next to Hope’s “Brazilia having a top-notch crisis and I just had to sort it out.”
“At least you made it before midnight,” Hope said sharply. For Hope’s sweet sixteen birthday party Jemma had another crisis and she only made it to the party after midnight 
“Oh honey, you can’t hold that against me. I mean it happened a year ago for crying out loud,” Jemma sighed “I told you if I didn’t sort that crisis out, I would have lost my job. Now can’t we just move on like a normal family would?” She stood up to pour herself a drink.
“Drinking again honey?” Mr Portabella said earnest
“Oh Stefan, calm down would you? It’s just one drink. I had a rough day at the office.” Jemma works as the founder of a very famous make-up company called KISS. She had to put in extra hours after one of her clients sued the company for putting an illegal ingredient in the make-up. Of course with all the resources the Portabella family has, they won the case but they still had to work extra hard to gain back the value the company once had.
“Okay, let me get to the point. I called you here Hope because I need to tell you something very important. I already told your mother but I guess it’s gonna be harder telling you.”
“Daddy just get to the point, if it makes you feel better…I’m sure it’s not that bad,” Even if it did mean cutting her credit cards.
“I think it would be better if I showed you.” Stefan said wiping away his wet forehead with a silk handkerchief.
“Okay daddy. Just tell me already, you killing me here.” Hope walked up to her father’s desk and stood by his chair.
Just then Mr Portabella picked up his phone “Bring in the package. I think it’s time.” He said anxious.
“Oh here goes nothing” Jemma said, quickly pouring some of Stefan’s strong whiskey and downing it within seconds.
There was a knock on the door “Come in.” Mr Portabella said.
The door opened slowly. Maybe all this was a big joke; maybe daddy bought me an early birthday present. I mean I am turning seventeen in a few weeks. Hope thought to herself.
In walked a girl; relatively pretty, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, she looked like an exotic beauty with her long legs and cute face. “Hope, this is Tess…Your SISTER.’
Hope blinked and then everything faded slowly. She had passed out. 
Hope woke up in her bed with her father and mother sitting beside her. Good all of this was a dream. Omar gawd what a bad dream. Hope thought. “What’s happening? Why are you‘ll here? Hope said looking confused. Can’t I sleep in peace?”
“Don’t you remember anything? You passed out darling after Tess came in” Mr Portabella said stroking her cheek.
What no. so it wasn’t a bad dream … “What?” she blinked “Oh nooooo… this is just a joke right daddy,” she turned to Jemma “Right Jemma?”
“No sweetheart, it isn’t.” Mr Portabella stood up and straightened his teal tie. “Get dressed; I’ll see you in my office. I know you want answers and I’m going to give them to you” he then left and Jemma followed immediately.
This is not happening how can I have a sister and not know about it… How can I have a sister… period? I’m supposed to be the only child. I’m supposed to be the heiress to all my daddy’s fortunes. I’m daddy’s girl not that wannabe girl. I don’t even know her she could be a threat a fraud. Hope had so many questions. Her head began to pound. “Maria!” she screamed
“Yes Miss Hope.” Maria said noticing her paleness.
“Run my bath, make it cold.” Hope said getting up from her bed.
“But Miss Hope, you’ll get a very bad cold.” Maria said in her Latin accent
“Run my bath! Now! Maria.” Hope was furious if she saw that Tess girl in her house again she swore she’d kill her.
Hope knocked on her father’s door. “Come in,” he said “Aw Hope, I was wondering when you’d show

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