Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2
"Get off me now," she said pushing him away."Why do have to be such a jerk at times?"
"Aw, Babe... I was wanted to have some fun" Brian said, flashing his puppy dog eyes"
"Just leave, won’t ya," she said putting her dresses back in her closet. "My mom's gonna be here any minute now"
"Since when did you obey the rules," He said pecking her flushed cheek and getting his bag "K look I'm leaving."
"Thank you. I was hoping you wouldn't stay longer,' she grabbed his arm and pulled him into a kiss "That's for being naughty,' she said shoving him out of her room.
Just then a car pulled into the mansion's driveway... It was her dad's car. Didn't he say he was coming back from his trip tomorrow? She thought "Maria," she screamed
"Yes, Miss Hope. How may I be off service?" Maria said coming into the room.
"Is that dad's car outside," Hope said nervously. He told her that he needed to have an urgent talk with her after his business trip...could it be that he wanted to cut her credit cards because of her constant drop in grades... or that they need to move into a Ghetto apartment because he was growing awfully poor. Any two would be tragic.
"I believe it is, Miss Hope," Maria said with a cloth in her hand. Oh here goes nothing she thought.
"U hmm, that's fine Maria. I'll see daddy in," she said breaking off her fake smile.
Why does he need to see me, OK I now I didn't do that well in Calculus but seriously- It's difficult. I hope this has nothing to do with the Praize Ball. She sighed, almost wincing at the thought. She ran downstairs and opened the door for her father.
"Daddy, welcome back. I missed you so much,'' she said pecking his cheek.
"Aha, Hope. I missed you too, but I've only been gone for a week." Mr Portabella said entering the house. He was a handsome man for his age - dark hair, Icy blue eyes and quite tall. Hope resembled him in many ways.
"I know daddy, but can't a girl miss her pappi," she said high-fiving herself in her head. This was going great.
"Of course, but there's something very important I need to convey to you," Just then Hope's fake grin replaced itself with a frown."When your mother gets home I'll share with you what I've shared with her." He said walking to his office. Hope knew very well not to question her father, the memory of her questioning her father flashed back- The last time she questioned his authority he cancelled all her credit cards and nightclub accesses.

*****Picture Of Brian*******


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