Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Hope, groaned and shifted, she had a pounding headache. Her eyes fluttered opened, she was in her room. *How did I get here* Hope thought. She remembered being at Kayla's party, drinking a lot, that's all. "Shit" Hope muttered, she groaned again. She was still in her bikini but an unknown shirt covered her body. *I, hope I didn't so something fucked up* Hope thought remembering, her last party ended with cocaine, and sex with a stranger. Hope looked at the calender it was the 2nd "Great" Hope muttered getting out of bed. She had remembered that she had to attend an important  banquet for her mother, Jemma also said that Tess had to come along: so that they could bond better. Hope cursed she was not the Mogummary girl's babysitter. She longed for the freedom she once had. She just wanted her old life back, nobody telling her what to do. Hope realized her mascara was smudged . "I was crying?" Hope thought hard about the events that took place yesterday. Her head hurt the she remembered being in Jason's arms whilst he sent a soothing coo to her. Hope gasped *I must have been really outta it, to end up in his arms*.

"Look I don't want you to come either, but you have to ,  Jemma's and father's orders" Hope send bluntly "And it's a cocktail banquet, 7 pm sharp" Hope attempted to walk away but Tess grabbed her arm. Hope scanned the position that Tess put her in, and shot her a killer lock.
"Jeez, bitch what dog ate your dirt today," Tess muttered. "I'll come, as long as I bring a date," Tess said.
"Do what you want, but if you miss this up, you'll have me and Jemma to answer to. Happy?" Hope asked annoyed.
"Ecstatic" Tess said, sending Hope her best fake smile ever. 
"Oh, one more thing Tessy, don't dress like a slut" Hope exited the dining room, after finishing her lunch, she never see Jason the entire day, which was actually great: Hope Portabella had too much pride than to cry in a jerk's arms.
Tess walked hand in hand with Jason as she entered the venue where the cocktail banquet was to be held. It was a posh place like everything the Portabellas' did.
"You look  stunning"" Jason referred to her blue dress , scanning the place, he grabbed a drink from a waitress who winked at him.
"Well, I have the step sister from hell, couldn't rock up with a jean and T" Tess said before chuckling. Jason tensed at her words, remembering last night, the way he held Hope. She was so outta it last night that Jason drove her back to the mansion threw a shirt on her and put her too bed. Still she looked amazing.
"What are we doing here?" Jason said changing the subject.
"I told you, This is Jemma's important blah blah, meaning I had to come, meaning you had to come" Tess took in a dramatic breath "You see"
"Let’s take our seats, I've had enough of this" Jason said motioning to a table that held two  Ms Portabella names on it. A lady nearby motioned to Tess, "Are you Hope's sister," She asked.
"Yes, unfortunately" Tess whispered the last part.
"Oh, please do take a seat; Mr Portabella insisted that we make two Portabella names, one for you. The other for Hope" The lady hurried away to check that everything was running smoothly. Tess scanned the name cards and realized that Mr Mogummary was next to a Miss Portabella, which was probably her and a Mr Winson was next to another Miss Portabella which was probably Hope. “Whose Brian  Winson” She said to know one in particular.

“Omg,you don’t know Brian” a giddy teenager shouted from the other table “Only the most hottest guy at Kennelly High” She added

“Perfect” Tess muttered, before taking her seat next to the Winson card.

“What the hell are you doing, tryna make Hope crazy” Jason said whispering, making sure nobody could hear him.

“Exactly, she’ll flip when she sees me getting comfy with her ‘boyfriend’. More like sex slave” Tess spoke. Jason tensed, after last night, he felt somewhat protective, he softened when he stared into her eyes; he saw a warm soul that just needed fixing.

“Do as you please sister, but I’m staying outta this” Jason said taking his seat. There was a whole load of chatter around the table. Jason was nervous, knowing what Hope was capable of, while Tess was pleased with herself. It was not long before Hope arrived dressed in a Red cocktail dress

"Well, at least you look half decent Tess" She said walking towards their table. She scanned the beautiful laid out table. Her eyes fell on Jason. *What the hell is he doing here* She thought, then flushed at the memory of last night. She would just pretend that she was too drunk to remember. *That's exactly what I will do* She thought then her eyes fell on the place card that sat before Tess. It read Ms.Portabella. Hope gasped next to her place card was Winson *Brian* She thought. But Tess sat before her place.

"Well, having a sister like you is quite difficult" Tess's words rolled perfectly out her mouth. Hope winced at sister.

"You in my place Tess" She smiled sweetly acknowledging the people around them.

"No uh, There's you place next to my brother" Tess shot back. Hope scanned the place card next to Jason it also said Ms Portabella. She was dumbfounded and shocked.

"What's going on here" Hope asked impatiently, she smoothed out her dress.

"Dear Jemma, and Daddy, made sure that there was two place cards with the Portabella name on it, one for both of us" Tess  fake smiled. Hope's face overcame with anger. This was going too far, she couldn't deal.

"There must be some mistake", Hope said annoyed "You not legally part of the family"

"Aww, Hopey, wrong again. I will be soon" Tess said calmly. Hope wasn't annoyed about the place cards, neither was she angry about Tess sitting next to Brian, she was scared about sitting next to Jason. She didn't behave like Hope Portabella yesterday, she was weak and needy; someone she didn't know...

Hope noticed Mrs Garner on stage announcing to everyone to take their seats. The Banquet was about to begin. Hope groaned and took her place next to Jason. She didn't look at him, the whole night neither did she speak. She was pissed. Brian hadn't pitched again, he was always late. Tess was making conversation with everyone. Tina and Kayla laughed at he jokes, while Vanessa stood her ground, knowing that her loyalty stood with Hope. Hope saw Jason and Kayla smiling at each *oh* Hope thought. Hope was broken away from her thoughts when Tina blurted out something out of this world

"I wish Hope was more like you" She said to Tess. Hope shot Tina a look, then only Tina realized that her thoughts were said aloud "Oops" She added the honesty in her voice. Hope tensed, everyone was comparing her Tess, she hated it. Hope looked away. Just then Jason put is hand on Hope's lap, which made Hope gasp. It was a calm down touch. He could feel her tension. The whole night he hadn't spoke to her nor, looked at her, but now he just put a hand on her lap. Hope was confused and angry. His touch was gentle. Hope didn't think she grabbed Jason's hand. Jason thought she was going to yank it away instead, she made circles on his hand. Which left Jason confused, she was known for her mixed signal. Then Hope did the unthinkable, she drove his hand inside her dress. Jason gasped, it wasn't evident of what they were doing, because the cloth that covered the table touched the ground. He didn't take his hand away from her inner thigh *she want's to play this game* Jason thought. She was so bold, that's what Jason admired about her. He pushed his hand deeper into her thigh. Hope softly gasped, she thought he would take his hand away. lately he made her feel worthless, yet here she was with his hand up her dress. Her tugged at her lace underwear. Hope gasped again. Jason loved seeing her like this, he had power. Everyone carried on with their chatter,and Hope looked straight ahead, not making it obvious of anything. Jason traced his fingers over the underwear, massaging and easing her. Hope tried not to suppress and moan. She went over to Jason's ear. She couldn't help it no more

"Please stop" She squealed. Jason smirked.

"Princess, you started with this" He said still massaging her.

"I didn't mean to she said through gritted teeth" She looked straight ahead and smiled at Vanessa, who gave her a questioning look

"You could have stopped me a long time ago, yet you didn't. You want this don't you" His voice was raspy. Hope gasped, she could have stopped him along time ago but here she was, being tortured.

"I can feel your arousal, Princess" He said needy. Hope was utterly shocked, did he really just say that.

"Excuse me" Hope said getting up, she was flushed and confused.



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