Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


15. Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"I thought you wouldn't come" Kayla said eyeing Hope's bikini "Dressed to the theme" She said kissing her cheek.
"Of course and check this out" Hope said lowering her bottom half of her bikini. Kayla screamed in shock and delight.
"A tattoo, when the fuck did you get one of those. When the girls got matching butterfly's you said no to violating your body, now look" Kayla said hurt that 'the girls' all got the same tattoo and here was Hope with a different one "Oh gosh, you so dramatic, it's not that I didn't want to match I just didn't want it then" Hope added feeling a Lil hurt at Kayla's comment. Hope scanned the pool. It was so Kayla.
"What changed" Kayla said
"I just, got a newsflash and realized their is some new kids on the block" Hope said looking at how crazy people were acting. She saw Tina and Damon making out in the pool and Vanessa talking to some guy. Vanessa saw Hope, and squealed running towards them.
"Is that a tattoo" Vanessa said screaming over the music. Hope chuckled and reassured her it was real. Hope heard a familiar voice and when she scanned the pool, trying to calm herself.
"Who invited the slut and her brother" Hope said grinding her teeth. Kayla looked way too guilty and Vanessa looked like she was about to pounce on Tess.
"You should have told, me they were coming, I wouldn't have came" Hope said through gritted teeth. "I need a drink" She grabbed a drink from one of the waiters and downed it.
"Uh, Hope, I only invited Jason, I just bumped into him and thought he was so sweet not to mention hot" Kayla said frowning.
"Okay" Hope said before walking away, she was angry with Kayla, more at Jason and Tess. But nonetheless her night wouldn't be ruined. She realized that Kayla thought he was hot, it wasn't wrong, he did look hot. He was talking to some brunette shirtless and her with a skanky bikini. Hope huffed, *Try to ruin my night Mogummary's and there will be war". Tina saw Hope and approached her "Hey babe" She said kissing her cheek. Lately Tina has been so happy with Damon, *If she only knew* Hope thought.
"Hey, Looking stunning as always" Hope added.
"Please tell me you brought the stash, I need to blow of some steam" Tina was Hope's sniffing buddy also, when they needed to blow off steam and have fun, they normally sniffed. Hope panicked remembering that the stash that Jason found belonged to Tina.
"Oh gosh" Hope muttered. She could pay Tina back, no problem, but the principle behind losing it broke the trust.
"What did you do? Hopey. I really need some" Tina said a bit tipsy.
"Nothing, leave it to me."
Hope had a couple of drinks throughout the night , now was her chance Hope thought approaching Jason and the brunette. She pulled him away from the girl.
"What the fuck, Hope. I was busy" Jason said looking annoyed, and scanning her body "Whoa tattoo" Jason added amused.
"I need to talk to you alone" *Well this outta be good* Jason thought.
"No, thanks, I appreciate how my face appears, I don't want a blue eye"Jason said dryly, then he mouthed  to the brunette that he was almost done. Hope was getting annoyed at his lack of interest in what she was her.   
"Look, I didn't mean to slap you yesterday" Hope said the words barely making its way out
"Was that the princess's way of apologizing" Hope rolled her eyes, she knew this was a bad idea, but they needed it, she needed it.
"Call it what you want, but I need to talk to you" Jason let out a deep chuckle.
"The last time we were alone together your basically pounced on me," Jason said looking away.
"You the one that kissed me" Hope said an edge of irritation in her voice.
"Fine, whatever, 2 minutes" Jason said walking with Hope to Kayla's pool house.
"Okay let me get to the point, where's my stash" Hope said, not beating around the bush. She was becoming impatient.
"You called me here, to ask where your fucking cocaine is" Jason said, clenching his jaw and looking away. He couldn't believe that such a beautiful thing, did this to herself. Yeah sure, he got drunk and sniffed sometimes but that was different he actually had realistic problems not princess worrying about her pony problems. Hopes body tensed and her eyes flickered towards the party and back at him.
"It wasn't mine to keep, Please just give it back to me" Her eyes on the ground. Jason didn't understand this girl, it made him interested in all the wrong ways. He went over to her and lifted her chin with his hand, he held her face up as he spoke
"God, what the fuck is wrong with you" It wasn't really a question. Hope's eyes  flickered with confusion at what he was doing... saying.
"I don't know okay!!!" Hope screamed, getting out of his touch. "I want it back" Hope added. Jason grabbed her arm.
"Look at me, God dammit Hope. This isn't a joke. You hurting yourself, believe me I know" Jason looked down at her, waiting for her reaction.
"I know this isn't a joke. We just need to blow of some steam, not like we druggies" Hope said laughing hysterically. Jason grabbed Hope by the shoulders. Hope looked away.
"Look at me and tell me, you do it for fun, that you only do it occasionally" Jason's tone sounded needy and hardened. He realized how fragile this seductress looked right now, her eyes flickered to him and to his neck. "Please just tell me that" he added. At that moment, he realized the edge of alcohol on her breath. *No wonder, shes not fighting back* he thought.
"I'm sorry okay!!!, I'm sorry that I'm the biggest bitch ever, I'm sorry that you hate me" Hope's eyes started to flood with hot tears, She giggled "I'm just sorry, I'm sorry I'm a slut, whore whatever, I'm sorry!!!" Jason stared at her, she was drunk but how he wish she would say these things when she was sober. He grabbed her and held her against his chest (Shirtless ;)..) her hot tears, felt by him.
"Sshh. Sssh" he said against her hair.

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