Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Dearest Hope and Tess

I've decided to surprise your father and visit him. I have to admit that I've neglected our marriage therefore, I'm going there first thing in the morning. 
Please forgive me I didn't want to wake you, since you'll have school .Trust me I know exactly what's happening
there. I trust you won't burn the mansion down, and if you do save my closet

Hope folded the letter "Billy where's Tess" Hope said getting  into the car. Hope never speak to Jason nor Tess for two days. She was confused, angry and afraid of the information Jason held. She slapped him in a 'Portabella way, which was certainly not pretty, giving him more reason to expose her cocaine breakdown.
"She said she's getting a ride with Jason" Billy the driver said, starting the car.
"Where did the jerk get a car from?" Hope asked searching her bag for her phone.
"Well I guess, he borrowed one from your father's collection" Anger overcame Hope's face.
"Oh, so first slumber rights, now car rights too. How old is that perv anyway" Hope said, remembering when she basically sucked off his face in the pool-house. *God, Hope do you have to be so pathetic* her conscience told her.
"Tess say's he is twenty, Miss Hope" Billy added. Hope wasn't shocked when she danced with the fraud she thought he was nineteen.
Hope had gotten two messages from:
Kayla : Hey bbe, pool party my house, celebrating Kennelly's win against Boolington.
Vanessa: OMG, Tess just walked out the car with a fuckn sexy guy.. details?
Hope texted back Kayla: Sure I need a break, and Vanessa : details at school .
Hope hopped out of the car, her eyes jolted to her father's car. There stood Jason surrounded by a couple slutty cheerleaders and Tess leaning against the car, looking like a tacky mess. Vanessa, Kayla and Tina ran over to Hope who was killing Jason and Tess with her eyes.
"You look beautiful , like always" Tina said kissing Hope's cheek. Hope was caught up in her thoughts and was snapped back by Vanessa.
"OmG, don't tell me that's the slut's new bf" Vanessa said interrupting her thoughts.
"I'm afraid not girls,her brother to be exact" Hope said walking towards 'Jason's' car.
"Damn" Tina said, "This all happened so fast" she added. Seeing Damon approach them. He gave Tina a peck on the lips. Hope not forgetting how they got to that point, it was because of her. Hope smiled, this was the only thing to could smile about right now. Hope's entourage walked further front, coming into Jason's and Tess's view. Tess was talking to some typical dumb jock and Jason to the typical dumb cheerleader.
"Slut" Vanessa coughed  staring at Tess. There was silence and Tess's eye's jolted to the direction of the cheap comment. Jason noticed Hope was walking with the girl that made that comment, his eyes hardened. Tess walked up to Vanessa
"What was that?" Tess said, not really asking a question.
"Oh I don't know, just maybe you a slut" Vanessa added smirking. "And you a home-wrecker" referring to where Tess was staying.
"Bitch purleez, at least I'm not another Hope wannabe, I honestly don't know, what you people see in her, she's just a plastic fake broken barbie" Tess said looking at all the girls, who dyed their hair golden blond and who try to dress like Hope. Hope kept quiet, she obviously didn't need a public break-down, her 'girls' did the dirty work, she was more of the behind the scenes type of girl. Making strong moves, when nobody is looking. 
"Yeah you right, you a fraud, ugly slut" Vanessa said making Tess boil with anger. Tess pushed Vanessa, which made Vanessa smirk. Vanessa was always the aggressive one. Hope mentally chuckled, she knew exactly what was going to happen *1,2 and oh oh 2* Hope thought. Vanessa smacked Tess and pulled her hair, making Tess push  her to the ground. Tess got ontop of Vanessa and threw punches. Jason tried to break it up, he didn't want to get involved in a cat fight, but he saw a teacher approaching.
"In the name of god, what is happening here?" A nearby teacher said. "Vanessa, Mogummary, Principle's office now" The elderly woman said.  Jason mentally banged his head against a wall. He should have stopped it but he knew Tess was a fierce fighter, now that fierce fighter was about to be in big trouble. His eye landed on Hope, who was grinning in the most evil way possible, she then left, probably going to the principle's office. "Bitch" He muttered turning around which made him clash with someone.
"Uh sorry" He chuckled helping her up
"Kayla" She said shaking his hand, he noticed her talking to Hope, *mmmm* he thought
"Jason" He gave her a boyish smile which made her swoon.
"You  should totally come for the party tonight my house, I'll text you the details" Kayla said taking his phone from his hand and adding her number. She didn't take no for an answer, I mean he was totally gorgeous
"Sure" he grinned, but before he could say he didn't think he would come, Kayla was already gone. He didn't want to go , knowing that Hope was probably gonna be there. He had a bad temper and after he got slapped by a girl for the first time, he wanted to lunge forward. He admitted he was a player back home, bad boy some would say and maybe a bit of a jerk but he never did, what Hope accused him off. *Oh well, I guess I'll have to deal* he thought before driving off.
Hope sat in Mrs. Higgins office with Vanessa. Tess had already gotten her detention, now it was Vanessa's turn and of course Hope decided to intervene. "Now Mrs Higgens, Father is very fond of Vanessa and if he were to hear that Vanessa got into unnecessary trouble he would be heartbroken" Hope said bluntly smiling. Mrs, Higgins, heard the edge of threat in Hope's voice, after all Mr. Portabella was a so kind to Kennelly High.
"I'm confused Miss Portabella, why would your father be heart-broken when Vanessa is in no trouble at all" Mrs Higgins put on her best smile.
"But, there is one thing that concerns me" Hope said scanning Mrs Higgens awful outfit. She gave her questionable look "I want you to drop Tess's detention as well" Hope said which made Vanessa wince.
"Done" Mrs Higgins said. dismissing the duo.
Vanessa and Hope walked out "What the fuck was that ' drop Tess's detention" Vanessa said mimicking Hope's voice "Don't tell me you getting all soft on 'dearest sister'
"You tone seems to amaze me" Hope said looking at Vanessa in a 'don't question me look' "If she had detention and you didn't she would have been suspicious, that would have  lead to father finding out about your public dispute , and where there is you, comes me" Hope said smiling, reassuring Vanessa.

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