Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13
*At dinner*
Hope was late for dinner, she spent the day shopping, with Vanessa. She normally bought a whole new closet when she was stressed or just needed some alone time, Right now she was very stressed. She was afraid of the information that Jason held. She couldn't believe that she could behave in that way, it almost disgusted her. Hope walked into the mansion  already dressed for dinner.
"Miss Hope, your mother is not pleased that you managed to be late yet again"Maria said leading the way to where the 'family' was having a gourmet dinner. 
''Maria, why don't you buy yourself something nice at Lindsey's, you work way too hard. Put in on my credit card" Maria's face was washed with shock and excitement.
"Thank you Miss Hope, you too kind" Maria left Hope who entered the dining hall, where everyone was already seated. Hope took her place at the table.
"You missed Lunch Hope, and you late again" Jemma said not pleased. Tess smirked at the lecture Jemma was about to give Hope.
"Well, it shouldn't bother you, while daddy's away, all you care about is fucking around with my school friends right? Don't think I haven't noticed" Hope snapped, giving her mother a ''deadly'' look. Jemma was taken aback with the statement that her supposedly 'daughter' made.
"This conversation isn't over" with that Jemma left the table a bit too dramatically. Tess cleared her throat and stared at Jason, obviously trying to get rid of the tension that still stood at the table.
"Is there an edge of sluttiness stuck in your throat" Hope said motioning to her throat, referring to Tess's outfit. Jason stared at his sister, that said 'don't you dare say anything'.
"Miaau to you too" Tess said, not wanting to start another argument. Hope looked up from her plate, and saw Jason staring at her. She took in his features and scanned his whole body even his neck  until
"Uhmm, I couldn't help but notice that you new here. First time?" Hope said. He pulled her close for the next move with was a twirl.
"Yeah, something like that, My sister made sure, I knew all the moves, since I accompanied her" Hope was caught off guard by his sexy deep voice.
"Uh that's nice" Hope was beating herself up in her head. Not once did she ever feel nervous and was speechless. She was Hope fucking Portabella for crying out loud. Hope saw Tess dance perfectly with Brad and she tensed.
"Are you okay?" He said noticing her tensed body.
"Well, just that bitch that annoys me" Hope said looking towards Tess.
The stranger chuckled "Are you afraid that she might be a threat to you" Hope saw a star tattoo on his neck, which even with his mask made him more sexy.
"Afraid? Never. I can handle her and why would you think she's a threat"
"Well you look like, the rich over spoiled girl, and she looks like a threat, and by that frown, I can see you worried"He said against her hair
What the fuck, Hope thought. Not once has anyone, any boy , a practical  stranger talk to her with such authority and tone of voice. How did he read her like and open book. Hope tensed, she knew she had a short temper but she always was calm and collected never showing the public her distress. Mr stranger noticed this and went over to her ear, His hot breath hitting Hope's ear and neck. Hope tensed again, she never felt like this before, she was the one that made guys tense not the other way around
"I'm sorry" That's all he said, and that calmed Hope. His voice soothed her, making her inner self purr in delight..

end of flashback
"Can you like stop mind- fucking my brother" Tess said smirking, snapping Hope out of her flashback. Hope realized how for that few minutes, how crazy she must have looked. Hope's breathing began to quicken, which made it clear to Tess and Jason.
"Uh, excuse me" Hope left the table and run  upstairs, stopping before she hit over Jemma's antique vase. Someone grabbed her shoulders making her tense.
"You nervous, I can see. Look I'm not a dick, I'm not gonna tell about what happened earlier" His breath hit her neck, she never turn around instead " I know you" Hope's voice was barely a whisper.
"What do you mean you know me" His chuckle was deep. Hope turned around and was a bit too close. She put her hand on Jason's cheek. Making Jason confused. She trailed her hand to his neck "This tattoo, you was at the Praize ball weren't you" Jason scanned Hope's face for something, but he couldn't put his finger around it.
"I danced with you, stranger. Why didn't you tell me" Hope's face hardened. Jason's face overcame with shock.
"So, you was the chick dressed like a sun" Jason said trying to keep his shock hidden.
"Don't act like you didn't know it was me" Hope moved away from him "You and your slut of a sister, probably was laughing your heads off, when my date dropped me.Did you feel pity for poor Hope" Hope spat, anger and confusion all mixed in one action, Hope slapping Jason. Jason lifted his hand to his cheek, smirking,
"Do you have to be more of a bitch, than you already are" Jason spat, anger overcoming his face
"In your world maybe people, behave inhuman, but princess I didn't know it was you until now. The day I met the real you was when you were  sucking on your boyfriend's face. You nothing like the girl I danced with" Jason walked out of the hallway leaving Hope dumbfounded.


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