Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Hope woke up to the sound of her phone "Hello" Hope groaned still pissed from earlier on. She was never known to have a breakdown ever, so she needed to be calm and collected today. No-way was she gonna submit to Tess Slutgummary.
"Hey sweety, Sorry I couldn't take your call"
"Pappi, I miss you, and it's so sad that this Tess girl is doing as she pleases" Wait till he hears this Hope thought "She brought some stranger home last night"
"Oh dear, Are you talking about Jason?" He asked amused at his daughters dramatic statement "I already told Tess, That I'm completely fine with her brother staying over: There's plenty room" Hope mentally cursed.
"Daddy, It's not about who he is, for all we know they could be con artists, who's tryna get our money" Mr Portabella laughed
"I always knew, you could pull off as an actress, but seriously. Welcome your sister and her brother it would make her happy. Now how was the ball, I would have loved to be there to see my beautiful girls" Hope huffed at his "Girls"
"It went worse than expected and if you would excuse me I have better things to do than talk to a father who won't listen" Before he could speak Hope hung up.
Hope had made Maria to run her daily soak, where she relieved her stress my a comforting massage. Hope changed into something, she'd normally wear and went down for breakfast Outfit. "Imbeciles" Hope muttered passing Jason's room. As she walked down the stairs she noticed Tess, Jason and Jemma were already seated and having a comfortable conversation, It was rude to start reading without everyone at the table, so they awaited her arrival. She knew she was behind schedule, but she thought that Tess and her rat would be more late than her. 
Jason turned his head, as he saw Hope coming down the stairs. *She even looked hot at breakfast* He thought. Hope cleared her throat making, everyone aware of her arrival and took her place at the massive table. Her usual which was low fat yoghourt and fruit was ready at her place. She didn't greet and began eating looking straight ahead at a the painting that stood on the wall.
"Someone seems to be very interested in art today" Jemma said noticing her rude behavior
"Well aren't you happy that I'm interested in something" Hope shot back her tone sour.
"Someone seems to have awoken on the wrong side of the bed hey!" Tess interrupted. Jason looked at his sister in a 'Really' way.
"The bed I'm sleeping in  actually belongs to me, the bed you sleeping on is for guests who have no where else to go" Hope was beginning to become annoyed.
"For all we know, that same bed must have held too many guys to count" Tess spat "I mean look at how you dressed at breakfast". This conversation was getting totally off topic, and plain sour which made Jason uncomfortable.
"Okay now, girls that's enough, apologize both of you" Jemma said amused at their feud.
"I don't owe her anything, she's basically living off us" Hope left the table and stormed to her room.
"Well, this was one entertaining breakfast" Said Jemma "Do, excuse me" with that she left the table to go to the office
"That was childish Tess, her sex-life has nothing to do with you" Jason's tone hardened
"Excuse, me for worrying about my dear sister getting ST I's  or worse aids" Tess put her hand on her chest in a 'I'm hurt' way.
"That was a new low even for you. You my baby sis, I don't want this lifestyle to change the sweet you" Jason said deep in thought, with that he left the table "I think I want to go for a swim, the pool is amazing" he called out after himself.
He made his way to the pool; the pool house that was before it was beyond huge, it looked like another mansion itself, the weather was perfect and after all this drama he needed to relax. He threw his t-shirt on one of the tanning chairs that lay beside the pool and Dived in. After his short swim Jason, walked into the pool 'mansion' and saw Hope shuffling through a cabinet. Hope sensed Jason's presence and shut  the cabinet and turned facing him , looking a bit uneasy. "So you stalking me too Mogummary" Her voice at edge.
"Don't flatter yourself princess, I came to dry off" He said getting a bit too close to her
"Is there a need for that?" Hope referring to his closeness.
"You can just tell me what you hiding behind your back" he stated bluntly
"I'd rather stick to the closeness" She said her lips inches away from his *I need to get his focus somewhere else* Hope thought "For a rat you sure have a hot bod" Hope trailed her hand down his pack. Jason yanked her hand up, making her their lips come into full contact. Hope kissed him, wanting more, way more. She bit his lip for entrance and he denied. Jason grinned into the kiss, at Hope's obvious eagerness. Hope obviously wouldn't go around kissing complete strangers, but this was different -very different. She felt such sexual tension with this complete stranger, but that didn't matter now, she needed to hide the main objective. Hope tugged at his  hair hard making him groan, she took this opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues danced and Jason trailed hot kisses down Hope's neck making her moan. Given this opportunity he grabbed what Hope was hiding, which made Hope gasp and be in shock. Jason had in his hand a brown paper bag.
"The art of seduction, baby I invented that trick"He whispered in Hope's ear before pulling away "What is Lil miss Hopey hiding in a paper bag"
Hope has never been played before neither has she let her guard down: certainly not for a guy, and here she was feeling hopeless. Her eyes was filled with panic. Jason opened the paper bag.
"No please don't, do that" Hope cried. But it was too late Jason scanned Hope's face with shock, in the paper bag lay another plastic filled with a white powder. He ripped open the plastic making Hope close her eyes with horror and he tasted the powder.
"So when the going gets rough, princess turns to cocaine" Jason said bluntly
"It's not what you think, please just gimme that back and we can forget about all of this" Hope searched his face, she knew if her father found out her reputation, her everything would be ruined.
"And why would I do that babe? After you constantly  treat my sister like a human dog" Jason turned is face not looking at Hope.
"I'll pay you, I give you anything, name your price it's yours" Jason was amused by her tone, she actually thought he wanted her filthy money.
"Aww now I see, Hopey is afraid that if dear daddy finds out, he'll throw you out, after all he has two of you  now, he'll take away his money and you'll be left with nothing". Hope got closer her body making contact with his and her lips inches away, hoping that this would work.
"Please" Hope's breath hit is face, his eyes scanned her lips then her eyes, this was the first time they made eye contact and it's something about her eyes that made Jason think it was awfully familiar. Her eyes was filled with sincerity and hope that he would leave this situation alone. Jason wondered whether there was a sincere side to this seductress. It's the way she looked at him, that made him soften. He stroked her cheek, making her close her eyes.
"Go" Was all he said and he clenched his jaw making Hope fear the beauty that stood before her.With that Hope left stumbling over a few things.

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