Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


11. Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Jason stumbled over something "Hush, you gonna wake up Jemma and 'Princess". Tess giggled showing Jason into the mansion. They spent the night in one of the elite clubs that caught Jason's eye. Throughout the night Jason flirted with so many girls, he got numbers from each one of the 'poor' girls.
"And we wouldn't want Mrs Bimbo and Miss Bimbo to wake up, now do we?" Jason stated, laughing at his dry joke. It was early morning, and the sun hadn't  risen as yet. "Jase I had a great time, I kinda thought you lost your touch. Anyway I need to check with Maria, If you room is ready, why don't you wander the house. PLEASE I BEG YOU, DON'T BREAK ANY OF THOSE ANTIQUE VASES YOU SEE" She emphasized, knowing how clumsy he could be. Jason smirked, it wouldn't harm If something was broken by 'accident', these people were rich. Jason wandered the house, he to0k in how massive the house was. He came to a flight of stairs, even the stairs looked grand. He came to a hall-way which looked never-ending. He heard giggling; must be Tess going insane. He looked to where it was coming from and saw a guy practically half-naked sucking a blonds face against the wall, he couldn't get a view of the blond, but what he saw made it obvious it was the bimbo, Tess ranted about. She was in some lingerie, that looked a bit too expensive, showing off all her assets, and if Tess didn't hate this girl so much he'd say she her body was a bit too hot. Jason watched on, making sure he wasn't seen. The guy whispered something into the bimbo's ear and before he said goodbye, she pulled him in for another kiss. "Jason, here you are gawd, I thought you destroyed something already" Tess whispered, she looked in the direction that Jason was staring towards and saw Hope and Brian making out by her father's office door. "I'm guessing that's Hope" Jason said scanning her body, he still couldn't see her face.
"Yep and she's about to get in a whole lot of shit" Tess walked towards them and Jason followed suit "Hope, this is a whole new low for you, having sex in the house, your mom is sleeping in" Tess snapped, catching Hope and Brian's attention. Brian cleared his throat
"I'll see you later Hope" He said making Hope turn towards Tess, finally having face to face contact. Nothing prepared Jason for what he was about to see... Hope turned and he saw the definition of gorgeous and hot all mixed in one.
"Don't forget this is my house" Hope said asserting her eyes to what caught her attention - Jason. "Don't play all innocent Tessy, you was probably planning on doing the same thing, with the rat you dragged in" Truth was Jason was far from a rat, he was a player, and every girls fantasy.
This 'Bimbo' was not what Jason was expecting, she was sexy, witty and very hot-headed. "This rat happens to be standing right her" He said grinning.
Hope took in his boyish features, sure he was hot, but if he was hanging out with Tess that's a no go zone.
"And this girl doesn't care. I'm really surprised Tess, that you bring in other people into a house where you don't even belong" Hope snapped not caring that she was in just her undies.
"Hope, I'm not planning on screwing my brother..." Tess said smirking, for she knew Hope's next reaction.
"Your what?" Hope laughed.
"My brother, we share the same mother, and JASON, will be staying here for a while till he goes back home"
"Uh No, since when do you have slumber rights, this isn't your house Tess, and I'm sure dear daddy won't agree to some stranger" Hope said amused with the thought.
It's the way Hope said stranger that caught Jason off guard.
"Well you will be very pleased to know that I've already called 'dear  daddy', you can ask him" She handed Hope her phone "He doesn't seem to have a problem, since after all he's tryna make me feel welcome" Hope dialed her father's number, but it went to his voice-mail.
"Pity, I guess you will have to phone later" Tess checked the time , it was 3 am in the morning. "Jason is taking one of the extra rooms in this hallway, so we better get to bed" Hope caught Jason eyes burning into her
"Well, at least keep your animal on a leash, Perv" Hope muttered before walking towards her room and slamming the door so hard that something could have broke.
"And that's how you get Hope Portabella pissed" Tess smirked beckoning her brother towards a room across Hope's. Maria said this room was the only room made up for you, so I guess, you will have to see the devil who wears Prada everyday" Tess giggled at her dry joke.
"Nah, sis, It's cool... she has nothing that I want" Jason said is voice stone cold referring to Hope's perv comment.
Jason lay on his bed shirtless, revealing a very toned six pack and wondered why he stared at her in that a hungry animal, he didn't even notice until Hope made that bitchy comment. "What a bitch" he muttered. Jason heard a couple things being thrown around in the room across from his. He smirked
"What a Bitch. Who does Tess think she is, walking into my house and inviting a perv to live under my roof" Hope muttered, throwing her glass lamp against the wall "Does she think she can get to me, Oh no I'm Hope Portabella, and Tess you gonna wish you was never born"

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