Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Tess saw Tina and Damon, hand in hand, laughing about something. This was so strange for Tess, weren't they supposed to be broken up?Just then Tess was tapped on the back. She turned around and practically screamed with delight
"Boo"she said hugging him
"You haven't changed much ey" he looked down at her.
"Gosh Jason I was looking everywhere for you. Don't tell me the girls are already after you" She giggled beckoning for him to sit down
"Well, what can I say Tessy I am after all the def of hot" Tess frowned at the name remembering Hope mocked her by calling her that. "What's wrong?"
"Uh, nothing just Hope calls me that"
"Well, the sooner I meet this bitch the better, No way in hell is she treating my Tess like crap. And we gonna teach Lil miss princess a lesson" Jason chuckled at the thought.
"It's not that easy Boo, She's good, like really good. Maybe even better than me"Tess said deep in thought
"Nah, I'm sure you way better, so stop doubting your charm and talent. How's the new family treating ya" He said
"Well, Jemma is okay, she's not like Hope though and my real dad, well He's great from what I've seen but he's always on  business trips ; So that gives Hope the right to do as she pleases but she doesn't know that Tess Mogummary as yet"Tess smirked.
"You know I miss you so much, I can  barely do anything for myself and here you are living the best life. I'm happy for you Tessy"He said kissing her cheek. "Any new boyfriends?" Jason said with his famous grin
"No, but I got my eye on someone" Tess said grinning
"You know I better get going, I still need to book my room at my hotel" Jason said rubbing the back of his neck
"What???, Oh no. You didn't think that you would be staying at some sleazy hotel after I invited you" Tess said amused "I already spoke to my dear daddy; how Hope would say it, and you staying with me"
"Tess, I can't do that. Living with your crazy sister and her mother, nah I pass"
"Jason, this way you can help me solve all of this, plus there's loads of room, I'm sure Hope won't get in your way nor mine" Tess smiled and side hugged her brother "Pweti please" she said in her best baby voice and puppy dog eyes.
"It's only because I love you and hate girls like miss brat, that I'll move in for a little bit"
"Boo, how much I love you. You won't regret this" She said pecking him on his cheek
"Why don't you we ditch this boring dump and head somewhere fun" He said grinning mischievously
"Thought you'd never ask"
Hope entered the mansion, leaving her mother and Tess still at the ball. She changed into some comfort clothes and went downstairs. Yay Hope thought "My chance to drink some of daddy's expensive scotch  and have the house to myself" Hope giggled and went over to pour herself some scotch "After one fucked up night I deserve this" She said downing the drink. The doorbell rang, Hope opened the door
"What the hell are you doing here" Hope said annoyed
"Hope, please let me come in and I'll explain"
"Whatever Brian, I've heard enough" Hope said letting him in.
"You honestly can't blame me for my dad getting sick" Brian said plopping himself on a nearby seat. Hope looked at him amused
"Do you honestly think I'm that heartless to do that. I know your dad is practically dead so it's cool" Hope giggled at her dry joke
"Gawd, why do you have to be such a bitch at times. This was a bad idea, I'll see you when you a bit sober" Brian said intensely walking to the door. Hope looked at him with confusion.
"No please don't leave me" Hope said pulling him towards her. Brian looked at her with confusion, normally Hope wouldn't even care if he slept with another girl but here she was begging him to stay.
"Why Hope?, I'm just tired of us, maybe we need a break" Hope scanned his face with pure shock and enveloped him in a hug before he could say anything else.
"I need you, please don't leave me" She whispered into his ears. This was probably the drink talking.
"Hope, I just can't do this anymore" Before he could say anymore Hope smashed her lips into his, Brian kissed back which was no surprise. Hope bit his lip asking for entrance and he let her in. "I miss this" He said his voice husky. Their tongues danced, and fought for dominance. Hope pulled Brian up to her room giggling all the way. As soon as they entered  He pushed her against the wall and his eyes were lustful "I want you now" He said grazing her neck.She let out a small moan.He was satisfied that he found her soft spot "You like that don't you?"
She lifted a leg up to his torso and grinded against him making him groan. By now Hope was only in her underwear and Brian in his shorts. Hope pushed him onto the bed and kissed him roughly... "Do what you want with me" She said licking his neck

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