Little Secrets

Queen Bee, Hope Portabella has it all. What happens when her life unravels and all she knows, was actually dirty little secrets


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Hope applied one more cote of clear lip-gloss before she left the house. She loved her life more each day and wouldn’t trade it for anything...maybe because she already had everything – a loving mother, a rich father and they both happen to still be married, great friends who follow her command (Tina, Vanessa and Kayla) a hot boyfriend (Brian), being totally gorgeous – Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect tan also being the only child which meant that she would soon be the heiress of all her daddy’s fortunes.
‘Bring the car around Billy, don’t want to be late for school,’ Hope said. Billy is about twenty and Hope is seventeen. Billy is very muscular and handsome which leads to Hope’s long as Brian and daddy don’t find out it’s all good. She walked towards the car, opened the door and sat down‘Hope your father wants to see you tomorrow when he gets back from his trip,’ Billy said from the driver seat.
‘Sure whatever,’ she said. The drive to Kennelly High was only a few minutes away. Hope stepped out of the car looking flawless with her new Gucci purse matched with striking red heels and a Lindsey Carmen top – One of the most respected and well known designers in Maplehurst– a town for the elite. Her friends were waving at her from the entrance.              
‘So tell me did you manage to organize gowns for this year’s masquerade ball as yet?’ Hope asked                                                                                          
‘I already have mine. I just need to find the perfect shoes,’ Vanessa said. Hope and Vanessa are kinda like besties. Vanessa is quite something on her own – Blond hair that has perfect locks, blue eyes, she even tried to make a play on Brian and Hope never found out.             
‘We didn’t even get the invitations as yet, but you’ll already have your dresses,’ Kayla said amused.
‘It’s a matter of time. Hope said the elite always get invited and in my vocabulary we are elite.’                                                                                            
‘What’s wrong Tina?’ Vanessa said ‘you’ve been really quiet,’                                                       
 ‘It’s just that I don’t have a date for the masquerade ball. Tina said sulking. After I broke up with Damon, I haven’t really put myself out there.’                                                                         
 ‘I’m sure we can find you a date,’ Kayla said sympathetically. ‘Any guy here at school would love to hook up with you.’
When Hope got home, Maria – her mother’s most loyal servant was making supper. ‘Miss Hope there is a letter for you. I left it in your room,’ Maria said. ‘Thanks Maria. I’ll be in my room,’ Hope said. She went up to her room knocking her heels out and dropping her new purse on her bed where the letter lay a beautiful envelop. It read:
Dear Miss Portabella
You have been invited to attend the annual masquerade ball. Your family have been attending this ball for many years so we trust that you won’t disappoint us by not attending. Please don’t forget that a suitable date is required for the annual Praize dance which is held every year as part of our tradition.

Hope put back the letter into the beautifully covered envelop and placed it onto her dresser which was carved with the finest wood. There suddenly was a knock at the door “Miss Hope, there is someone to see you downstairs.                                                                                         
“Uh thanks, Maria,” Hope said unenthusiastically, she knew exactly who it was and she knew he wouldn’t be too happy with her for ditching him after school.             
“Where have you been?” asked Brian pecking Hope on her cheek. “I thought you agreed to wait for me at football practice.’ he said looking all confused.                                                      
“I’m sorry; I had a thing with Vanessa,’’ she answered with the least bit of guilt in her voice.              
“I don’t even get a text from my girlfriend,’’ he sounded more sarcastic than hurt. The truth is that Hope has lost most of her interest in him. She knew about the pathetic affairs he had with her so called ‘bestie’ however, she didn’t care not like she was half innocent. She too had her fair share of fun.... staying with Brian was for status, nothing more.                                                                   
“Anyway did you get your invitation as yet?’ asked Hope completely changing the subject, “I was wondering which dress I should wear,’’ she said pulling him upstairs. She opened her closet and pulled out three gorgeous dresses. “So what do you think bout this one?’’ she laid an aqua dress on the bed resembling a peacock in many ways, “or maybe this one,” she laid a beautifully designed long, dark purple dress with black sequenced lace over it…. “Although this one is just sexy,” she laid a short red dress with gold sequence on the bed it would probably come before her knees. Brian put his hand on his chin thinking very hardly as if he was to make a presidential decision.                                                                       

‘Does it matter babe?’ he said sounding rather irritated ‘I’m sure all three will look great on that body.’ He said eyeing her physique from head to toe.
‘You can be such a dog at times,’ she said hitting him with a pillow ‘How did I end up with you?’                                                                                          
‘Yeah how did you?’ he said grabbing her by the waist. He began kissing her neck lightly.                             
‘What are you doing?’ she said trying not to let out a moan
‘Please stop Brian.’ She said catching her breath.                                                                                                                                             
‘Why must I?’ he said grinning in her neck

(Picture is Hope)            

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