Ghostly love

Jazzy is a girl who wakes up everyday wishing she wasn't here, suddenly her wish comes true. Death can create love, or will it be to hard and dangerous for Jazzy.


2. One Year Later.

Jazzy's POV

I turn 17 today. Happy Birthday me. Alex still abuses me. I wake up every morning wishing I could die. I am laying in bed singing quietly to myself when Alex barges in. "Happy Birthday!" He screamed. I wondered what he meant, he doesn't care about my birthday, he suddenly took out a gun from behind his back. He pulled the trigger. BANG! Everything was dark. After a while I saw light, I was in a weird room, with silver drawers, I was on a bed. I got up and turned around to be facing myself laying there lifelessly. I was pale, with a bullet wound in my head. I heard the door open. And walked in Becky, Miki, Sarah and Angel, than followed Becky's twin sisters, Ebony and Elana. "OH MY GOD!" Becky screamed and fell to the floor, she was taken out.

Should I update, comment what you think, Thanks!!!


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