Ghostly love

Jazzy is a girl who wakes up everyday wishing she wasn't here, suddenly her wish comes true. Death can create love, or will it be to hard and dangerous for Jazzy.


4. Mom?

Jazzy's POV

I turned to see who said my name and standing there was my mother. "M-mom?" I asked. "Jazzy, it has been so long. I've missed you, what happened?" She asked with worry. "A-alex, my ex abusive boyfriend. He has abused me since I was 16, than the other day when I turned 17, he killed me, I just left where I woke up and Becky, Miki, Sarah, Angel and Becky's younger twin sisters were there. I miss them. I've missed you so much mom!" I said and started to cry. She hugged me. "It will be ok. There is away to go back to how you were before, but only your true love can do that." I sniffled and wiped away tears. "What do you mean?" "Well, you aren't really dead nor alive. You see, there is someone who will fall in love with you. That's what happens to people like you, they find true love than they come back as a human and live your life again. Meaning you will find your love." "How will I know when my 'one' and I meet, he cant see me!" "That's the thing, only he can see you, as well as others who have passed on, after you are ready to turn human again more people will see you." "Oh ok, know I get it." I said a little happier. "Anyway darling, I have to go, but don't worry, we will meet again. I love you Jazzy." "I love you too mom." I smiled and with that she left.

*2 years later*

Well I have gotten use to being what I am, a ghost. I haven't meet the one who is suppose to fall in love. Everyday since the day I meet my mom (which was the first and last in 5 years) 2 years ago, I sit on a park bench at this park in the middle of the city, I have a memorial garden there, I see my friends go there whenever they have time, we are all 19 now, so obviously they have something else to do. Again today I'm sitting on the park bench, waiting for the 'one' which properly wont be coming.










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