Ghostly love

Jazzy is a girl who wakes up everyday wishing she wasn't here, suddenly her wish comes true. Death can create love, or will it be to hard and dangerous for Jazzy.


5. Meeting the 'One'

Today is the anniversary of my death and Becky, Miki, Sarah and Angel are there. I was standing next to them listening to them, I know it's wrong to eavesdrop but it really isn't if your a ghost like me no one knows. "I miss Jazzy." Becky said. "We all do." Miki said to Becky. "There was nothing we could do, although if we knew what Alex was doing, Jazzy would be here!" Sarah said crying. All of them sat on the ground crying. After 20 minutes of crying Angel changed the subject  "One Direction is coming here." She said. "Really?" Becky asked with a smile. It has been ages since I have seen them smile  . "Yeah, they are staying at the hotel we are staying at." Angel said once again. "I want to meet Niall." Miki said. "I want to me Liam." Said Sarah. "LOUIS!" Angel shouted and the girls laughed, so did I, oh Angel. "Sex god bunny producer Zaynie" Becky laughed. Oh my gosh I love these girls. "Who would have Harry?" Angel asked. "JAZZY!" They yelled. Hahaha Oh my god, I'm not with them. "Anyway we should go back to the hotel." Miki said. "Yeah." The others agreed. I decided to go with them, to see if I can see who One Direction is. When we got to the hotel we walked down the hall , a guy came out of a room and bumped me. WHAT!?!?!  "Oh I am so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." He said. "You see me?" I asked. "Of course how can I not see you, your right there. By the way I'm Harry. Harry Styles, from One Direction." "Hi Harry, um I'm Jazzy." "Nice to meet you Jazzy." "Harry Styles?" Harry and I looked and saw Becky, Miki, Angel and Sarah standing there mouths open, must be of Harry, they love One Direction. "Hi." He said and smiled, wow that's one cute smile. oh those dimples, brown curly hair and green eyes. Wait if he sees me, hes my 'one'. "What did you say before? You know that name?" "Oh I said nice to meet you Jazzy." He said with curiosity in his eyes. The girls all gasped. "Where did she go?" "What do you mean she's right here he said pointing to me." "Theres no one there." Becky said with tears in her eyes. "What did I do?" He asked. "Jazzy is the name of our friend that passed away 2 years ago from her ex abusive boyfriend." Harry stared at me. "How come they cant see you?" He asked. "Because who they are talking about is me." I replied. "Than how can I see you and they cant?" "Well my mom told me the only human who can see me is my true love who can turn me human again so I am not a ghost." I said. "No no, I'm dreaming." Ok than bye. I didn't say anything I left, as in disappear. I can do that I don't know why. Guess he doesn't believe me. I am never going to turn human again. I started to cry, cry? Ghosts cant cry. Whats happening to me?


Comment what you think. BTW if you like this check out my other movellas, Love in the Darkness, Head over Heels for One Direction and my One Direction Imagines/Preferences.


<3 Jazzy

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