Ghostly love

Jazzy is a girl who wakes up everyday wishing she wasn't here, suddenly her wish comes true. Death can create love, or will it be to hard and dangerous for Jazzy.


3. I'm Dead?

"BECKY!" I screamed. Nothing. "MIKI, ANGEL, SARAH, EB, ELANA. WHY CANT YOU HEAR ME!!" I screamed with tears flowing from my eyes. "What happened to her?" Angel asked with tears falling from her eyes. "She was shot by her abusive boyfriend, Alex Carmichael." The doctor said. The girls walked over to me and Elana walked through me, than she shivered and said "What was that?" "What's what?" Ebony asked. "I felt something funny." "Don't worry about it. We are here because Jazzy is dead, we don't care if you felt something funny Elana!" Ebony said sternly crying. Elana brushed it off. Becky came back in. "She was shot by Alex." Miki cried. "I cant believe it." Becky said with tears falling. "I'm sorry I'm going to have to ask you to leave, there's someone coming to get Jazzy ready for an autopsy. "NOOOO!!! JAZZY WAKE UP!!!" Sarah finally screamed shaking my lifeless body. tears falling onto my pale face. "Miss I'm sorry she's gone and you have to leave. I apologize."  They left. I left too and started to walk on a path way and I heard a familiar voice. "Jazzy?" I turned around and saw.......

Should I update? BTW who do you think it is talking to Jazzy, comment what you think, thnx for reading! :)

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