Love Dangerous Love

*One Direction Not Famous*

Angel is a vampire Princess looking for her Prince. She is a very nice and lovely Princess. Visiting the village everyday. Helping the poor. But she also has the find the one she loves. But it all ends up the same. No one is her match.

Harry Styles is a noble vampire. Living in the poor side of the village. He is living in a house with his father, sick mother and older sister. Harry is working three jobs to keep the family alive.

When Angel and Harry meet. Sparks fly. Angel wants to get to know Harry. To see if he's the one. But there is one rule of the vampire kingdom. No royal member must not marry a poor vampire. Will Angel break the rule and marry the boy she truly loves? Read more and find out.

Story of Romance, Heartbreak, Loss, Friendship and Trust


3. Chapter 3

Angel and Harry went there separate ways. Angel got back to the castle. Before she got inside she pulled all the grass out of her hair and walked inside the castle doors.

"I'm back mother and father" Angel said and walked to her room, opening her door and sitting down at her desk.

Angel grabbed her journal. She also grabbed a pink pen and started to write. A knock came at her door.

"Yeah" She answered.

Bruce the butler walked in. "Princess you have a visitor."

Angel nodded. "Bring the person in Bruce" Angel said facing him.

Bruce nodded. He stepped outside for a bit. "You may come in. Not to long though" Bruce said to someone.

I than saw Gemma walk in. I put my pen down.

"Bruce leave us please" Angel said.

Bruce nodded and left closing my bedroom door. Angel closed her journal.

"How are you Gemma?" Angel asked offering her to sit down.

Gemma grabbed a seat and sat down. "You healed my mother yesterday" Gemma said.

Angel nodded. Gemma looked at Angel concerned.

"Princess, my mother had the black plague. i have a feeling that more people are going to get it. The poorer side moresay" Gemma said.

Angel nodded understanding Gemma. "Okay thanks for letting me know, I will inform the doctors as soon as I can" Angel said standing up.

Gemma nodded and did the same. Angel showed her out of the castle.

"Goodbye Princess" Gemma said curtsying.

"Goodbye Gemma" Angel said with a massive smile on her face. She opened the castle doors.

Gemma smiled and left. Angel shut the doors and coughed. She walked back into her room. Writing in her journal again. On her desk. Coughing a few times


Harry was walking around the hut getting everything he needed to make dinner. Harry loved to cook. Since he worked in a bakery but he cooks dinner for the family a lot. He has said he wants to be a chef. Harry was also humming along to some songs. Harry can sing too. But no one knows apart his mum. Gemma walked in. Harry was so confused as to where she had been for the last 2 hours.

"Where were you?" Robin asked walking into the small kitchen.

"Out" Gemma answered. Walking away.

Robin sighed. He looked at Harry and walked off. He sat next to Anne. All of a sudden the bell of the castle rang. Everyone ran out of their huts to see what had happened. Or what is wrong. About 10 minutes later. Groups of 20 guards walked up to everyone.

"The Princess is sick" Guards said.

The whole village gasped. But Harry was standing there heartbroken. Did he course this? Did he make Angel get sick? Gemma, Robin and Anne where shocked as well. Gemma hugged Harry.

"Everyone is in guarantee until further notice. No one is allowed to leave the village. Only to get food and that's it nothing else" The guards said.

Harry was almost in tears. But he couldn't let the guards see. So he closed his eyes quickly and re-opened them to see the guards walking off. Harry looked at his parents and sister. Once the guards had walked off. Everyone went back into their huts. Harry sat on the ground.

"It's my fault" He said crying

Anne sat next to him. "No it wasn't sweetie" Anne said hugging Harry.

Harry hugged his mother back.




The next day Harry sneaked into the castle. How he did it. Well he would hide behind every bush. He sneaked behind the guards and climbed the wall to Angel's room. Once Harry got to the window. He saw Angel lying peacefully onto the bed. Harry climbed through the window and quietly walked up to Angel's bed.

He flinched as he touched Angel's hand. Her hand was cold as ice. He than knew it wasn't what his mother had. Harry heard people talking and getting closer. He looked around to see if there was any place to hide.

"Doc she isn't getting better. I am worried" The queen said.

Harry had to think and fast. He snuck under the bed and heard the door open. He watched everything.

"Well my lady we have to do a few tests so we can find out what is wrong" A man said.

Probably a doctor. Harry could see the bed drop. So he knew the doctor/man had sat down.

"Her breathing is okay. She's really cold though. But I think she is just sick. But we will run some tests just to make double sure" The doctor said.

"Thank you so much Doc" The queen said.

Harry watched as the queen and doctor left the room. He smiled and got out from underneath the bed. He than grabbed Angel's cold hand and kissed her forehead.

"I love you" Harry whispered and pressed his lips onto hers.

The door opened. There stood the queen and king shocked.


Harry pulled back fast. He knew now he was going to be doomed. But when he thought it was all over. Angel started to cough. She opened her eyes to see a scared looking Harry. Harry smiled and hugged Angel.

"When I heard you were sick my heart shattered. I can't lose you" Harry whispered.

Angel smiled and hugged back. Harry and Angel pulled away.

"Who are you? How did you get past the guards?" The King asked.

"I am Harry. Harry Styles. I sneaked in. Not hard to get past the guards my lord" Harry said and kissed Angel's forehead.

Harry helped Angel up. They hugged.

"I think our daughter found her prince" The queen said.

"Yes. Yes she has" The king said agreeing for once with the queen.

Harry and Angel pulled back.

The king walked up. "Nice to meet you Harry. I am Derek and this is my wife Annalise" The king said.

"Nice to meet you sir" Harry said bowing.

The king smiled. Later that day Harry and Angel were walking through the village. They got to Harry's hut. Anne, Robin and Gemma smiled.

"Your okay" Anne said.

Angel nodded. "Thanks to Harry I am" Angel said.

Harry smiled.

"Come eat with us" Anne said.

"I shouldn't" Angel said.

"It's fine. Harry makes food for 10 of us. Come and eat" Anne said.

Angel looked at Harry who was nodding and smiling.

"Okay" Angel said.

Angel sat down with the Styles family and started to have dinner with them. They were talking and eating.

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