Love Dangerous Love

*One Direction Not Famous*

Angel is a vampire Princess looking for her Prince. She is a very nice and lovely Princess. Visiting the village everyday. Helping the poor. But she also has the find the one she loves. But it all ends up the same. No one is her match.

Harry Styles is a noble vampire. Living in the poor side of the village. He is living in a house with his father, sick mother and older sister. Harry is working three jobs to keep the family alive.

When Angel and Harry meet. Sparks fly. Angel wants to get to know Harry. To see if he's the one. But there is one rule of the vampire kingdom. No royal member must not marry a poor vampire. Will Angel break the rule and marry the boy she truly loves? Read more and find out.

Story of Romance, Heartbreak, Loss, Friendship and Trust


2. Chapter 2

The next day Angel woke up. She saw roses on the side of her bed. She was so confused as to who got them for her. She looked at the note.

'Beautiful Princess,
Thank you again. Meet me in the village at 7pm tonight. I need to tell you something

Angel smiled and placed the note in her draw. She put on her clothes for today and headed down into the kitchen.

"Princess I was just about to bring your food up to you" Lisa said. Lisa is the chef of the palace. She is amazing.

"No its fine Lisa" Angel said sitting down.

"Someones happy. Do tell?" Lisa asked.

"I think I found the boy that I like" Angel said.

Lisa smiled. Angel smiled back. Lisa gave Angel her breakfast on her tray. Nathan and Samantha walked down.

"I heard you didn't want to forgive mother and father" Nathan said.

"Shut up" Angel said. Angel ate her breakfast. Once she was done she headed out to the village again. She got to her favourite meadow and sat down among the flowers. Looking at the sun.

"Princess" Harry said.

Angel turned and saw Harry standing there. He had flowers in his hand. Harry walked up and sat next to Angel.

"You love picking flowers don't you" Angel said.

"There for my mother. She's getting better" Harry said.

Angel smiled. "That's good. You know I have never ever done that before" Angel said laying back.

Harry smiled. "Well you did a good job" Harry said.

Angel chuckled. "Thanks" She said.

Harry laid back next to Angel. Harry held Angel's hand and kissed it.

"You know the flowers I sent you?" Harry asked.

Angel nodded. "Yeah" Angel said.

"Can I tell you now?" Harry asked.

"Sure" Angel said looking at Harry.

"I have a crush on you too" Harry said.

"Really" Angel said.

Harry nodded and smiled. He looked at Angel. 

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