Love Dangerous Love

*One Direction Not Famous*

Angel is a vampire Princess looking for her Prince. She is a very nice and lovely Princess. Visiting the village everyday. Helping the poor. But she also has the find the one she loves. But it all ends up the same. No one is her match.

Harry Styles is a noble vampire. Living in the poor side of the village. He is living in a house with his father, sick mother and older sister. Harry is working three jobs to keep the family alive.

When Angel and Harry meet. Sparks fly. Angel wants to get to know Harry. To see if he's the one. But there is one rule of the vampire kingdom. No royal member must not marry a poor vampire. Will Angel break the rule and marry the boy she truly loves? Read more and find out.

Story of Romance, Heartbreak, Loss, Friendship and Trust


1. Chapter 1


Angel Smith:

Hey guys it's me Angel here. Here is a short Bio of myself before I get onto my profile. I am the princess of the vampire royal family. I am friends with almost everyone in the village and inside the castle. But I am also searching for the man I love. I if I don't find him in 30 days. I have to marry a man I don't know and he can take control over me. And I do not want there. Now to my profile.

Name: Angel Hannah Smith
Age: 17
Friends: Almost everyone in the village
Best Friends: Jade Thrilwall, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik
Family: Annalise (Mother), Derek (Father), Nathan (Brother, 23) and Samantha (Nathan's wife, 22)
Looks: Long brown curly, Purple eyes, 5'8 and a tattoo with my parents names
Power(s): Healing, Visions, Death, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Strength, Speed and Super Hearing
Favourite Colour: Pink
Likes: Dancing, Singing, making friends, visiting the village, writing in my journal, drawing, playing piano, guitar and being myself around others
Dislikes: Evil vampires, Hunters and Werewolves


Harry Styles:

Hey guys its me Harry. Before I get onto my profile. I want to tell you a little about myself. I'm Harry. My family is very poor. I am working three jobs just to keep the money coming in. My jobs are working for the baker, picking fruits and baking for any special royal events. My mother is very sick. No one will help us. No one in the village will. They say its a vampires curse. But I don't believe that. Mother was so nice to everyone and now they've turned there backs on us. I have a small crush on the princess. She is so lovely and nice. She always comes around to give us bread. It's too bad she can't date me. Anyway not to my profile.

Name: Harry Edward Styles
Age: 18
Friends: None really. Maybe the princess
Best Friends: Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Josh Devine
Family: Anne (Mother), Robin (Step Father) and Gemma (Sister, 21)

Looks: Chocolate brown curls, Emerald Green eyes and 5'10
Power(s): Fire, Ice, Inflicting pain on others, Strength, Speed, Super Hearing and Rapid healing
Favourite Colour(s): Orange and Blue
Likes: Singing, being silly, making friends, playing guitar, cooking and being naked
Dislikes: Mean people, Rich bastards who think they can trash everything, Evil Vampires, Werewolves and Hunters.




Angel walked through the village carrying her basket. She would always visit the village and buy things. For the poor and homeless. Everyone called her the gifted vampire. She loved every single vampire who lived here. Poor, Rich, Young and Old. But she has to find the boy she loves or her parents will force her to marry at the age of 21 to a guy she doesn't know.

"Here you go sir" Angel said giving a homeless child some bread for him and his family. She kneeled down to the little boy. "Now remember to share little one" She said and ruffled his head, standing up and walked off.

Angel brought different things from every stand. Jewelry  food, clothing, baskets and flowers. She would also got to the other side of the village. That's where the poor lived. She felt so sorry for them. Knowing that people can hurt them. She hated it. She wanted everyone to live together. Once she got into the poor area. Everyone smiled and gathered around. Mainly the little ones.

"There is enough for each and everyone of you and your family" Angel said.

She would always bring smiles to the little kids faces. She was always happy. So it made everyone else happy. If little ones hurt themselves she was there helping.

"Can you little ones help me. I can't deliver all these breads by myself?" Angel asked sweetly.

The little ones nodded. They all walked off together. Angel would point and a little one would take it down to the small hut. Once the bread got around to every family. A young boy around Angel's age walked up. He looked upset and helpless. Angel knew something wasn't right. The young boy looked up. They both smiled.

"How can I help you?" Angel asked.

"My mother is very sick. No one in the village will help" The boy said.

Angel nodded and followed the boy do to his hut. Once they got to the boys house. She walked in. This hut was smaller than the others. Angel saw a lady in her vampire 40's laying on the ground. Weak. She had pale skin, black under her eyes, she was sweating and mumbling. Angel couldn't believe what she has seen. But she had to help. 

"Harry my son. Are you sure the princess can help?" A man asked walking out of the bathroom.

"Yes father. No one else wants to. I know the princess can" Harry the young boy said.

His father nodded and walked up to Angel, kneeling in front of her.

"My lady I am Robin. Father of this house. My wife Anne is very sick. My daughter Gemma and Son Harry has tried everything. Would you please help us?" Robin asked kissing the princess' hand.

"Sir I do not need to be kneeled down before. I would love to help you and your lovely family. But first please tell me how she got sick?" Angel asked standing the man up.

Robin nodded. "We don't really know princess. One day she just go very sick. We thought she ate something vampires can't. But she is getting worse every day" Robin said.

Angel nodded and walked up and sat on her knees in front of the beautiful woman. Angel placed her hands over Anne's body. A light appeared and Angel started to heal. Once she finished. The beautiful woman opened her eyes.

"Mother" Harry said.

A young girl walked in. "Mother your awake" She said.

Anne looked up at the princess. "Thank you so much princess. But why help someone like us" Anne said.

"It's what I do. I help anyone I can" Angel said.

Angel stood up. Harry hugged her. 

"Thank you so much princess" Harry said.

"No problem Harry" Angel said hugging back.

Harry and Angel pulled back.

"Visit soon Princess" Harry said.

"I might" Angel said smiling.

They said there goodbyes. The princess left their hut and walked back to the castle. Once inside. Her parents looked at her.

"Where have you been?" Her mother asked. Looking not so happy.

"I was helping a family" Angel said back as nice as she could. Her parents hate her helping the village.

"The village people are stupid" Nathan said.

Angel rolled her eyes. "At least I care for them. We are just like them. You guys no nothing about them" Angel snapped and walked to her bedroom. Closing her door.

"Psst Princess" She heard from somewhere.

Angel looked every where and couldn't find anyone. She looked out her window and saw Harry.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

Harry smiled and held up a rose. "Thanking you again. We tried everything and nothing worked" Harry whispered.

Angel heard talking outside her window. "You have to go. If my parents catch you. You will be killed" Angel said hurting from every word. 

"Princess are you crying?" Harry asked.

Angel nodded. Harry left his spot in a flash.

"Hey" Harry said.

Angel jumped and turned. To see a smiling Harry standing there. Harry raised his hand and wiped off Angel's tears.

"Why would you cry over someone as little as me?" Harry asked looking deep into Angel's eyes. Looking for an answer. That couldn't be found.

"I think I am in love with you. I'm not even kidding" Angel smiled.

"We have to check on her. We did make her pretty upset" The queen said.

"Hide. Go into my closet and hide" Angel whispered and showed Harry.

Harry nodded and stepped in. Angel closed the door. She ran to her desk and started to write. A knock came onto her door.

"Yes" Angel answered with all honesty.

"Can we come in?" Her parents asked.

"Of course" Angel said still writing. 

Her door opened and closed again. "Sweetie we are so sorry" Her father said sitting on a chair.

Angel dropped her pen and looked at her parents. "You think I can just forgive you" Angel whispered.

"Well no. But we are truly sorry. For what we said. We just want to keep you safe" Her mother said sitting down and brushing Angel's hair.

"I can look after myself" Angel said stopping her mother from brushing.

"You don't know who's in the village sweetie" Her mother said.

"Yes I do. Nice and friendly people. Kids. Parents. Old ladies and men" Angel said standing up and opening her door.

"Look Angel we just want the best for you" The king said.

"Father and Mother. I have been going down to the village ever since I was ten. So for 7 years I have done what I am doing now. Now if you will excuse me I need to get ready for bed. It's late and I have an early start in the morning" Angel said.

Her parents nodded and walked out. Angel closed the door and locked it. Harry stepped out of the closet. He walked up to Angel and kissed her forehead.

"I will see you tomorrow" He whispered and disappeared vampire speed.

Angel smiled and got ready for bed.


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