Love Songs

Do you know what it feels like to know all the songs he sings are for you?


3. Was It Love

 -- Continuing Convo from last chapter --

"I know, I know. We both did things we aren't proud of today, but you know what, we loved each other enough to not question it, at least at that time. Don't you, don't you remember the love that we had?" Zayn said.

"It wasn't love Zayn," I shouted "We were both young, and stupid and we hadn't experienced much, so what we had, well whatever it was we both thought it was something special, but it was nothing. It was just a typical summer thing and that's all it was." I tried to be strong but my voice started to crack, and got all high pitched. god.

"Oh. Well least I remember that's not what you said back then. I've been looking for you, Jessica. I've tried being with other girls, but it's not the same, you're different and I was, and I still am completely in love with you and I would do anything to have you. You can't just give up on us for just one mistake, can you?" 

god dammit. why was I crying at this point. I tried to rely but if I did my voice would sound all weird and I'd just tear up more, so there was basically no point. 

but does he really still care for me? 

"You're crying because you feel the same way about me, admit it Jessica, there's no use hiding it. Now that I've found you I'm not letting you go."

"YES, OKAY YES I STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU." there it was, I'd just blurted it out.

"But we can't be together. Zayn, it's been five years, you've changed, I've changed. If we get back together, you'll find yourself with a totally different person than the one you were with before. I'm not what I used to be, I was 17, I've matured. And if we get back together we'll do things that we'll regret in the future, I already regret a bunch of things and I could not possibly add to the list of them."

"But we do stupid things, we did stupid things and that's what made us different Jessica. Please, please give me another chance, I'll prove myself to you and you won't regret it."

"No but, you're famous now—"

"No Jessica, please, just this once."

well here I was hoping this wouldn't be a long conversation and what had it come to now. I do still have feelings for him but it won't be the same.

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