Love Songs

Do you know what it feels like to know all the songs he sings are for you?


2. The Reason Why

Jessica's POV:

It was a long walk home and I regretted getting out of the car.
Luckily after standing the boring walk home I had a party to attend, I ran to my from and pulled out a short black dress and converse and had my lunch.

Just before leaving I gave my face the final puff of make-up, and then got in to the car, this time my own car. It was a long drive to the party, and I didn't know what to expect.

I got out of my car to see a huge house with about a hundred cars parked along the driveway, I got out hoping the party was casual.

As I walked into the house I smelled the horrible smell of alcohol, which I had promised not to drink since 2010. Walking deeper into the house I could not seem to place any similar faces, everyone looked different, I got to the dance floor and sat on a nearby chair, still trying to find Ally, who I had gotten into a fight with.

I sat for 10 minutes, I was sweating so bad since the room was crowded, I saw people making out and doing other things which I don't want to get into detail about.

"Hey, are you alone here?" I heard a familiar voice say, but I could not see his face since the disco lights had blinded me.

"Um, yeah, but I really have no plans of dancing." I replied, I did not want to get into a mess. My eyes were still searching for Ally.

"Oh come on." He said, and grabbed me by my wrist into the dance floor, I resisted but his hands were so strong and his deep voice attracted me, I wanted to dance.

We got onto the dance floor, and he started grinding into me. I still had no idea about who this guy was or what he looked like, I always thought grinding was stupid, but admittedly it was fun.

We carried on for 3 minutes and I was starting to get the affect of the party, he grabbed me to the bar and without asking got me a glass of wine.

"I'm, is sorry, I don't drink." I say.

"So you like to play it save, huh?" He replies, my mind flashes since I feel like I've heard this voice before. "Just try it, please."

"Trust me I have, and I've gotten into pretty rough things, I don't want to ruin this night."

He sighed.

My head was hurting because of the lights and the loud music.

He soon grabbed me into a corner, and without warning crashed his lips into mine.
I tried to pull away but I couldn't, the feeling of finding an old friend struck me. I had felt this taste before, I had kissed the same lips before, but I couldn't remember.

We kissed for 5 seconds until he tried to put in his tongue, I couldn't do this. I barely knew this guy, even though it might have felt like so much more.
I pulled away leaving an unexpected look on his face.

"Can we go outside?" I asked, hoping for a yes. 

"Um, yea sure." He replied.

We got outside, and it was twilight.

I looked at him, while he was surprisingly staring at me. oh my god.
I'd now realized who this was, I can't believe I couldn't recognize that voice, that touch. And specially the way he felt me.

I quickly pulled our hands away and approached for my car, but what made me turn around was the fact that I was being followed.

I knew who this was. I knew. It was, I can't believe this, Zayn?

"Jessica?" He asked grabbing my shoulders which made me stop.

I turned around hoping this wouldn't be a long conversation.

"Yes, it's Jessica. What are you doing here?" I replied rolling my eyes.

"Jessica, where were for the past 5 years, I remember getting back into the hotel room and not seeing you there. I walked out, and ran place to place looking for you, where did you go? Who took you away?" 

"Zayn, nobody took me away. I went away." I replied

"What?.." he said "So you just left me, after all we had been through?"

"I only left you because of all we had been through, you were the reason I did things that I am not proud of, and you're the reason why I did it before I planned to."


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