Love Songs

Do you know what it feels like to know all the songs he sings are for you?


1. Mistakes

"'Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over-"
I put the radio down instantly, frowning like whenever.
"You can't just keep on doing that, they're famous now and they're gonna be all over the place, you can't avoid them." said Ally
"I'm not avoiding all of them, I just avoiding zayn, and I'm sure he doesn't even know or remember anything anymore." I reply
"No wonder he wrote a song about you, right?"
"Stop it maybe? You don't have to bother me all the time."
"You were in love and he treated you right, you deserve him, trust me."
"I deserve him? Really? He was only into my body honestly, I've told you. He acted different outside our bedroom, and he was completely different when nobody else was around."
"Yea, he was the one who pretended. You were the one who told him to "Rock Me." Right?"
"I was drunk that time, it was in 2009 I wasn't even in my senses."

I didn't even want to carry on the conversation, I've got a short temper and pretty soon I would explode.

"You know you guys only broke up because you—"
"Pull over. Now."
"Jessica, you know I didn't mean it that way."
"We'll you know I mean it that way, now seriously I'll walk home if I have to."

I got out of he car leaving Ally, and began to walk down the street. Was it really my fault though? Yeah we only broke up because I went overboard with drinks and we ended up in a hotel room all-, well that's not the point.

( I'm not sure if I should carry this on or not so I would appreciate comments tbh x}

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