Dream Girl

Andrew Harrison was always the player at school, girl after girl not caring about their feelings or how bad he hurt them. Everything is just a game to him and girls are the toys. Until one day he gets hit by a car and ends up in a coma. He finds himself in another universe. He falls in love with a girl, but what happens when she treats him like he's just a toy and she's the player?


2. Four States and One Country

I watched the girl as she disappeared in front of me. I sighed and looked at Jessica "See what you did" I said in a mad and annoyed way. Jessica just walked away crying, I didn't feel bad at all. I walked on the sidewalk, and looked at the cars going by. I sighed and stopped and looked at the cross guard. The light turned red and all the cars came to a stop, everyone started to pass, that's when a soccer ball came over to me I walked in the road and picked it up. I looked at the boy who was waiting for me to walk across and give it back. I turned and saw a car coming straight ahead. I stared at it not knowing what to do. I then felt like I was being smashed into a million pieces. I couldn't see, talk, or move.


I felt my head hit something, which made me open up my eyes. I was happy at that I could see again. I looked around thinking that Michael would be next to me laughing and Jessica would be asking me out, but total opposite. I was laying on the ground with complete strangers looking at me. They were somehow different from the people I had seen before. "What is it?" I heard a little boy say to, I think might be his mom. I looked at the boy he had purple hair, and was wearing a blue and red stripped shirt, red and yellow shorts with red shoes. I stared at him thinking why would he wear such a thing. I looked around thinking nobody else would be wearing something so stupid. 


I saw multiple of colours, red, pink, red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and much more. I was shocked and surprised, I had no idea where I was and these people were dressed all weird and none of them had faces, which made me wonder why some of them were talking. I stood up and and heard someone say "It's him" I was confused, another person said "No, no it couldn't be him." I was so confused, I then heard giggles upon giggles. I looked down and saw a flower wrapping around my foot, I quickly kicked it off and moved back, I felt more and more leaves and flowers crawling on me. I kicked and shoved them off, basically scared to death, thinking that they could kill me. 


Then a young man, around my age maybe which was 18, he said "So you've finally come, I've waited for a very long time and so did my sister." I looked at him, he had a face, a good looking one to, he was dressed almost like I was black skinny jeans, and a black shirt, with chains on his pants. We were almost the same so I became happy, thinking that he was also in the same position as me. I ran over to him and said "Thank god, I've been looking for you everywhere." He looked at me a smiled and said "Come on, I'll show you around out.....happy place." His smile started to seem fake when he said that, but I just ignored it and nodded my head.


We both were walking through a forest, the big brown trees, beautiful flowers, I liked the flowers especially since they didn't crawl on me. I then said "Why didn't those people have faces?" The young man then said "Oh, um, think of it as a movie, people with faces and don't dress like are the main characters, and people with no face and dress like that are extras." I nodded my head and said "So why are they dressed differently from us and each other?" "It depends on where they come from. There're four parts of this.....country?" I looked at him and said "Country?" He nodded his head and said "I'll tell you them as we get to each of them, right now we're on the outfield of the country, basically the only people who live here are faceless people who have no name or ruler and just were put here for no reason." He said with a smile on his face.


Once we got out of the forest, I looked up and saw a huge buildings with rainbows and pop colours and just everything was so bright and seemed so happy. A man came over to us, he had a face. "Miller! I haven't seen you since you were maybe 6 where's that cute little sister of yours?" Miller I thought, his name was miller? The young man then said "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you I'm Miller, nice to meet you Andrew." I nodded my head. Miller then looked at the man and said rudely "Well my sister doesn't want to see you, and honestly neither do I, I'm just showing Andrew around." The man then said "Hey, come on, I thought we were over what happened." Miller just ignored him. 


I looked at the man, he had bright blue eyes, tall, brown hair, and he was wearing, bright neon pants and a yellow shirt that was probably brighter then the sun. I then said "Um, I'm Andrew 18." "Oh Jason 21, nice to meet you." The man said. Miller then said "Well, onto the next state." Jason then said "Come on, you didn't even tell him my state or showed him around my awesome candy land." I looked at Miller who looked really pissed off and heated so I said "Um, I don't have to look around if you don't want me to." Miller looked at me and then back at Jason and said "Fine, show him around you have 15 minutes." Jason laughed and clapped his hands. He then put his arm around my shoulder and said "Follow me." 


We walked into the building, as soon as I got inside it was just as bright as it was outside. I looked around and saw a little girl looking down crying she was about 6 or 8. I walked over t her and said "What's wrong?" She looked up at me with tears flowing down her eyes and said "I'm.....going to........be-" She choked and continued "Face....less." I froze in shock and said "Faceless, but how?" She said "All children are born with faces but, if you have faceless parents, you become faceless at the age of 10." I was about to saw something when Jason pulled me down the hall, as I was being dragged I looked back at the little girl, feeling bad for the first time in my life. 


Jason then said "We only have 7 minutes left, come on." He took me into his room it was filled with pictures and colourful bright things, I looked in his closet not only were his clothes bright but so was the closet, bathroom, toilet, shower, chair, everything. "What state is this?" I asked while still looking around. Jason said "Rainbow State, may seem weird but as you can see, we are colourful so we got our name Rainbow, we were so bright and cheerful, we also don't care from what other state you come from you're always welcome here." I was about to say something when he said "2 minutes, I'll show you the rides next time." We walked out and went back outside. I saw Miller standing there looking at his watch. 


Miller turned his head and said "Ready?" I nodded my head. Jason then smiled and waved while yelling out "BYEEEEE, SEE YOU SOON!" I smiled and waved back. Miller just rolled his eyes. Once we got out of that state we were in the forest again, it seemed as though there were a lot of forest here. All the forest we passed were either burned or useless, Miller then said "We're going to the Heart State." He smiled at me. I looked at him and sighed for some reason every time he smiled it made me feel weird and for some reason like him even more. Once we got there Miller ran up to some girl and hugged her. I was confused but then saw she had a face. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and a great smile, she was wearing red skinny jeans, red and white shirt with hearts all over it.Miller then wrapped his arm around her and said "Andrew, this is my girlfriend, Summer." I then understood why he was so happy about coming here.


"Hi, I'm Summer 18, same age as Miller." I nodded my head and smiled. "I'll show you around Hearts Kingdom, Miller you can come to." She said with a sweet voice. Miller said without hesitation "Of course!" She smiled and we walked into the Heart shaped building. Summer walked to a heart shaped door with us following behind and said "This is Alexia, she's the queen of this castle. I nodded my head, "Now, who may you be, and why are you interrupting my tea time?" Alexia said with a sweet and pleasant tone. She had long red hair, brown eyes, and a dark long red dress with a heart bow in her hair. "Miller and Andrew, ma'am." Miller said with a smile and a soft voice. Alexia then stood up and said "Andrew, the one you and your sister have been waiting for?" Miller nodded his head. I still wasn't sure why everyone was saying I was the one Miller and his sister were looking for.


Alexia smiled and walked over to me, she put her hand on my cheek and said "Soft." I just stared at her. "Sweet, smart, cute, Andrew, shall the hearts be forever with you." I stared at her, confused. Miller then said "Ma'am, your daughter is showing us around is this okay with you?" Alexia then said "Mister Miller, you did not ask of my permission when you started dating Summer." Miller sighed and said "Ma'am-" "It's fine, she knows loyalty and may the hearts be forever in your heart." I nodded my head and said "Yes, ma'am." We all walked out after the tour Summer looked at Miller and said "Tell your sister I said hi." Miller nodded his head and said "I'll see you later at my state?" She nodded her head and smiled.


We had already been at the third state, the more I think about it, this place reminded me of Alice in wonderland, only think different is that the people with faces actually dress good. "Here we are, the unknown." I then said "Unknown?" "Yea, it you to be named the great Oz, based on the wizard of oz, It was abandoned 13 years ago, nobody knows what happened nobody lives here we just leave it the way it is." I nodded my head and said "So absolutely nothing lives there, not even a bird or cat?" "Nope, nothing." replied Miller with a smile on his face. I swear every time he smiled it reminded me of that girl I saw, her smile and his smile were alike in so many ways. I sighed since I wasn't going to be able so see her again. "Don't worry to much, you'll see her sooner then you think." Miller said still smiling. I was still confused but ignored it..


We walk no to far this time to the fourth state. "This is my state, the biggest state, and also the state where you now live." Miller said with a smirk. "Biggest state? Where I live? I thought I get to choose where I live or not." I said unsure. I looked at the place, it was full of people with faces, I was starting to think this was all a dream and that I would wake up, but then a faceless man walked by me. I sighed, I got my hopes up for nothing. I looked around, there was a big palace with four men guarding it two on each side. This place wasn't like the others, it was complete opposite. This state was black and red. I looked around and then back at Miller "This is......interesting." I said. Miller laughed then said "It looks sad and depressing but really it's full of joy, my sister lives here too. The reason why a lot of people with faces live here is because they all died, this is where people go when they die we call this state the Nessmond. In our country in means anything dead, weather you're a cat or a fly this is where you go. It's like our own mini world just with dead people." I sighed and said "So you're dead? And what about the zombie apocalypse?" He then said "No, I'm not dead, most people who live here had no choice we were born here, anyone who was born here just looks after people who are going to die or who are already dead, if you try to kill yourself it's no use, since you're already dead. The zombie apocalypse shit, isn't real at all, just a bunch of BS (bull shit) it's true that most of us are dead but the only way you're getting out of this state is those guards. As soon as you're out you become dead as in really dead and your heart goes to the unknown state." I nodded my head and smiled.


We walked up inside a huge castle inside was red just like the heart castle only thing different was the mood. Heart castle was bright and cheerful, but this place, it was just sad and gloomy. Miller and I walked in, he then said "Oh, lil sis where are you." He laughed and continued "We, have a guests the one you were waiting for." I looked at him confused. A lady wearing a black dress came over and bowed and said "Good morning, young master." I looked at her confused not understanding what was going on. "Good morning Catherine, have you seen my sister?" Miller said with a smile, the lady shook her head and walked away. I looked at her walk away then back at Miller who was still smiling. Now that I think about it why does he smile I mean, in a place like this, it's kinda impossible to smile, with all the dark colours. A girl walked in with a hoodie on and black boots with maybe shorts on I couldn't see so well. She then said "I'm home, Miller are you here." Miller answered back and said "He's here." The next thing I knew she was sitting next to me smiling. I looked her in the eyes and stood up. It couldn't be, no never, she, it cant be. What was she doing here?


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