Dream Girl

Andrew Harrison was always the player at school, girl after girl not caring about their feelings or how bad he hurt them. Everything is just a game to him and girls are the toys. Until one day he gets hit by a car and ends up in a coma. He finds himself in another universe. He falls in love with a girl, but what happens when she treats him like he's just a toy and she's the player?


1. A Normal Day


I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. I moved my arm around trying to find my phone after a few minutes I finally found it. I then answered it and said in a sleepy and husky voice "hello?" The voice was a high voice that you would get annoyed with. The person said "oh hi, Andrew? It's Jessica, are we still on for today?" I sighed and said annoyed "I'll think about it." I could tell she was smiling she then said "okay! See you at school!" I sighed again and sat up. I reached over and put my phone on the desk next to me. I got up, stretched, then went downstairs. I looked at my dad who was on the couch watching t.v. I just sighed and went into the bathroom to take a shower.


After I got out I wrapped a towel around my waist and went downstairs. I looked at my dad and said "Morning." He just looked at me and nodded his head and went back to watching t.v. I just went back upstairs to my room and locked the door. I sat down on my bed and dried my soaking wet hair. I went to my closet and threw on some clothes. I went back to the bathroom and fixed my short brown hair that everyone thought was black. I went downstairs again and went into the kitchen, I opened the fridge and drank orange juice out the bottle.


I paused and looked at my dad who was now drinking beer and yelling at the t.v. I picked up my bag and walked out. Once I got to school I saw my friend Michael. As I was walking over to him a girl came over to me and said "hi! I umm, I was like wondering if like maybe you would like, you know, like go out with me?" I stared at her, I hated it when people say like after everything they say. I just sighed and was about to say something when I saw Jessica looking at us. I then put my hands on the girls waist and pushed her closer to me and kissed her while looking at Jessica to see if she was still looking.


After about one minute Jessica finally stopped looking at us and started walking towards us. I looked at the girl and said "Nice lips, very pretty, but um if you wanna live you should right, about......NOW!"The girl started running with Jessica running after her and I just stood there laughing. Michael came over to me and said "Stupid." We both just laughed and went inside the school and went to class. As the teacher was giving us a lecture about how going to college is very important, I was staring out the window. I looked and saw a girl just standing there staring at me. 


I looked at her wondering who she was, I had known everybody in the school weather they were popular or not. I continued to stare at her when the teach then said in a annoyed voice "Andrew, what did I just say?" I quickly looked at her and my eyes wondered on the board, I then said "Um, how we should go to a good college and stuff like that." The teacher glared at me and said "You have detention after school." I sighed, wasn't the first. I then looked back outside, but the girl was gone. I then got upset because if it wasn't for my stupid ass teacher I would've been able so see that girl again.


I walked out of class and all of a sudden Jessica came out of nowhere and said "So after sch-" I cut her off and said as if I was devastated "Oh, well you see, I got detention today, lets go out tomorrow." She sighed and said "Fine." she then said "Wait you have time right now don't you?" I sighed. Did this girl not know how to tell when a guy doesn't like her. "No, sorry I have, um, uh, Bio." I said annoyed. She then said "Oh, well, tell me when you're free." I nodded my head and watched her walk away. Michael came over and said "Girls, they don't know how to take a hint." I nodded my head and said "I think I'm being very obvious." I sighed and looked at Michael and said "Why is life so hard?" He laughed.


We both then went to the lunch room. I sighed and said "Soooooooo sleepy." Michael laughed and said "Of course you're sleepy, probably up all night watching spongebob." I just looked at him and shook my head. Michael, he wasn't always so boring. I remember when we would sneak out late at night just to go to taco bell or burger king, because we couldn't sleep. We were really good friends back then. Honestly I think we're growing apart, we don't talk as much as we did and we have totally different lifestyles and reputation. I'm popular and could have any girl I want at anytime. Love is just a game, and I'm the player. Now Michael, he's a loser, no offence, but he used to be cool and fun. Now he's just lame and boring.


I then said "I'll talk to you later." He just nodded his head. I got up and went outside the school, I started to think about the girl I saw in class. I then saw her, standing staring at me. I wanted to walk over to her, but I couldn't. My feet wouldn't allow me to move, I felt like a statue. I just stood there looking at her, thinking that maybe she would come to me. I saw her get closer and closer, I started to get nervous for some reason. Out of all the girls I've dated, I've never felt nervous around them, so I didn't know why I was now. Even though we were far away I could still see her, Hazel eyes, bright brown hair, and a smile. Her smile just made me melt.


I was about to say something but Jessica came out and said "Oh, so you were here?" She came over and walked in front of me. I was still staring at the girl. Jessica then said "So wanna go out now?" I didn't hear what she said and I wasn't paying attention so I just said "Yea, sure."  Next thing I knew I was being dragged by her. I wanted to do something but I was mesmerised by the girl. I kept on looking at her, that's when her smile faded away once she saw Jessica holding my arm. I then pushed her off of me and said while looking at her "Look, I don't like you, so what if we slept together, did you really think that I would like you, that was a one time thing, get over it." Jessica looked like she was about to cry she then yelled "FINE! I DONT NEED YOU, JUST DONT COME CRYING TO ME!" I just ignored her and looked back at the girl who was now smiling again, but for some reason this smile was different. It was the type of smile where something bad would happen, but I ignored that thought. The girl smiled at me then disappeared right before my eyes. 



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