Found Again

I'm Ella and im 14 years old and have been since 1920, the year that Rebekah Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson turned me. The night they turned me was my birthday and my family had been killed by vampires. Klaus and Rebekah raised me to be a vampire and taught me everything. Along the way there was also Stefan Salvatore, who I had no choice to like, for Rebekah's love for him forbidden me trying to kill him. I had never liked him because he is part of the reason that I have no family left. Klaus and Rebekah left one night without a word. The secret was out that the vampires were around. Klaus took Rebekah and left leaving Stefan compelled to not remember anything. I was really alone this time and none of the Mikaelson siblings were there to bail me out. After 93 years of searching, I found them and this is how it all goes.


2. Stefan

After my interesting in counter with Klaus i thought who not better to say hello to stefan, he did kill my family.. my real family. I walked around the beloved Mystic Falls, wondering whats the point but its brought me to my past with the people i wish to seek revenge on. I walked down main street toward a restaurant called 'The Grill'. Stefan is either in there, or someone in there knows him. I took a seat at one of the tables when a brown haired guy with a name tag that reads 'Jeremy' walks over to my table and asks "Hey, I'm Jeremy can i get you anything?", "Yes, actually im looking for a person by the name of Stefan Salvator, do you know him?" he looked at me with suspicious face. "Ugh yeah, would you mind me asking why your looking for him?" i smirked. He knew about vampires, i can see it in his eyes, the thought of the name Stefan Salvator just makes him think vampire, and fear. "He is an..old friend, and I thought why don't I say hello" i replied and at that moment he knew what i was. "I get off on an hour, i can take you to him." "No thanks, i would rather i meet him alone, Can you give me an address?" he handed me a napkin with the address on it. "Thank you, and if he some how shows up here and i miss him, tell him Ella Rose says hello" he nodded and i walked out. Being turned at the age of 14 is difficult when you cant drive. I walked to the so called 'Salvator boarding house' and knocked on the front door, Stefan didn't answer it but a tall much better looking guy did. "hello, I'm looking for a Stefan Salvator, is he here?" his blank look changed to a surprised look "Who's asking" he asked "Ella Rose." we shook hands "Damon Salvator, not one to invite strangers in my house, but looks like you can't do much harm." i nodded and followed him in. their family, but i have no dirt with him, unless he pisses me off. "So who are you exactly?" he asks. " A vampire, turned by Rebekah Mikaelson at the age of fourteen, but to eliminate a search on me Klaus compelled stefan to kill the rest of my living family, he ripped them all to shreds, in my last minutes of living i always told my self that i would  find a way to seek revenge, im just here to let him know that im back." his eyebrows narrowed. "You're angry at a compulsion, when you should be plotting against Klaus." It seemed that he wouldn't like it if i killed him. "How do you know im not. Not only did Stefan take all that i love but so did Klaus, I want to kill Klaus, I only want to hurt Stefan."  He glared "i don't know you but you seem to know Stefan, i am not just not gonna let you torture my brother" i smiled "did i ask for your permission? I think not" I got up examining the room. "So did you come to chat? i am not one to talk to people i don't know." i turned around "then you should be lonely, but your not, which is why you haven't kicked me out yet." i sat back down in a chair when a women yelled from upstairs. "Damon what happened to all the towels?" I looked at him "she probably was once didn't know you, and vice versa" he glared once again. "Under the sink!" he yelled. "look Damon i can be out of your hair soon if you just tell me where Stefan is" i told him. He was about to say something when a girl from upstairs came down stairs. "Hey, who are you?" she asked. "I am Ella Rose. Perhaps you know where Stefan is?"  she pondered for a minute. "He is probably at the police station, talking to the sheriff." "thanks, your name?" "Elena" we shook hands and she smiled. "can i ask why you are looking for him?" i smirked, "Damon will explain it. Bye, Nice meeting you both" and with that i swept away. I made my way down to the police station following the police cars. i walked into the sation when an officer stopped me "can i help you?" "im looking for the sheriff" "she is in a meeting at the moment" I looked into his eyes "I'm pretty sure it's ok for me to go in" "yes, im sorry that door over there," i love compulsion. I walked into the door and right there "Stefan Salvator, its been awhile" he was speaking to 'sherif Elizabeth Forbes'. "Ella, what are you doing here?" he was surprised. "cant i say hello to an old friend" "Stefan sorry to interupt but who is she?" the sheriff asked." " a peice of my past" "A peice just wishing to have a chat. Stefan i see that your busy, meet me at the bridge tonight a 9:00, be there or i will find you my self."

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