Found Again

I'm Ella and im 14 years old and have been since 1920, the year that Rebekah Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson turned me. The night they turned me was my birthday and my family had been killed by vampires. Klaus and Rebekah raised me to be a vampire and taught me everything. Along the way there was also Stefan Salvatore, who I had no choice to like, for Rebekah's love for him forbidden me trying to kill him. I had never liked him because he is part of the reason that I have no family left. Klaus and Rebekah left one night without a word. The secret was out that the vampires were around. Klaus took Rebekah and left leaving Stefan compelled to not remember anything. I was really alone this time and none of the Mikaelson siblings were there to bail me out. After 93 years of searching, I found them and this is how it all goes.


4. Bump on the road

I walked into the grill where Elena was sitting with Caroline? I guess everybody know everybody in this town. It had been a week since I made the deal with Caroline, i guess now that she is here i might as well start with the plan. I walked over to Caroline and sat down beside her, " Hello Caroline, Elena." I said to the each of them. "Ella what are you doing hear?" Elena asked. "Caroline and I know each other, I was supposed to meet Rebekah Mikaelson here." Caroline said nothing, as if she was ashamed with her choice. Elena looked at me with suspicion, "Elena you can relax, you should be comfortable around other vampires, i mean you are one" she looked at me in surprise, "Wait how did you-" i laughed "If you were a toy to them all you would have scars and bruises, if you were a witch you would likely have tried to hurt me already, your a vampire because of your ring as well." Caroline looked at me "How do you know all that?" she asked. "I didn't spend 107 years doing nothing, most of it was without my siblings but, when your determined anything can happen." i reply as i see Klaus walking in the doors, Rebekah was supposed to be here not him. He came over here. "Ella, what are you doing here." i smiled. "Getting to know people, is that not aloud?" he smirked, "It's fine, may i speak to you a moment." i nodded and followed. I guess the plan is in action. i turned around and looked at Caroline and she nodded. I follow Klaus out the back door behind the building. "Why do you hate me."  he looked at me in shame. "Why is that so important to you?"  I ask. He looked me straight in the eye, "Rebekah wanted you as a sister, in that moment I didn't agree, but when you became a vampire you just seemed so curios of everything and when i saw you feed for the first time after you were turned, i knew there was something about you that bound us more than blood ever could." he says. I run and give him a hug, "I'm sorry" he whispers, "it's ok brother." I pull away, "What do I do now?" he grins "Come to New Orleans with me. I have new business i have to attend to." I nod, he replies with a smile and says "Good, pack your bags we leave tomorrow." Perfect. i walk back in and take a seat beside Caroline. I wave to klaus as he passes and walks out the door. I listen for his footsteps to disappear. "What happened back there." Caroline asks, "My gullible brother just fell for the beginning of the plan."i laughed, Elena was still hear. "Caroline, have you filled her on whats going on, i would like her to help" I ask, she was about to reply when she was interrupted, "Elena wont be getting involved." Damon says as he sits beside Elena. "Guess i know who i can and cannot trust." I say looking at Caroline. "I'm sorry im a terrible liar, he pried it out of me." I glare at her. "You have no business here Mr.Salvator." i spat at Damon, "Oh but I do, Your asking to pain my brother, but also kill Klaus." I laugh "Oh i did not ask, I made a deal, and blondy over here agreed. If you believe she did so with the devil, your problem not mine." I stood up and walked away from the table and out of the grill.  walked down the sidewalk and someone grabbed my arm. "I don't like being deceived, I give you two choices, you either leave this town and not come back, or you follow threw with the plan but leave Stefan and Elena out this." I pulled myself away from his grip, "And if i don't" i asked. "I will rip you to shreds." he spat. "Oh my god rip me to shreds! How terrifying!" i said sarcastically. "You think this is a joke?" he questioned. "Mr. Salvatore I'm in all seriousness, but your threats and accusations send great humor." I reply, "this wont end well im older than you."  i gave him a blank stare " That may be so, but i am smarter, and am always one step ahead."     


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