Found Again

I'm Ella and im 14 years old and have been since 1920, the year that Rebekah Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson turned me. The night they turned me was my birthday and my family had been killed by vampires. Klaus and Rebekah raised me to be a vampire and taught me everything. Along the way there was also Stefan Salvatore, who I had no choice to like, for Rebekah's love for him forbidden me trying to kill him. I had never liked him because he is part of the reason that I have no family left. Klaus and Rebekah left one night without a word. The secret was out that the vampires were around. Klaus took Rebekah and left leaving Stefan compelled to not remember anything. I was really alone this time and none of the Mikaelson siblings were there to bail me out. After 93 years of searching, I found them and this is how it all goes.


3. A Deal

It was 8:30 when I arrived to the bridge. It has been a week since my last meal, might as well snack. I stood at the side of the rode when a car drove down the bridge. To get their attention I snapped my leg and fell to the ground. One of them got out and came over to me "Oh my god! are you OK!?" I straighten my leg "Yes but you wont be." I launched myself at her and she threw me back. Really? More? "Another Vampire, this town must be full of them." she glared at me "Who the hell are you?" I started laughing. This question is starting to annoy me. "Why dont you ask Stefan" i say while pointing to the Passenger seat. "how did you know he was in there?" "he is the only person I know that would want help in a negotiation." I walked to the passenger door and opened it. "Stefan i think its time you get out of the car." i grabbed his shirt and threw him at the girl. "12 years old really piss me off!" she said and rushed at me. i stopped her and broke her neck. "im 107 counting my birth years, and fake little blondes piss me off." Stefan got up. "Ella you dont have to do this." I walked to him. "Oh but i do Stefan, you killed everything I love and well I intend to do the same, starting with her." I grabbed her by the neck. "Ella i am older than you, you don't wanna do this." "Oh Stefan, this is the only thing I wanna do." I took the blonde and left. I took her through the woods to an old tomb near Georgia. I locked her in a steal cage in cased with vervain. she woke up and saw me, "If i get out of here i will kill you." she glared at me. "sweat heart im older than you, and in the vampire world, older means stronger" she kept her glare and tried to break the cage door. "AHHHHH, OH MY GOD!" i started laughing. "Do you really think i would make it that easy? Give me a break." she was weak, now to turn it up. i turned on a battery powered  fan and hung vervain herbs above it, making sure vervain would in case her lungs. "you obviously aren't that smart, your a vampire to."  i guess i might as well reveal my secrets "I know what i am and the weaknesses of my kind. However i am protected by my real family on the other side, witches on the other side. They prevent me from dying, there for making me a real immortal, making wood of all kinds and vervain useless against me" she sat down in the cage. "you cant keep me here forever, my friends will find me." i smiled "thats what i plan on, you see i want to make deal with you." her glare turned to suspicion "what makes you think ill help you." "i have complete control of klaus." her suspicion turned to surprise. "how?!" "let me tell you"


*FLASHBACK* (as your reading this ella is explaining it to the blonde)


Today my mother sent me to the market to get food for my grandparents visit tonight. I got assorted vegetables, and fruit. When i arrived at home my mother, father, and both of my grandparents were tied up. i dropped the food and ran to them. i started to untie my mother when three people came out of a bedroom, two men and a woman. One of them pulled me away from everyone and held there in front of them. "Honey look away, don"t look." my mother says to me. the man that was holding me turned me around, "your ours now, we will care for you better than they did. You will have no worries."  he signaled the other guy and he sunk his teeth in my mothers neck, next my father, the my grandparents.  As i saw the blood splatter, no tears fell, i dont know why. everything was to much to comprehend, before i knew it i fell to the ground and fainted. What felt like seconds was hours and smell of death filled my nose. the man that killed my family hovered over me. "Who are you?!" he started laughing and grabbed my arms. he moved my dead mother out of the chair and threw in the chair. "Just kill me already, i have nothing left" he grabbed my neck and pushed me back in the chair. His eyes turned red and his fangs showed. i closed my eyes and turned my head. "relax Ella he wont hurt you." a woman voice said. i noticed that it was the girl for my parents death. "He already did." she ignored my statement. "I'm Rebekah, and this is my brother Klaus, Your brother Klaus, and I'm your sister." i glared at them both "you are not my family, why don't you get it over with and kill me." Klaus walked toward me. "Don't worry that what we plan to do." he said and bit his wrist let his blood drain into a small glass. He looked into my eyes and said "Drink it" and out of my own power i did. "good ella, you can join us soon." he said and snapped my neck.




"When i came back he definatly showed how much he wanted to be my brother again, and i can use that against him." her eyes narrowed. "i dont get it, how did they get you to like them." i smiled "they didn't, the more they helped me become a better vampire they grew on me and felt more and more like family. Then Klaus decided he would leave me and take Rebekah with him. Stefan didn't remember me after because Klaus compelled him to forget everything, including me leaving me alone to take the blame for all the deaths." my smile turned to frown. "Stefan killed my family but he was under compulsion, not his falt but he still needs to pay. i wont kill him but i will hurt him,  but Klaus i will kill."  she stared at me blankly "you can, the entire line of vampires turned under klaus will die and so will you!" i looked down at me feet and up at her again "with the right spell know one will die except for klaus. "So uhh" she cut me off "Caroline, my name is Caroline." "so Caroline, help me keep klaus under my power,and stay away when i hurt Stefan, i will leave the rest of you alone, do we have a deal?" she pondered a minute. "I think we have a deal, now will you let me out?" i opened the cage and she fled. Now it has begun. 





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