"Why?! Why do you insist on trying to be someone you are not? You are beautiful they way you are, and anyone who can't see that is an idiot. Stop trying to be normal...You are who you are. Mutant, and Proud."


1. Flashbacks



I hated them.

So many bad memories to remember. 

1947. I was 7 at the time, and my mother had just passed away. She had skin cancer.

I ran. I was being chased. Chased by some kids from school. They cornered me in, beat me up. But, that was the day. The day that I discovered my powers. I always knew that I had wings...Always knew I could fly. I never used them, always kept the bound down. Mom taught me that.

But that was the day I discovered what else I could do. 

The wind picked up, and it got real cold. Even snow fell. Snow. It was the middle of June. The ring I clutched in my hand, slowly began to frost over. 

Those kids died that day. They froze to death.


I woke up, tears in my eyes. I clutched my chest.

It was hard to breath.

"Well good morning." A deep voice said. I jumped up, and instinctively got into fighting position. "Woah, woah. Calm down." Another man said. "Who are you, and why are you in my house?!" I reached behind me, grabbing the knife I kept in my dresser.

Mom always said to be safe. Anything could happen.

"Hey! I said calm down!" The man said. 

That's when the knife flew out of my hands. 


It ended up hovering in front of the man, until it dropped with a 'KLING' to the floor.

"If you had just let me explain, Miss Darnell." The other man said. "My names is Charles Xavier, and this is Eric Lensherr. You see....we are both mutants, and we know you're one as well."

I paused "What are you talking about...?" Charles put his fingers the his temple. "You see, my mutant ability is that I can read your mind."

I heard that. I heard that inside of my head.

My breathing quickened a bit. "So may we see your powers as well?" They sat down on the sofa chairs. "I have wings, that's it..nothing really special." I turned around, and took off my blouse.

I spread my wings. "There...see?" I quickly put my shirt back on before turning around. "Oh, but that's not all your abilities do, am I correct?" Charles asked, yet another question.

"Why....Why do you want to know so badly?" He smiled. "It's nice to know what a beautiful lady like yourself can do."

I hesitantly rested my hand on the wall. Soon after that wall froze over with ice. 

"Extraordinary." The responded.

(Sorry it sucked... >___>)

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