You Hermoso Girl

Kendall Anderson is in love with Liam Payne. There are four problems with this. 1)Liam has a girlfriend 2)His girlfriend is Kendall's best friend 3)They are both total opposites and 4)They're also best mates.
Is Liam putting up a wall to hide any types of feelings from Kendall or is she alone in this?


3. Arguments


*Age 18*
"Can you please not bounce that ball?" Daniel asked. "Can you not be in my presence?" I retort rolling my eyes. I sigh as there was a knock on the door. "It's open" I call. The door opened and closed. At the doorway of the lounge room stood my three best friends; Maddy, Jess and Briee. "Hi Hermoso" Jess greets. "Hi girls" I reply. "Ready for our lunch date?" Maddy asked wiggling her eyebrows. I laugh and nod and we walk outside to our cars. "Jess can come with me and Briee goes with then we swap on the way back?" I question. They nod in agreement and I smile.
"So have you spoken to Louis?" Jess asked as she flipped her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder. "Yeah he wants us to visit him and the boys" I reply. Jess has been my best friend for nine years while Maddy has been my best friend for four years and Briee the same. "Why can't he be into me?" she asked. "I don't know. I don't get why Liam can't like me either" I say as I turned the corner. She huffed. "It's not fair" she whined as she scrolled through twitter. "Why does Eleanor have to be so..." she trailed off looking for the right word. "Perfect. She's my best friend and I'm crushing on her boyfriend" she finished. "I'm crushing on my best friend's boyfriend also Jess. We just gotta be patient with these things" I say as I parked in front of Nandos. We both got out of the car and I smoothed he bottom of my dress out while Jess [] waited for me. I lock the car and we walk up to Maddy and Briee. "Took you long enough" Maddy said. "Which way did you take?" Briee asked. "The long way" I answer. We enter the restaurant and start to look for a table. "Kendall!" a familiar voice calls. I turn around and saw One Direction with their girlfriends at a table. I look at Jess and smile unsurely at her. "Want to walk over or just me?" I ask. "We'll all walk over" she replied. I smile and we walk over. "Hi, what are you guys doing here other than eating?" I question. "Decided to eat here" Louis answered. I nod my head. "Why are you here?" he asked. "Well it's our usual lunch date where we catch up on everything that's happened in our life" I reply. I look around and saw a table. "I found a table!" Maddy yelled and she raced off with Briee following. "How's Max?" Louis asked. "Oh I don't know. We broke up a year ago yesterday" I reply as he nodded. "Did he break up with you?" Louis asked. "Lou it doesn't matter" I reply. "Anyways we have to get going soon so I'll speak to you or see you whenever" I add with a small wave. Jess and I walked off and she sighed. "I like him so much" she complained as we sat down. "Man am I starving" Maddy said. "I might go order some chicken or something" Briee said. I look over at the counter and saw a cute guy. "Go get his digits girl" I say as she walked off. "I might join her" Maddy said getting up and walking over. "So how's work?" Jess asked. "It's alright. Melody is annoying and is so sleeping with our boss" I say with the shake of my head. "What about you?" I ask. "You know the usual 'keep fit and eat healthy' stuff" she answered. Jess is a model while Maddy is a make-up artist for them and Briee is a photographer. It's funny as Jess is a total tomboy but is one of the best models out there.

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