Fixing Horan

She was so small, and yet had the biggest heart, she doesn't talk alot, but she gives the most amazing advice. "I don't understand Niall, what has happened?" “I-Im sick of my life Hannah, I'm done." Tears were everywhere, and hearts were broken. Nobody knows what happened to Niall, one day he was so happy, and the next day it was like his world got rip to itty bitty pieces. The fans don't even act interested in him anymore, yeah, what true fans are they?

"This my cousin, Hannah Bodnar." Harry had told everyone, but Niall.. didn't flinch one bit. He'd lay in bed all day, or go for walks.. oftentimes. When people would see him on the streets they wouldn't care, even young girls that were fans.

Many people wonder, but many people don't ask, except Hannah. The other boys wonder, 'how does she do it?' But nobody knows.
Will Niall get away or will Hannah make her way swiftly in his life?


1. Prologue❤

"Yes Harry, I'll go. Thanks for inviting me, I know it'll be a blast." I muttered into the phone talking to my cousin, Harry Styles. 

"Okay, Hannah. I'll see you.. Next week." He answered back, his voice filled with excitment. 

"Seeya Haz." I said and clicked 'End'. 

Harry is interesting. He can be a weirdo, and quite annoying sometimes but he makes me happy alot. He's like a brother to me, I don't see him as the global hottie everyone else does. 

I sat up from my comfortable chair and placed my tea cup in the sink. Leaning against the counter I was thinking of what I could do for the next hour before my job starts. 

A pastry shop is where I work, it's fun, because I like making pastry's, but I'm very short so I can't reach much of the appliances.. but that's okay, because my co-worker Kendall put shelfs lower on the wall.. which was interesting, but I appreciated it.

I decided to just chill out, and get ready early. 

- 40 minutes later - 

The cold wind hit my body sending goosebumps to my skin, I slammed my car door shut and walked inside if the pastry shop. Ready to tell them the news, and quit, at least till the tour is starting, unless I'm there for longer. 

"Hey Kendall." I said to Kendall as she was wiping down the counters. 
"Oh hey Han!" She smiled, and finished wiping down the tables.
"I have to talk to you," I said. 
"Sure, what is it?" 
"Well. I'm going to my cousins house, and I'm going to be there for awhile." 
"Oh! You mean.. your going to HARRY STYLES house? Wow! I'm jealous," she giggled. 
"Ha, yes, I am!" I laughed, "And don't be to jealous, he can be a pain in the butt sometimes," 
"True, I don't really know 'the real' Harry Styles, so, I might not be jealous If I ever meet him." 
"Yeah. So, what am I going to be doing?" I asked.
"Hm, well. Me and you are the only ones here, so do you want to make some fresh jelly fills?" She said.
"Sure! Why not," I said an marched over to the oven and baking. 

I opened some dough and rolled it out, making a 'O' shape, grabbed jelly, and smeared it all over the dough. I placed a think layer of more dough and popped It in the oven and I was done. That easy. 

"Kendalllllll." I groaned, placing my head on the table and sighing. 
"Let's just eat them, nobody is here anyway.." She laughed and pulled a big tray of pastry's out of the cabnit. 
"Thank god! I thought you'd kill me if I asked you to do that," I laughed and sat down. 
"Not one bit," she giggled. "I'm totally going to miss you Hannah,"
"Me to," I said and shifted back in my seat. 

A/N: how was the prologue?! That's all I'm writing till 13th of May. ;) 
MUAHAHAHAHHAH! I'm so evil..
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