Fixing Horan

She was so small, and yet had the biggest heart, she doesn't talk alot, but she gives the most amazing advice. "I don't understand Niall, what has happened?" “I-Im sick of my life Hannah, I'm done." Tears were everywhere, and hearts were broken. Nobody knows what happened to Niall, one day he was so happy, and the next day it was like his world got rip to itty bitty pieces. The fans don't even act interested in him anymore, yeah, what true fans are they?

"This my cousin, Hannah Bodnar." Harry had told everyone, but Niall.. didn't flinch one bit. He'd lay in bed all day, or go for walks.. oftentimes. When people would see him on the streets they wouldn't care, even young girls that were fans.

Many people wonder, but many people don't ask, except Hannah. The other boys wonder, 'how does she do it?' But nobody knows.
Will Niall get away or will Hannah make her way swiftly in his life?


13. Chapter Twelve ❤

[Nialls POV] 

It was actually official, I was Hannahs, and she was mine. 

I was so happy, but something inside me was missing. 

After 5 hours of watching movies, Hannah had fallen asleep and I decided to actually check my twitter. 

I took a deep breath before clicking my Mentions. 

'@weluvvvniallx: niall!!!! I love you soo much, plz don't do anythin bad we luv u so much ni❤' 

'@1dislove4life_: @onedirection Niall please be ok, we love you Niall. So much. WE. LOVE. YOU.' 

'@niallersnacks: Love You Niall! Your so beautiful, and I you ever need anyone were here.'

@Hans_Bodn: Hi babe. You look great when your face is lit up.'

I chuckled and realized it was Hannahs account. 

Looking up, I noticed she was looking at me. 

"Finally got on Twitter, eh?" I questioned and kissed his cheek. 

"Yeh, well, I wanted to check the fans, ya know." I smiled.

I looked up and saw that Zayn had ran towards the door and waved frantically. 
"You HAVE to come see this!" He shouted. 

I looked at Hannah with a questioning look but I got up. 

The boys were huddled around the TV, and there were girl screaming on it. 

My eyes grew big when I saw that they were all as they would say,'Niall girls.'

One turned to the camera, "Niall, I know you probably won't see this, but you've changed my life, your absolutely amazing, and the band is so lucky to have you. I hope you get better soon, just know that we all love you so so so much. I love you Niall. Please don't do anything to harm yourself." She said in tears, I got a little emotional, but that happeneds when your struggling. 

The news lady turned to the camera and held the microphone up to her mouth.
"Stella Crome is here with us to explain how she feels about the situation with Niall. Apparently she's a close family friend. hello Stella!" She said. 

That name made my heart sink. 
Not her.

Let me explain, Stella, WAS a family friend. This is mostly how I started. 

I was just 12 years old when this 'abuse' started, she had came over for dinner one night and my mom and her had gotten into a fight about how she liked my dad more than my mom actually did, so they hated each other and still do, after that my mom went to bed after she 'left'. I was in bed about to go to sleep but my bedroom door opened quickly and she was standing there with a knife. I was cut, because she tackled me, but I didn't die, obviously. She's just a.. Nasty nasty woman, that deserves to die. I don't remember what happened to her after that but she's still alive, sadly.

She grabbed the microphone and started speaking, "I'm so not sad for him. He deserved it, he was such a snobby and nasty kid. I hate his guts and I hope he dies sometime." She groaned and walked off.

"I'm done with her, she's such.." 

I sighed and stopped talking. 

The boys looked at me worriedly, that's right, they don't know who she is. 

I have no time to tell them, I'm leaving, I need air, and to c- no. I'm just leaving. 

Hannah walked in and saw that I was angry and sad, her face changed into a frown. But I ran off before she could get me. 

I thought I was happy and that I was all better. 

I thought that MAYBE, just MAYBE, I would ACTUALLY have a normal life! But no! Because some crap is going and my freaking ex family friend is probably after me! 

Tears poured out my eyes, and veins were popping out because I was crying so hard. 

I remembered a cliff down the road of a grassy park, that led into the ocean, maybe I could you know, die there. 

Closing my eyes and walking forward, I felt the edge.

I let out a couple more sobs, before the world would light up at my finger tips, and I'd be gone for good. No problems.

My life, gone. My friends, gone. But most of all, Hannah, gone.

This is it, should I just die before she gets me?

[Nialls POV] 

I lent forward, and my body weight soon was in the air. 

But I felt arms snake around my waist, but nothing pulled me back, I felt the body fall down with me into the ocean. 

And I blacked out. 

[Hannahs POV] 
There was absolutely no way I was going to let Niall fall.

Once I saw that his body was already falling, I ran faster and snaked my arms around his waist.. 

But nothing happened, I fell with him. 

I closed my eyes tightly, knowing that this would be my last breath, and my last time being with him.

As we were falling I looked at him in the eyes and whispered;"I love you."

"I lov-" we were cut off by a splash, our bodies in the water.. Not knowing how to swim, 

So we waited, either for help, or to have our one pass.

The one thing that shattered me, is that he didnt even finish saying that he loved me.

Thoughts flew, but my mind slowed down, and I blacked out. 

[Harrys POV]

Where'd they go? 

I ran around the streets, and remembered the park down the road.. with the cliff, leading to the water. 

"No, no, no! HANNAH! NIALL!" I shouted and ran faster towards the cliff, but it was to late, they both splashed in the water together.. they were gone.

"No!! This can't be in! DON'T LEAVE M-ME!" I started crying, harder than ever.. My veins popping out, and my nose was running. 

"This is it....." I slurred and ran my hand through my hair. 

The boys and girls ran towards me, but I started crying even more remembering that this just wasn't a dream. 

"I'm calling 911." Liam said and pulled out his phone.

"T-there gone?" Louis whined, and sighed.. Sitting down in the grass and putting his hands over his face.

"Yeah..." I whispered. 

- 10 Hours Later - 

The doctor walked in the room and held his clipboard up. 

"Well, the damage is bad. Hannah has a broken leg and arm, and Niall has a broken leg, and his neck is broken. They are alive, but, they will have to spend several weeks in the Hospital."

"At least there alive!" I shouted and sighed relieved. 

"Could we see them?" Zayn asked.

"This is great, it sucks that they have severe injurys, but there heart is working and there alive." Liam said, I nodded in agreement.

"Yes Zayn. You can visit them." He said. "I will be coming in there room in a little bit to get the information about when there getting the surgerys." The Doctor said and walked out.

We all got up and started walking towards there room.

"Niall, Hannah?" 

- 2 Days Later - 

"Your free to go," the doctor said. 

Niall and Hannah walked out of the room in there crutches, not really needing them, but safety first.

"I'm so glad you are all OK." Delanie said and gave them a soft smile. 

I held Louise close to me and kissed her cheek. "I love you babe." 

"I love you to." She slurred and kissed me back. 

[Hannahs POV] 

I was still in pain after what had happened, it did hurt, alot, but I did kinda save Niall. 

Looking over at him walking in the crutches broke my heart, what he did-- was horrible. 

"I love you Niall, so much, you wouldn't even know. Please, don't you ever do anything stupid again. Stella will die, I promise, she will rot in hell, and her ashes will burn even more. Our life will be perfect, and we will have everyone here with us, Kendall, Louis. Delanie, Louise, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Eliza. Maybe me and you Will, you know, raise a family, or even just have a house together. I don't care-- as long as I'm with you." I said, holding onto his arm as we got into the van. 

"I'm so happy you all are okay!" Eliza shouted and sat next to Liam in the front seat. 

"Thanks Eliza." Me and Niall said at the same time. 

"I think everyone agrees on that one," Kendall snickered. 

"So. Kendall. Any news?" I asked her winking at her. 

"No, nothing other than me and Louis dating, that's it really." He said. 

"Psh, whatever." Louis said and rolled his eyes. 

"I was kidding! It's not just NOTHING, it's something huge, especially in my mind! Your like a billion trillion, googlex diamonds!" She chuckled and they started dosing in there own world along with everyone else and there girlfriends.

"You know Niall. I love you."

"I Love you to babydoll. Your a life saver," he muttered and kissed my jawline. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him, resting my head lightly on his shoulder. 

"Were taking a billion naps when we get home." I chuckled. 

"Were home!" Liam sung/yelled. 

"Nap time!" 

"Were heading to bed, goodnight!" I Shouted and walked up the stairs with Niall.

"I feel better." He said and took off his crutches.

He grabbed me and picked me up bridal style to the bedroom and gently placed me on the bed.

"I have to change," he said and pulled off his shirt. 

I raised an eyebrow and looked at him, "you should get a shirt on quickly, my eyes are burning Niall." I laughed and covered my eyes, honestly not wanting to, but not wanting to stare. 

He told me it was okay. So I turned on the TV to see that they were talking about Stella. 

'Stella Crome reportedly got in a car accident, we have a witness here, Carl James. - Carl - Well, she was just coming off the highway and boom, a car turned over but she sped up before he would make I into the lane, but she failed and got hit.' 

"NIALL SHE'S DEAD!" I shouted and jumped on the bed. 

"Woohoo!" I shouted and laughed. 

he layed on the bed next to me, as we enjoyed every moment with eachother.. 

Turning off the TV, holding each others hands, and looking in each others eyes. 

"I love you so much." We both whispered to each other. 

He layed behind me and wrapped his arms around me gently, before we both dosed off.. 

Stress free. 

Our Life's Have Just Begun. 

T   H   E       E    N    D

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