Fixing Horan

She was so small, and yet had the biggest heart, she doesn't talk alot, but she gives the most amazing advice. "I don't understand Niall, what has happened?" “I-Im sick of my life Hannah, I'm done." Tears were everywhere, and hearts were broken. Nobody knows what happened to Niall, one day he was so happy, and the next day it was like his world got rip to itty bitty pieces. The fans don't even act interested in him anymore, yeah, what true fans are they?

"This my cousin, Hannah Bodnar." Harry had told everyone, but Niall.. didn't flinch one bit. He'd lay in bed all day, or go for walks.. oftentimes. When people would see him on the streets they wouldn't care, even young girls that were fans.

Many people wonder, but many people don't ask, except Hannah. The other boys wonder, 'how does she do it?' But nobody knows.
Will Niall get away or will Hannah make her way swiftly in his life?


4. Chapter Three❤


Well, that was Harry.  I was all in 'wow' because he's grown so much since the last time I saw him, we were 16 when we last saw eachother, it was when he auditioned for X Factor,  after that, I never saw him. 

"Harry! There you are!" I shouted and ran over to him. 

"Hi! Hannah, you've grown so tall, that's a shocker! Last time I saw you I swear you were 3 feet tall." He chuckled, I laughed. 

"Yeah, but I'm still short. I can get into the Fred Meyer play place." I laughed. 

"Wow." He said. "The boys are waiting at home, we better get to steppin." He said and started walking out the door. 

"Oh yeah, this is my Bestfriend Kendall." I said and swung my hands around Kendall like she was appearing. 

"Hi Kendall! I'm Harry." He said and stuck out his hand. 

"Well I obviously know who you are." She laughed and shook his hand. 

• 1 Hour Later • 

"She's everything to everyone, wish I could have seen it, come down but I heard incorrectly." The radio played, I looked outside the passing trees.

We've been in the car for about 1 hour, Harry lives about a two hour drive away from the airport, he wanted to live deep in London so the fans wouldn't know exactly where he lived. 

But that obviously didn't work, he gets presents all day everyday, which I think is quite stupid.. I mean seruously, why would you waste money on someone who you don't even know? It's nuts! I don't even buy him gifts that often! 

My head hurt.. To much thinking. 

I rested my head against the window of the back seat, gently drifting off to a sleep, thinking that I was actually asleep. 

"We're Here!" Harry shouted and started nudging me. 

"That fast?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. 

"You were out for like, and hour." He said and opened the bag trunk. 

"Weird.." I muttered to myself. 

"What was that?" He asked grabbed some bags. 

"Oh nothing. Just talking to myself." I said, reaching for my phone and leaving the car. 

"Just a warning, Liam's a sweetheart, Louis.. wild. Zayns pretty chill but he gets out of hand, and for Niall-- yeah.. I won't say anything about him.. He's just so closed off." He said and looked at the ground. 

"What happened to him?" I asked, looking back to see Kendall running towards the front door where me and Harry we're. 

"He just doesn't talk. He's so closed off, he never even told us what happened to him. He's not the old Niall anymore, since your started, he changed." He said and pouted, unlocking the front door.

"Aw, he'll be OK Haz, just let it work, it takes awhile for someone to heal over something that happened to them." I said and heard a bunch of stomps on the stairs. 

"What th-" 


"She's my cousin..." Harry muttered quietly. 

"Hi. I'm Hannah, this is Kendall." I smiled, I was expecting just a hand shake but Louis pulled me into a tight hug, along with Kendall.

"He's quite... Lovey." Harry laughed. 

I saw the 2 other boys walk down te stairs and shake hands with me. 

"There normal aren't they?" I joked around. "Eep! Do you have coffee? I need some." 

"Um, yeah. I made sure to make a cup for you before I left, it's in the microwave." Harry smiled.

I have quite the obsession with coffee, obviously, because I'm short as heck. 

"Where's Nell? Or is it.. Nail? What's his name?" I asked, embarrassed over my forgetful brain.

"His names Niall, and he's in his room, but he probably doesn't want to talk to you.." Liam said, his smile changing into a frown. 

"Does he not, like me?" I asked, curiously. I don't see how he wouldn't like me if I never met him.

"He's just... Changed." Zayn said.

"I'll go say what's up atleast," I said and started walking up the stairs.

The house features were great, most of it was wood, and some nice marble. 

It kind of looked like a cabin house, except much bigger and fancier.

I walked down the hallway to see a door with the words 'Nialls Room' on it, and knocked.

I just heard music playing, nothing going on really. Unless he can't hear me, the music isn't even that loud. 

"Hello?" I said and creeped open the door.  

"What?" I heard a flat tone voice all to me. 

"Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm Hannah, Harrys cousin." I said, shifting my hand out for him to shake.

"Hi. I'm Niall." He said, with practically no emotion but 'get the heck out if my room' tone. 

"Ok. Sorry for interrupting whatever you were doing." I said and backed out if his room, but stopped when he called for me.

"Wait," He said. 

"I have to tell you something," 



A/N: what's he going to say?! Sorry this isn't as long as I planned it to be. I have I go to church. 

I might update again today, depending on how I feel. But I might have a headache because I only got 4 hours of sleep. >.<

Comment what you think he's going to say! 

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Thanks! Love y'all❤

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