Fixing Horan

She was so small, and yet had the biggest heart, she doesn't talk alot, but she gives the most amazing advice. "I don't understand Niall, what has happened?" “I-Im sick of my life Hannah, I'm done." Tears were everywhere, and hearts were broken. Nobody knows what happened to Niall, one day he was so happy, and the next day it was like his world got rip to itty bitty pieces. The fans don't even act interested in him anymore, yeah, what true fans are they?

"This my cousin, Hannah Bodnar." Harry had told everyone, but Niall.. didn't flinch one bit. He'd lay in bed all day, or go for walks.. oftentimes. When people would see him on the streets they wouldn't care, even young girls that were fans.

Many people wonder, but many people don't ask, except Hannah. The other boys wonder, 'how does she do it?' But nobody knows.
Will Niall get away or will Hannah make her way swiftly in his life?


7. Chapter Six❤



"Niall. You know how it feels like to be loved, you are loved, Niall.. Just calm down? Your being way to dramatic about this. Why can't you just be the old Niall you were?" Harry said, as we sat down at the table. 

Now him saying that, made me so angry.. I felt my blood boiling and my heart racing because I had to shout, or cry, or anything that would help let out my feelings. 

"You know what? I'm not going to argue. I'm leaving, you all can enjoy your dinner without me." I shouted and slammed my hands against the table.

I got our of my seat, and ran out the door.

The wind blowing through my hair, and hitting my body, relaxed me.

I just needed to get away.. But the problem is I don't know where to go. 

All I did was run, not looking back, but hearing the shouts and calls of my name echo through my ears, repeatedly. 

I saw a ocean just a few blocks down, so I thought that I could possibly hang out there till 10PM. 

It should calm me down a bit. 

Am I the only one feeling this way? I sure feel like it. 

When I'm walking around the street, I feel like nobody notices me.. sad, and angry. 

It's like I AM the only one out there that feels this way.. I just need so much help.

But I feel like nothing can help. 

"Niall!" I heard a familiar voice shout. 


"What?" I turned around to see her hopping over the logs in the sand. 

"I want to talk to you. Niall. I feel bad. I understand. Just let me talk to you, okay?" She said, sitting down on the sand next to me. 

I sighed and nodded. 

I felt like maybe, just maybe she could help a bit. 

Even though she was a girl, it doesn't matter.. Advice is advice, and at the position I'm in right now, I don't care who it's from.

"Niall. I ran 7 blocks just to talk to you. I do care, I want you to know that. I haven't experienced as much as you have, and I'm sure it's hard, but Niall.. I know that there is something that will help you. You just need to talk it out. You can trust me. I care so much about you, even though I barely know you, I know we can be the greatest friends we'll ever be. Please just.. Just trust me. Please Niall." She said, grabbing my hand the whole time, and our eyes connected the whole time. 

But the only difference was that I was the one crying. 

"Hannah. It's so much. From relationships.. To family.. To friends.. To even life. To people I don't even know! I'm struggling so much, and it's just to much for to actually explain. I wish you would understand. Ill give it a shot, but ill just tell you a bit.." I said finally breathing in and out before I could tell her. 

To be honest, she is the first person I'm telling this to. 

You know that feeling when you.. you know you can trust someone? Yeah. That's how I feel right now. 

Hannah just gives me that vibe. 

"Okay. Well, i'll start with the people I don't know. I feel like that when they see me.. I'm a totally different person. That I don't know what the world has for me. Maybe I do, but I'm not sure. I'm still young and I know that. But it's just at that time when I'm confused with the world, and everyone thinks I'm clueless, and I'm so carefree. But really, I'm lost. And I need to be found, but it's so hard, Hannah, it's just I can't talk to anyone.. Or anything, I just have to tell myself all these things. Like one day, ill be siting in my room.. Telling myself that I'm a great person and that I'm going to show the world that I'm amazing. But after that... After that, I start doubting myself. And I knew I'm not worth's just--" I stopped. I couldn't do it anymore. I had to start crying.. My life was so ruined. I even remember the day it happened. 


"Niall!!! Can I get you autograph please!!!" 

"Niall please sign my shirt!" 

"Niall!!!!! You please sign my poster!" 

All the fans were shouting. Screaming on the street. 

Until I came upon some girls. 

"Hey Niall. Why do you even exist? You have the ugliest face anyone could EVER look at, you have a horrible voice, and I throw up every time I hear it. Your so gross. Your Irish which is DEE.SCUS.TING. you have the hairiest legs which are gross, and your acne is sooooo nasty. Why don't you just go kill yourself?" 

That was it. 

That was literally the end. 

Although there's some fans that love me, but there's so many people that hate me. I was DONE. I AM going to go kill myself. 

But something stopped me. 

Family? Friends? People? 

Nevermind.. They don't care about me either. 

I'm done. 


"Niall. People are just jealous. They want to be you. Just ignore them, Niall. There haters, and what there hating on wont do anything to them, they'll just think there awesome when really, there annoying. I promise, ill be by your side the whole time. I think you have beautiful eyes, your handsome, and who cares about your legs? Atleast you have hair, because it shows your a man. Niall, you someone that has a great personality, and great looks. But you don't see that, dont you?" 

"No. I dont." I said and started crying again. 

"It's okay Niall. I care for you. And even if you don't see it, you are." She said an hugged me. 

She was amazing. Honestly, she was the first person that acts like she does care, maybe not act, but does care. 

Nobody has ever, in my entire life done that. 

Not even the boys.

They will try to talk to me, but thy never tell me that they care, or that try can trust them, or whatever. 

Hannah knows how to deal with stuff like this. 

"Your amazing. Thank you." I said and hugged her again. 

"It's no problem, remember that I'm always there for you. A.L.W.A.Y.S." she said, actually spelling it out. 

I tried to give her a smile, but it hurt. 

So I gave her a kiss on the cheek. 


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